How to Move In a New Relationship After a Breakup During Quarantine?

Are you still thinking about your ex and struggling to find a relationship after a breakup? Then check out our article, where we show you the tips on how to get back in the dating game and become the best version of yourself!

4 Tips on How to Move On After a Breakup During the Pandemic

Finding a relationship after a breakup is hard enough during normal times, and the pandemic has only made things even more stressful. In this article, we will share helpful relationship advice after a breakup which you can use to get back in control of your life and find a new partner! If you follow our advice, you will be ready to move on and find love at the local park, in bars, or on the best dating sites.

1. Distance Yourself

The first step to coping after a breakup is to create distance between yourself and your ex-partner. Many dating experts recommend blocking your ex’s number or social media profiles in the first few weeks or months of a breakup, as this allows you to have your own space and get used to being without your ex. This can be scary during the pandemic when your social life and support network may be limited due to lockdowns and restrictions. However, if you want to find a successful relationship after a breakup, you need to be prepared to restrict all forms of communication with your ex. If you don’t, you will only prolong the pain as it is easy to get stuck in limbo, making it impossible to have a new relationship after a breakup.

Once you are over your ex and your emotions have stabilized, you can re-open the communication lines if you wish. But remember to set strict boundaries about what appropriate communication looks like because starting a relationship after a breakup will not be easy if you are still texting your ex at 2 am! As many people struggle to set these boundaries, it may be best to cut communication permanently.

2. Reach Out to Loved Ones Following Your Breakup

It is easy to become consumed in a relationship and neglect your friends and family. Right after a breakup, you will be left with a void that needs to be filled with love and social interaction. The best way to ensure you get the love you need is to reach out to old friends and your family. Go to your parent’s house for dinner, catch up with your siblings for coffee, organize a lunch date with your best friend.

If you don’t receive this necessary love, you can quickly fall into depression or rush back into a relationship with your ex. When saving a relationship after a breakup, you need to be in a clear emotional state. You can’t just rush back into the relationship because you are starved of love and attention. The ideal way to achieve this clear emotional state is through getting attention and love from healthy sources such as close friends and family.

Can a relationship be the same after a breakup? While we are not against getting back together with your ex, you need to be aware that it is unlikely your relationship will be the same. Of course, your relationship could change for the better or worse, but statistics are not on your side.

3. Practice Self Care

After a breakup, it can be tempting to sit on the couch all day and eat ice cream while binge-watching every Netflix serial! Unfortunately, this will only make getting over your ex and finding a new relationship after a breakup more challenging. Instead of focusing on unhealthy habits, you should put together a new health routine. Remember to view your health holistically and not just focus on mental or physical.

Here are some great self-care routines that can help you get in the right physical and emotional state to find a successful relationship after a breakup:

l  Cold showers – Feeling a little sleepy with low energy? Wake yourself up with a cold shower!

l  Start your day with exercise – Get your day started right by smashing out a quick workout!

l  Productive early morning work sessions – Crush your work goals and relax the rest of the day by being extra productive in the morning!

l  Meditation – Clear your mind and rid your body of negative thoughts and stress!

l  Get outside – Clean air and sunshine can do wonders for your health!

Can you mend a relationship after a breakup? It is possible to mend a relationship after a breakup. In fact, 50% of couples that break up end up getting back together. Do you want to know how to fight for your relationship after a breakup? You need to identify the root cause of the breakup and fix it. For example, improving communication, spending more time with you, and being faithful. If you fix these core issues, your relationship will be a success!

4. Reflect on Your Relationship Post Breakup

Before you start a new relationship after a breakup, you should take some time to analyze your previous relationship. Write down a list of all the things you liked and didn’t. You should also perform a deep dive into the reasons that caused the breakup and what you and your partner could have done differently.

By performing this exercise, you will generate deep insights into the why and how of your relationship. You can then use these insights to ensure that your next relationship is a big success or reconnect with your ex!

Can a relationship be stronger after a breakup? A relationship can be stronger after a breakup, but only if you can pinpoint what caused the relationship to fail and both parties need to commit to solving the underlying issue. By reflecting on your relationship, you can figure out why guys rush into relationships after a breakup and identify the underlying cause. However, it is up to you and your ex to work on yourselves and fix the problem.


Getting yourself into the right emotional mindset to have a new relationship after a breakup is very tricky, and the pandemic has only complicated things. However, if you follow our tips, you will become a stronger and better version of yourself and be ready to have an incredibly successful relationship despite your breakup. Please comment below on how you survived a pandemic breakup and forged a new happy relationship.

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