Industrial Key Benefits of Liquid Flow Controller

Several industrial uses involve flowing fluids. The flow rate is important for accurate measurements. Hence, it helps reduce wastage and losses. Thus, every industry needs a liquid flow meter or a liquid controller. 

There are several benefits of liquid controllers. Let’s check the vital points that you should consider.

  • Modern liquid flow meters work against external conditions. You can get a controller that will work efficiently despite harsh heat conditions. The air pressure will also not affect the efficiency of the flow controller. You can use such a device under any weather. 
  • You get an accurate value in the fluid flow gauging. It helps you to reduce wastage and losses. An increased profit margin means you can pay better salaries to your workers. Also, you can use the funds to improve the working conditions.
  • You can use a liquid flow controller to regulate the flow of water. You can also direct the fluid in the desired direction. The flow controller also allows you to maintain pressure at desired levels.
  • Industries use fluid controllers to regulate the velocity of fluids. It ensures they get consistent results at all times. 
  • Liquid controllers detect leaks, allowing you to act swiftly. 

Benefits of Liquid Flow Meters per Type

There are various types of liquid flow meters. Each meter has an advantage. Let us look at each type and the advantages. 

Electromagnetic Flow Meters

They have fixed parts. Thus, they are resistant to wear and tear. You will use minimal resources in the use and care of an electromagnetic flow controller. Also, you can operate the flow in both directions. Thus, it is easier for you to shift the intake to the other end. You will not need a shift of the installation.

The liquid flow meters do not respond to a change in heat, pressure, viscosity, or electrical conductivity. You can also get accurate gauging when the liquid has contaminants. The advantages make it one of the best and reliable flow meter types in the market.

Differential Pressure Flow Meters

You can use them in steam and gas control. Thus, you will not need an extra investment if you need to change your industry’s type of fluid. There are a few flow meters that can handle steam. But an electromagnetic meter will withstand the heat and pressure from the flowing fluids.

Their nozzles have a low-pressure drop. Thus, you can use it to control the pressure of the fluid in the channel. Due to the ability to operate under extreme pressures and heat, you can change the range easily.

Ultrasonic Flow Meters

These liquid flow meters have no moving parts. Thus, they last longer than other meters in the market. They are easy to run and maintain. You’ll need a low budget to maintain and repair an ultrasonic flow meter. 

They do not get extra pressure drops. Thus, they are resistant to pressure changes. They do not have obstructed flow since the flow meter is on the channel’s outer surface. 

Coriolis Flow Meters

These meters help you to get the mass flow of a fluid. It is self-draining. Hence, you can set it to operate even with no supervision. Like the EM meters, you can change the fluid flow direction without realigning the installation. 

Coriolis flowmeters can gauge heat and density. Thus, you will not need different devices to gauge these fluid traits. You can also set the gauge according to the density and flow rate. Thus, it is one of the best liquid controllers you can have. A mistake in calibration can cause dire losses.

Turbine Flow Meters

These are the only meters with rotating vanes. The meters run on the principle of Woltman meters. The meter does not need an external power supply. They can withstand high heat and pressure. Thus, many firms use these meters when they want to save on energy. 

Turbine flow meters are perfect in large volume flows. That way, the fluid can rotate the turbines and generate electricity. Energy industries use turbine meters to create power. You can use the meter with cold fluids.

Thermal Mass Flow Meters

There are two types of flow meters. Their industrial benefits are similar. First, the flow meters have high accuracy. Thus, they are popular with industries keen on accurate gauging. Examples of such industries are medical firms. 

They have a quick response time. Thus, you can see the liquid flow rate in real-time. The process ensures that you correct errors on time. They can directly measure gas flow. You will not need calculations to get the readings. Also, they are easy to sterilize.

Final Word

Liquid flow meters have loads of industrial benefits. When you look at individual types, you’ll know where you need to use the meter to reap the benefits. Also, you cannot run a firm without a flow controller. You need a flow meter at a point in the operations. 

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