Incredible Possibilities & Amazing Creations with 3D Printing

Amazing Creations with 3D Printing

3D printing offers incredible opportunities and limitless possibilities for product development, as well as manufacturing. 3D printing plays a pivotal role today in everything right from the conception of models to the creation of end-use parts. 3D printing has been successfully and frequently used for creating car parts, fashion accessories, smartphone cases, medical equipment and even artificial organs. Aerospace organizations and manufacturing corporations have been effectively saving billions of dollars simply by using the superb 3D printing technology for creating parts. 3D printing technology has been instrumental in saving several lives. Here are some real-life applications and uses of 3D printing.
Acoustic Guitar & 3D Printing
The world’s very first 3D- printed guitar was created by Scott Summi. By using the 3D printing technology, you can now make acoustic guitars with plastic, fully with heel joint and even the typical metal sound-hole cover. Now you could easily make working musical instruments using 3D printing technology. Passionate guitar aficionados, however, could even make a 3D replica of the guitars belonging to their hot favorite guitarists or idols.
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3D Printed Artificial Organs
3D printing is highly effective in printing organs from the patient’s very own cells. This implies that patients would no longer be requiring waiting endlessly for donors in the near future. Earlier hospitals had to implant hand-made structures into patients. Today 3D printing has been successful in dramatically improving this process. For instance, 3D printing has been used for creating artificial scaffolds shaped like organs comprising living cells. At the very beginning, the scaffold is supposed to be printed and thereafter, coated completely with living cells.
3D-Printed Accurate Medical Models
Doctors are now using and enjoying a relatively cheaper way of learning about the human anatomy. They are using 3D-printed perfect medical models. The printing of these numerous medical models happens to be so perfect and accurate that surgeons could effectively plan and practice a mock surgery on a 3D-printed model before he operates on the actual patient. This way these medical models could help in the warm-up exercise before the major surgery.
3D Printing in the Manufacture of Fixtures, Jigs, Gauges, Dies, Patterns, & Molds
Today you no longer require wasting your time or money to machine, molding, fabricating or even casting your tools. You are now easily able to design 3D CAD. You could then go about printing them with a 3D printer using a host of high-performance materials.
3D-Printed Fabrics
Recently top designers Jiri Evenhuise and Janne Kyttanen together made the thread and the needle obsolete simply by using effective software which accurately collects a person’s body statistics and data for instantaneously creating perfect fitting clothing. This sort of technology is known to be recyclable. It needs certainly much less labor, reduces production time and considerably pulls down your carbon footprint. This is undoubtedly a greener way of creating clothes. Moreover, even if you shop online, rest assured that the clothes would be fitting you perfectly. You could, however, easily make use of offset printing Mumbai.
3D Printing & the Automotive World
3D printing is playing quite an important role in the automotive industry today. Here are a few examples of how 3D printing has become a part and parcel of the automotive world.
General Motors
Engineers who were building Chevrolet Malibu in the year 2014 resorted to using 3D printing for saving time that was necessary for prototyping the motor parts. Engineers at General Motors, working on this project made use of stereolithography, math data, specialized software, and laser sintering for creating parts using liquid resin for making the necessary improvements to the Chevrolet Malibu.
Ford Motor Company
Engineers at Ford Motor are known to use 3D printing for making prototypes of several motor parts such as brake rotors, cylinder heads, shift knobs, as well as, vents. It is a well-known fact that 3D printing was successfully used during the production of the EcoBoost and the Explorer at the Ford Company’s Torrence Avenue Assembling Plant.
Aerospace Industry & 3D Printing
Recently 3D printing was used to create a rocket engine injector for NASA and it was successful in passing a vital hot fire test. In the test, it is believed that the rocket engine injector was able to generate almost 10x more thrust as compared to any other injector manufactured by 3D printing technology in the past.
3D printing is proving to be a wonderful energy-efficient technology which is able to offer environmental efficiencies. This printing method is known to use as much as 90 percent of standard materials and therefore, ends up creating less waste. It is also responsible for reduced carbon footprint.
Author Bio: Andrew Thompson is an expert printing technologist who has been involved in planning production, setting up machines and monitoring manufacturing for a reputed private printing press. Recently he has taken to blogging and comes up with interesting and informative posts.

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