How Twitter Can Teach You About SEM

How Twitter Teaches You About SEM


The Digital Age has opened up many doors for us that much is obvious. A lot of us would turn to the internet to look for answers and even ask questions just to find the right information we need, much like how we call help desk services to aid us with some of concerns regarding a service or a product. With that said, many companies have made sure to keep up with the latest trends to assure that they provide the top of the line services for their consumers and through the evolution of the internet, numerous strategies have been conducted and have brought upon us a new form of marketing.

Internet Marketing is a method that mostly focuses on purchasing advertisements, which are usually seen on the top most part or the right section of the search results page. Now for most digital marketer’s today, SEM is one of the most important form of online and internet marketing for a business. This usually involves the strategies on how you will be able to promote your business’ website which the process involves on ensuring the business’ visibility increases in the SERPs or the search engine results page


To say that people rely on the internet would be the simple truth and easily stated by means of observation. But on a more important matter, online marketers and the like have made sure to also discover online tools and play it your advantage. One of those tools are through the form of social media.

Social Media is Helpful for Your SEM

Social Media sites are helpful in terms of boosting online reputation. Social Media meets halfway with SEM through its users and highlighting one of those powerful and very popular social media tool is – Twitter.

Many people tend to browse through social media sites in terms of finding product and service reviews. If there is massive online presence on any of the social media accounts: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, the business will likely gain support. Even just basing the recommendations made by other users, it also gets discovered and garners a lot of other people’s attention. How twitter can be advantageous to this process is due to the connection or the “followers” aspect of Twitter. When a user of your product tweets about how amazing it is and definitely worth the purchase, their followers of course will take notice therefore your business gains more recognition. It somehow works like a word-of-mouth marketing strategy and Twitter only spurs it on and speeds up the process. So when one looks for it through search engines, your business is sure to be on the search results.

SEMs works well with Social Media

In turn Search Engine Marketing is also helpful for our Social Media strategy. SEM works coincide with Twitter based on the importance of keyword usage. Using your business wwebsite’s Search Engine Marketing campaigns alongside with your Social Media tool, you can optimize the set of keywords and use it through all your Twitter posts so that when a persons searches for a certain keyword, SERPs will include your website and social media prodfile within it’s search results page. With the use of keyword relative to your business, by using social media, it increases your chances in tunring up within the first page of SERPs. Optimizing your profile that google can easily find you in terms of your business name, meta description, links, etc., not only will it improve your chance in the first page results, it is very beneficial in managing your online reputation.

So optimize your Twitter profile now based on how you want your consumers to perceive you and make sure you play Twitter’s features to the advantage of your Search Engine Marketing. This can really go a long way for a healthy business growth. But more importantly, online marketers play twitter to their advantage because it is good for the business mainly these three attributes: generating lead, gaining customers and answer their inquires easier; much like an your help desks services but online.

Twitter can teach you about SEM  since its importance in online marketing is social engagement. It is used for tweeting your business’ promos, and monitoring your brand as well as observing who your most active customers are and which are constantly active in engaging with your tweets.

Marketing your Event

Many businesses broadcast and promote their events, shows, and keep their audience up to date is through Twitter. Also, updating them about the recent happenings of the event in real time is one way of letting other customers participate in conversations even with just their phones. That way, they won’t miss a single thing about you and your event.

Monitoring your Brand

Twitter’s algorithm is mostly defined by hashtags and keywords, if you play this to your advantage, you will do well in marketing and monitoring your business’ growth. Plus, your brand information can be easily monitored in Twitter’s search bar. It’s an effective way to gain perspective on what your customers think of you and how you can see what other people (non-customers) think of  what your brand is about. This is also very useful for you to find prospect where you can find other link building opportunities for your search engine optimization.

Tracking your Customers Inquiries

Communicating with your audience and customers in Twitter is an alternative strategy to gain and build a relationship with them. If you are consistent in answering their questions and inquiries, you are proving that you are aware of their insights and open to their suggestions in improving your service. Aside from that, it also shows the credibility of your brand if you take into consideration of your customers’ demands. Overtime you can gain your customers’ loyalty through twitter engagement

Actively participating in Chats

It’s not enough that you are posting for the sake of promoting your business’ events and answering you customer’s question. You also need to actively participate to any tweets that is in relation to your business. If you have insights about how to start your own business and someone tweets about it, you can converse with them and give them a few feedback. Not only are you increasing your twitter engagement, you can also gain that one person as a follower and maybe your customer in the future.


The more consistent a business is online, the more it can grow in the online world and can gain more out of this simple strategy of using Twitter to their advantage in online marketing. Credibility and visibility play an important role online. If your customers cannot find a way to contact you or even search you, then your business will only lose profit.


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