How To Quickly Repair Your Electric Hot Water heater

Think about the feeling that you get when you step into a steamy shower on a cold winters morning. Or the reassurance of cleanliness that you get when you put your dishwasher through a scalding hot cycle. Then think about those times when the water is freezing cold – you jump, screaming, out of the shower and are dissatisfied with the spots left on your dishes. This is often the result of an issue with your electric hot water service. Fortunately, there are a number of quick fixes that you can make yourself to Quickly Repair Your Electric Hot Water heater .
how to repair electric water heater
  • Faulty Thermostats
This is a device that is responsible for controlling the temperature of the water in the system. When a thermostat fails, it can become stuck on a temperature that is far too hot. The fact that it is constantly being heated will also end up costing you a fair amount of money. A failed thermostat can also become stuck on a temperature that is far too cold or even off, so that you aren’t provided with any warmth.

  • Faulty Electric Elements
Your service will feature a device that is known as a heating element; it is usually shaped like an elongated coil and is inserted into the side of the storage tank. As time passes, this element can become subjected to rust, which can cause a short circuit or even corrode right through. Like a faulty thermostat, this means cold showers. You will often need someone trained in electrics to replace this for you.
  • Discoloured Water
If the hot water coming out of your taps is starting to appear discoloured, it might be a sign that the tank is on its way out. The tank will actually start corroding the moment it is first used; after 5 to 10 years of regular use, it will be completely unusable. Even though most tanks are usually fitted with a metal rod (known as a sacrificial anode) that helps to delay this process, it will still need to be replaced.
  • Blown Pilot Light
This is a problem that is common amongst gas hot water services, as the pilot light is responsible for providing heat to the tank. If the light has gone out (often as a result of strong winds or even tampering) you will only be provided with cold water. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to reignite the pilot light for your service yourself; you just need to light it using a match or lighter.
As you can see, many of the common problems experienced by our electric hot water services can actually be rectified with a simple fix. Unfortunately, you may need to contact a plumbing or electrical professional to come out and make these repairs for you, especially if parts need to be replaced. Whilst this might mean that you have to deal with cold showers for the time being, at least you can rest assured that your service will be back in tiptop condition as soon as possible. Just make sure that you call at the first sign of trouble.

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