How to manage time and achieve your content creation goals?

To become a successful content creator, you must know how to manage time. Without that, you would always end up struggling with delays, distraction, writer's block and poor scheduling. Your aim should be to create high quality and useful content within the stipulated time. Some of the time management tips for content creators are as follows:

Sit at your Desk and Start Writing

The best way to counter writer's block and distraction is to start writing. Whether it is a laptop keyboard or your pen and pad, just sit on your desk at the start writing. There is something magical about starting a project with all our energies and focusing all our attention to it. It isn't easy to explain this phenomenon, but when you do it, it works. Scientists have termed it as the power of subconscious mind. It is so powerful that we are simply unable to unfold its secrets. When you start writing, ideas start flowing in like an incessant downpour and the process never stops. This is the best way to create unique and quality content.

Make a Plan

It is very important to first make a plan, before we start anything. Planning reduces our work and streamlines the tasks. We should plan the content of our articles, blogs, e-books and other write-ups, before we start writing. It streamlines work, simplifies things and helps you to create a balanced and informative article within minutes. Without a plan, your write up may not be balanced and may not meet the needs of your target audience. You can try article templates to create “planned” and well organized content.

Limit Your Distractions

It is very important to limit your distractions while writing. Social media, mobile phone, TV and e-mails can be a great distraction. It is important to switch off all social media channels and to logoff from your e-mail accounts. All the wires connecting you to the outside world such as Skype, online messengers, and Apps should be turned off.

Set a Schedule

Writers can achieve more in terms of productivity, if they follow a calendar or a schedule. They should also learn to stick to their schedule. It is important to know what time is your productivity on its peak. You can schedule your work accordingly. You can also set a stop watch to finish an article or a project. It helps you a lot to avoid distraction and finish your work in time. A time deadline always works positively on our subconscious mind. Deadline pressure is known to act as a catalyst as far as productivity is concerned. If you have no deadline, your project can be delayed till eternity.

Preserve Valuable Ideas

You should always keep a notebook with you, if you want to become a good writer. Ideas are very precious tools for a writer, and he should not allow it to fade away as ideas keep on popping in his head all through the day. You can also use online note taking tools to manage your ideas and scraped content. The writer should also read a lot. You should do some brainstorming, read new ideas, news stories, novels, and creative content. It activates your mind and inspires you to write something creative.


The world needs quality content and that too, frequently. People try different techniques to increase their productivity as everything cannot work for everybody. So, you may explore which techniques work best for you and increase your productivity through practicing them. The demand for creative content is never going to end.


Content writers often face the problem of time management and productivity. There are different barriers and distractions that block a writer, to achieve this productivity targets. In this article, you will find a few tried and tested techniques to increase your productivity as a writer.

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