Five Things You Didn’t Know a Laptop Could Do-Laptop review

So you know that your laptop can play videos, get you online, and allow you to type out documents. But what about the other features that it has, or is capable of having, that you haven’t discovered yet? One of these might be exactly what you’ve been looking for, and it’s been sat in front of you all along!
Here are just a few of the unusual features a laptop might have-Laptop review
1. Deliver the latest news straight to your desktop – On most operating systems, you can download and activate apps or sidebars for your desktop. These can include virtual sticky notes to remind you of what you have to do, the weather across the country, or the latest news. If you place an RSS feed on your desktop, you can have blog posts, news websites, and daily updates all delivered straight to you without having to click a single button.
2. Charge your phone – If you have bought a smartphone recently, you will probably have been supplied with a USB connector cable. You may use this to transfer music or videos onto your phone, but did you know that it will charge the battery as well? Most modern phones can be charged via USB, and the leads will only cost you a few pounds. This means that wherever there’s a computer, you can charge your phone, and you don’t have to carry a bulky mains adaptor with you everywhere.
3. Print your favourite photo onto canvas – With new printers and printing options becoming available all the time, it is easier than ever to create your own digital art products, even with your laptop. If you’re a budding photographer, or just want an interesting piece of décor, you can now buy canvases or special printing paper that you can print your art onto. You don’t even need a desktop computer, just a USB cable to connect your laptop to your printer.
4. Play retro computer games – If you’re a seasoned gamer, and remember playing games such as Super Mario Bros or Pacman, then you’re in luck. There are countless emulators of classic video game consoles available to download onto your laptop, meaning that you can play Nintendo 64, Gameboy, Playstation, and many other games without having to shell out for a vintage console.
5. Heat your coffee?! – There are hundreds of novelty items on the market for your laptop. These include coffee warmers, dancing robots, and fairy lights, all powered from your USB port!
So whether you just want to liven up your desktop, get the latest news even when you’re at work, or charge your phone on-the-go, there are so many things that you can do with your laptop that you may not have ever realised were possible.
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