Ten Fantastic iPhone Apps for Augmented Reality

Ten Fantastic iPhone Apps for Augmented Reality

Well, even if “Lawnmower Man” made us think that the coming days would be purely virtual,it has turned out to be that augmented reality (AR) is the real thing. This basically applies to the superimposing of electronic content on the physical space, where we live.
Indeed, augmented reality is in vogue now. It has even picked up a few apps for the iPhone. Here,then, are the best AR applications that will make your iPhone to be more than just a communication device, but for instruction, functionality, and enjoyment.
iPhone Apps
Le Bar Guide – You may think that this app endorses taking a quick pint in your local bar. Sure, it does guide you to a choice drinking place in your neighborhood, alright, but it also tells you to take it easy on the bottle. It will also, incidentally, take you by the hand out — for when you wave your iPhone, it will identify the nearest cab — which is, at most, twenty-feet from where you stand — to take you home.

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WorkSnug – Are you one of those pedantic people, who carry your laptop along to everywhere you go? Then WorkSnug is the right tool with which to find a preferential place that has great WiFi connectivity, besides its being less crowded. So, if you like coffee parlors best, or a place where there is enough power, or you want to test whether the place is quiet enough, the app will test all these ingredients for you before you can put down your machine and get to work!
Pocket Universe: Virtual Sky Astronomy – If the solar system and the Milky Way were the only systems and galaxies you dreamt about, well, you are in for a surprise. This app will map out every constellation in the sky, even without a connection. It will list about ten-thousand stars, eighty-eight constellations, and the moon’s seasonal changes. All you will need is to level your device towards the night sky, when there is no cloud cover; and if you do not see the mighty ring of Saturn, it probably did not work that night.
DishPointer – If Google Maps was your idea for geo-location, broadcasting, and such, then you have a perfect iPhone app in DishPointer for the iPhone. Soon to be available for Android, this tool just demands you to point your handset to the sky; so that you can see what satellites are nearby, so that you can be able to change the position of your satellite dish for better reception.
AugMeasure – You may no longer need a ruler when you and your family are measuring out the length of the chopping table for groceries. It gives a live bearing of short dimensions, of no more than 30cm — though this will continue changing depending on the mobility of your hand guiding the device. So, if you get into an argument and no ruler is nearby, then you can easily outwit them all by flashing out your phone and showing the actual measurement on the screen.
Virtual Graffiti – If you think that certain titles like ‘Jacks Spa’ require apostrophes, you need to be next in the list of employing the cleverness of Virtual Graffiti. It helps you add any tag to your productions or pictures. Once you post them to the Internet, Google Maps will find them and point users to the physical place.
Theodolite – Chances are that most of us cannot tell the measurements, such as perpendiculars and bisections, on a picture. If so, then you need a Theodolite, which is a perfect app for measuring — to the nearest decimal — the details of the photograph you are taking. You will no longer have to cut off a subject’s head, just because you are a camera amateur. Indeed, the app superimposes the actual inclination details on the image you are taking.
Car Finder – You may be in New York for the first time and chances are that — due to the multiplicity of parking lots, overwhelming office skyscrapers, and the multitude of pedestrians –you may find it difficult to place where you parked your auto. This app will give you live directions that will lead you to exactly the spot you are searching for.
Firefighter 360 – The subject of this app is not exactly a funny prospect to be in, but it is really fun for firefighters-to-be. This augmented reality app plays arson, by setting ablaze your location. What you have to do is be a hero, who sprays all around to save lives and property. Though it has no top-notch audio effects, it is, however, a godsend for those who anticipate the coming generation of augmented reality gaming platforms.
iPew – If you dream about obliterating that gossipy relation, or shooting that dog of your neighbor,then you can do it — and with a laser too. With iPew, you will have fun, with just simple weapons, to while away those dull moments — like when you are in a long office meeting, a long ride on a bus, or just boring company.
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