Installation and Care for Basement Egress Windows

Any emergency situation such as fire in an office or home is likely to start in the basement. The best way to save yourself and your family from such a situation would be to have suitable egress windows in the basement. In case such windows are not part of the original design or if you want them to be larger, you will need to locate a suitable window contractor.

Egress windows are available as per varying insulation and quality levels, and differ from one manufacturer to another. However, one thing common among them is the purpose of being able to escape from the basement in case of a calamity. The best basement egress window contractor will help you better understand whether the existing window is capable of being used for egress or not, and can find you windows as per your budget.

Fundamental requirements of a basement egress window

1. You will not need a window if two stairways leading into the basement are already present
2. The window should be present within the bedroom in the basement
3. Natural light has to be available with the help of glazed openings in the area
4. Windows must be prepared as per the specifications in your geographical area
5. Natural ventilation has to be available through skylights, windows, or doors

Egress windows help to increase the overall safety of a home in any part of the world. It also increases the value of your house when you decide to sell it. Since they need to be made as per building codes, it may be difficult to slot them into specific design schemes. Now an egress window has become a legal requirement in the US as per the IRC.

How much time does it take to install an egress window?

As any reputed contractor would tell you, it commonly takes 1-2 days to install an egress window in any building. Of course, it is necessary that the correct location and direction is chosen for any such window. You can help by giving the contractor an idea of the home’s construction. After that, be assured that the necessary building codes will be followed.

Clean egress windows regularly

The method to clean an egress window will depend on the material it is made from. For example, the technique suitable for vinyl replacement windows may not work for aluminum ones. If you find the window failing prematurely, one of the reasons could be improper cleaning practices.

Here are some general guidelines for egress windows:

1) Clean egress windows on a cloudy day since both rain and direct sunshine are harmful
2) Always remove dry dust particles from the window before using a wet solution on it
3) Window cleaning solutions can be purchased from the market or from a handyman
4) Non-abrasive rags must be used to clean window surfaces. The best solutions here are microfiber cloths.
5) The glass surface must be wiped with a clean cloth only

Cost of egress basement windows

In most cases, you will find the cost of an egress window to range from $450 to $700. Some people may find this to be a touch expensive, but the importance and necessity of an egress window in the basement are both very high. Imagine being unable to escape from your bedroom basement window in the event of any kind of emergency.

In addition to window itself, you would need to bear two more costs. One of these is the cost of installation, which would naturally vary from one company to another. The other is the cost to get a permit for the window. Even though the charges may seem high, the benefits over a period of time would be tremendous. You can look at getting in touch with the contractor for a free quote. Taking the quote does not mean that you have to purchase the window.

Window wells for egress windows

At times, it becomes necessary to have a window well to make the egress window escapable. Based on the construction of your property, this may or may not be required. Many window contractors have employees to do both jobs- putting windows and window wells. Dimensions of window wells have been certified as per laws in your state.

Use the Internet to compare

Through the Internet you will be able to get in touch with a wide variety of companies in this field. Each of them brings a certain expertise to the entire job. After receiving quotes from each one of them, you should sit with your family to understand which company to pick. It is naturally important to choose a reputed firm for peace of mind.

Do not think that just because there is a window in the basement, it is an egress window. The egress window needs to have specific dimensions for it to serve its purpose.

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