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SEO Smart Links  Internal Link Building Tricks

what are smart links

So one of the things that helps with on-page SEO is internal building. I’m going to show you plugin that does this automatically for you which is also referred as seo auto linker. Let’s check it out! I’m going to share with you a plugin that I like to use called SEO Smart Links and to genuinely demonstrate how the results of this work I’m going to go to a website called and

I’m going to go to the lesson’’ and you can see right here there are links that are auto generated, say for’ ‘.

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These are all wordpress automatic links or smart links that are autogenerated with SEO Smart Links plugin that I use and these are basically is linked to pages within the same website and internal post.This is very important because it can help your readers stay within your website and continue to read content and it helps with your search engine optimization.

So, let’s just basically demonstrate you how to install this SEO Smart Links.

You’ll want to go inside your dashboard and you’ll wishes to click on’ PLUGINS’ and click’ ADD NEW’ and then you’ll wishes to form in “seo smart links”. Okay so now when you get to SEO Smart Links and you search for it you’ll wishes to stimulate assured that you pick the right ones. There’s one about SEO Smart Links+ and seo smart links premium and the one you want to select is by Vladmir Prelovac, it’s the second one, version 2.78.

Steps to install this SEO Smart Links.

We’re going to go ahead and click’ INSTALL NOW ‘, click’ OK’ and then click’ ACTIVATE ‘. Okay so that’s all you have to do with SEO Smart Links. It basically will read your blog post titles or page titles and any time that keyword appears up it’s going to basically link to it. So for example, I have a webpage called “Insanity Nutrition Guide” and I want keyword Nutrition Guide to be linked everywhere this word occurs in my website .

Now every single hour that this word comes up in a blog post or blog page it’s going to automatically link to this keyword . So whatever page you want to autolink just create a certain name, so for example, if i want to link  to this keyword Workout Program . Then with the help of SEO Smart Link internal building Plugin you can see it automatically link any keyword you want to link. SEO Smart Links actually do your internal linking an easier process so check it out ..

SEO Smart Link internal link building wordpress plugin tutorial

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