Most Awaited Features in Upcoming iOS 8

Why iOS 8 release date is buzzing

After using iOS 7 in this year lot of fans ,users worldwide are expecting solutions or looking for  new and advanced features  in iOS 8 release like more accurate map navigation,maximum security to stop malaware,hackers as internet is being used to target any device by evil techies.

ios 8 release date

So in this year  it is expected for  iOS 8 release date  due to lot of demand and  expectaion buzzing worldwide so as to overcome flaws in the present iOS 7 operating system .

How special is  Upcoming iOS 8

Many tech geeks are expecting lot of advance features in Upcoming iOS 8 as the release date approaches after experiencing  iOS 7 environment.
Many experts and research team are expecting lot of new application that will change the outlook of io7  limited features like-
iOS 8 can also carry Wi-Fi-based CarPlay service
Siri like feature included by Shazam.

Group Chat in Face Time

Easy Apps Management System

Userfriendly Notifications

Must faster Gamers Multitasking Ability

Most advanced  Security level for teen users
and many more for future of Apple Fans

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