New Keyword Research Tricks for Your WordPress Blog

WordPress Blog New Keyword Research Tricks

Your WordPress blog is a great way to advertise your brand and yourself. It’s even a fun way to get people to know more about you as a person. However, no one is going to find your blog unless you incorporate SEO strategies. While there are lots of different strategies available, keywords are one of the most important. Fortunately, you can find some great keywords if you just follow a few simple steps.

Make a Spreadsheet

First, you need to make a spreadsheet. Your spreadsheet needs to have three columns, which are:


Then, move on to the next step.

Make Your List

New Keyword Research Tricks WordPress Blog

Go to the Google Keyword Research Free Tool and search for keywords that are related to your blog. For instance, if you are creating an online fashion magazine, you could search for “online fashion magazine.”

Then, the main keyword, along with some synonyms, will come up in the search results. Look at the global monthly searches for each keyword. Select strong keywords that have at least 10,000 global monthly searches.

Type all of your potential key phrases into your spreadsheet. Then, go to the next step.

Determine the Competition

Then, go to Google and type the first phrase you selected into the search box. Put quotation marks around the phrase and click “Search.” Look at the number of results that Google pulls up. Put that number under the “Competition” column on your spreadsheet.

Then, repeat the process with each of your phrases.

Calculate the Keyword Effectiveness Index

The, you will need to calculate the keyword effectiveness index (KEI). This will tell you how effective a key phrase will be on your blog.

The formula is:

(Search Volume*Search Volume)/(Number of Competitors)

Determine the KEI for each phrase and fill out the last column on your spreadsheet.

Then, look over all of the keywords. Delete phrases that have a KEI that’s less than ten. You can use all of the words that have a KEI of ten or greater.

Add the Keywords

Once you find your keywords, you need to add them to your blog posts and to your WordPress theme. The All in One SEO Pack makes it easy to add keywords to Premium WordPress themes , so considering installing the plugin.

Start doing your keyword research so you can attract more traffic to your blog. This is a really simple process and it will help you get the results you want for your blog.

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