How To Refill A Butane Soldering Iron?

How To Refill A Butane Soldering Iron?

Soldering iron has always been a savior whenever you find out some fault with your belongings and want them to repair. A variety of soldering irons have come up for your convenience; including butane soldering irons. However, a commonly asked question has been “how to refill a butane soldering iron” but nobody could make it to the correct answer for this. Without further ado, let’s provide you all the information on “how to refill a butane soldering iron“.

The butane soldering iron has been provided to us with a number of advantages. Knowing about the butane soldering iron first, will be followed by knowing its advantages.

Butane soldering iron

It is a type of soldering iron that is portable. Easy to refuel; it provides an extensive range of heat. They aren’t limited to cords along with a specific range of heat; when compared to electric soldering irons. Not electricity, but they are rather powered by fuel. It has given some relief to you whenever you need to do soldering in a far-from-outlet area. It helps you save big on your time and energy. Other soldering irons consume a lot of time where you deal with cords and outlet access.

    The advantage it offers is its use, even when outdoors. Absence of electricity will never worry you again. Butane soldering iron is ideal to be used at places with no power supply. They work without a power cord. They can be easily used in inaccessible areas and work well in difficult areas. They are perfectly useful for occasional repairs. They don’t require to be plugged and warmed up to the correct temperature. They are the best for a quick repair job. Wherever a cordless convenience is needed, they are the best solution for electronic use.

Features of butane soldering iron

How To Refill A Butane Soldering Iron?

The butane soldering iron warms up rapidly. It directly contact the parts being soldered and heat them quickly. Again, your time and energy gets saved that other soldering irons consume for warming up. It can be operated, turned on and off as per your needs. It offers a wide range of heat unlike the electric soldering irons. You can easily limit the amount of butane that will be used while soldering. This consumes less heat and chances of under-soldering and over-soldering are very well prevented.

        You can easily adjust the amount of butane to be used by turning the knob and changing watts. The butane soldering irons offer a few advantages in comparison to the electric soldering irons. One of them is that they are affordable. It has a number of benefits allowing you to choose them over the other types of soldering irons. The butane soldering irons can be refilled with butane aerosols.

Advantages of butane soldering iron

  • It is pocket sized
  • Easy to carry anywhere
  • It is lightweight
  • Pack a powerful punch that allows cutting wires.
  • It is great for quick repairs
  • It binds the materials together with strength.

Purposes of butane soldering iron

The butane soldering iron serves a number of purposes and finds its use in a variety of tasks to be carried out. Some of the purposes of butane soldering iron are listed here.

  • Seal polythene- It has a hot knife for sealing polythene, incising and sealing the nylon rope.
  • Heat shrink tubing- It has a mini hot-air nozzle to heat shrink tubing.
  • For thermoplastics- The hot knife also cuts and shapes the thermoplastics.
  • Heating metal parts- It has a high temperature bunsen tip to heat the metal parts.
  • Electronic repair- It has a soldering tip for electronic repairs.

Before you proceed further to know “how to refill a butane soldering iron“, let’s have a look at some of its greatest benefits.

Some good benefits

Butane soldering irons can use butane gas tanks as a source of power that can be refilled; for heating the tip. The gas flow allows to control the temperature of the tip. The refilling of the butane gas soldering iron is cost-effective. Butane is a gas that is readily available anywhere and is very inexpensive too. The best thing about them is their potential to handle all types of soldering work. When the butane powered soldering irons are used, soldering can be completed in lesser period of time. The gas burns fast and we readily get the power source for the soldering iron to work. The butane soldering iron is ready to be used in not more than a minute.


The advancements in butane powered soldering iron have provided us with more convenience. They now come up with stands, snap-on, cleaning sponges and many more to provide you the much needed relief.

Now that you have known almost everything about the butane soldering iron, you can be informed about the “how to refill a butane soldering iron” to answer your query and provide you the satisfaction.

How to refill a butane soldering iron?

  • Firstly, make sure it has not been used recently.
  • Next, there should be any smoke nearby.
  • Place the soldering iron on a solid surface. Doing so, you can handle the iron well and refill it easily. It also allows to carry out the refill procedure well.
  • The soldering iron should be places in such a way so that the side where the tank is, comes up for easy refilling of the soldering iron.
  • Take the container which contains the butane gas in it.
  • Insert the nozzle of the container in the hole of the gas tank of the soldering iron.
  • Hold it in this position for about ten seconds.
  • You should be able to clearly see the butane gas being filled in the gas tank of the soldering iron. While you do it, some of the butane gas can be seen coming out.
  • After ten seconds, the tank is filled with the butane gas.
  • Keep it down for some time. This allows the butane gas to get stabilized.
  • After some time, you can use the soldering iron as the butane gas might have got stabilized.
  • Be careful while using the soldering iron.

  So, this was all that you wanted to know about the butane soldering iron. This might have answered your queries and you now might have understood the soldering iron well. Hope you got the answer to your “how to refill a butane soldering iron” and this might have made using the tool, much easier for you.

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