How To Improve Website Conversion Rate

Find out everything about ways to improve the conversion rate of your website! 

By now we know having a website is incredibly important when you are running a business! However, this alone is not enough for a successful business! You need to continually work to keep the Conversion rate high! If you are curious to learn more about it and figure out how to do it, you came to the right place!

In a way, we were always drawn to the idea of creating our own business! But at the same time, we hesitated and postponed the implementation of our wish. We had stable jobs with a good paycheck, health, and social security, etc. Hence quitting all that, to jump into insecurity, just to pursue a dream seemed irresponsible. 

But, COVID 19 came, and we started feeling differently! Becoming conscious of how short life is in reality, made us think that we need to do everything in our power to live the life how we want. We were tired of having someone above us, you know, like a boss! What do we mean by that? We were tired of having someone above us, you know, like a boss! We wanted to have more time to travel, see the world, explore new things, etc. 

Before starting a business project, you need to ask yourself “What do you want to achieve?” Of course, it is good when people are visiting your website or blog, right? But is the goal to have plenty of readers of to have people who buy products or services that you sell? We believe that all people who start a business share the same goal – they want to make profit! Of course you want to make people who re visiting your website satisfied. Without a doubt having people tell you how wonderful your website is , how much useful information they found etc., is a  wonderful thing.  It certainly makes you unique and hence different from your competitors. But if you can’t close the deal with them, you didn’t gain a lot. 

So the main question is “How to increase the Conversion rate, i.e the number of visitors who become clients?? It turns out that a website must have a higher conversion rate if you want to improve sales.  We learned that the average Conversion rate is somewhere around 2% which means that you can expect that 2 out of 100 people who visited your website, actually become your customers.  That doesn’t seem like plenty, does it now! Yes, but when you know that the Website conversion rate for most businesses is between 0.1 and 0.2 % you understand what we are talking about.  Of course, we should all aim to increase website conversion as much as possible. How can we do it? It is a good question and to find the answer we consulted experts in this field.  Here we share expert tips on how to achieve good conversion rates whether our business isn’t in a free bingo state or something else.

What is the Conversion Rate? 

Before we talk about anything else, it is essential to understand what a Conversion rate is in the first place. It may be funny, but when they hear the word conversion, many people think that of something religious and they wonder what the link between sales and marketing is.  The conversion rate has nothing to do with religion, of course.  We use conversion metrics to understand the performance of our advertising campaigns.  In the simplest terms, a Conversion factor records a percentage of people who completed the desired goal or who “converted” from visitors to clients 

Say you are running an ad campaign on Facebook , right? Okay, so let's imagine that 10, 000 people saw it and 400 hundred of them clicked on the advertisement. To calculate the conversion rate, divide 400 with 10,000. The number you will get is 0.04 which means that the conversion rate is 4%. 

How to Improve the Conversion Rate?

Okay, now when we learned what it is let’s see how to improve it? Here you will see Conversion tips, our experts shared with us.  We hope that you will find them as helpful as we did. 

Include a Pop-Up 

We all sometimes think pop-ups are annoying. But the reality is that all businesses need to use them if they want to improve the situation with the Conversion rate. Do you know, that according to research done by Sumo Average conversion for pop-ups is 3.9%. If you learn how to use pop-ups properly, you can increase it to 10% for pop-ups, and a 9.28 overall conversion rate. 

It is indeed incredible, but this little change will make your conversion rate super high, and as the result, the sales, etc. will skyrocket. And since you don't want to annoy the Use user, you can set up a cookie, so the pop up will appear only one time per user 

Use a Conversion Rate Optimization Planner

For people who are not familiar with conversion rate, etc, all this can seem pretty intimidating. But don't worry! Things get so much easier when you use a conversion rate optimization (CRO) planner. One of the best that we recommend is the Optima conversion rate planner. This tool allows you to effortlessly analyze the data and figure out how to achieve Improvement in conversion. Apart from this, the majority of CRO planners provide detailed instructions on how to conduct the audit of the website, understand user’s needs,  go through A/B testing and experiments, etc.

Make a Compelling Proposition of the Value

One of the essential Conversion elements in our opinion is undeniably the value proposition. It is a statement that shows relevance, distinction, and qualified value. In simple words, the clients will understand why they need what you are offering, how is it different from what competitors have to offer, etc.  When you want to create a good value proposition, you have to think about the product you are trying to sell! In our case it was food, right? So we had to answer different questions such as "Why should people buy our food? How is it different from the meals made by similar catering companies? What specific benefits do people get by ordering from us instead of the others!", and many other questions.  But don’t think for a second that your work ends here. Besides creating a good value proposition you need to find the best way to communicate it effectively.

Avoid the Jargon

We can say that this is something rather essential. Plenty of business owners are convinced that by using fancy, complicated business words they show that they are professionals in their line of work. It is undoubtedly important when you are communicating with your business partners. But their satisfaction does not affect the conversion rate, now, does it? Your target is people who have no clue about business language but are interesting in what you are offering. You are writing to them! Thus you have to write clearly and understandably.  Imagine you are talking with your friends who have no idea about marketing and marketing jargon and write like that.

Analyze the Competitors

Your goal is to be better than your competitors, right! Well to achieve that you need to research and analyze their work to understand their strengths and weaknesses. When you know that, it becomes much easier to use your strengths over your weaknesses.  Bear in mind that you are also a user in general and think about how you are deciding to buy something. Most of us, weigh our options before deciding, right! We see a product that we like, but then we compare it with other products sold or made by different companies. When we analyze how they compare, etc.,  we decide to go forward with a purchase or not. It is the same for everyone! Hence you need to know exactly what the competitors offer so you can do it better. 

Assess Your Conversion Funnel

You must understand how the conversion funnel, i.e the journey or the website user looks like. This will help you understand what the users are looking for and the problems they may encounter. It will also make you see the reasons why they hesitate or give up on the idea to make the purchase, etc. It is possible to track conversion rates in different funnels and recognize the stages in which users lose interest. That will allow you to optimize them properly. For example, some companies have noticed that their users complete nearly everything only to give up at the end. That was happening because they found that the checkout was too complicated.  By improving the checkout and increasing the conversion rate this problem can be fixed. 

Include a Guarantee

A thing to always keep in mind when you run a business is that your clients need to be able to trust you. And one of the best ways to gain the trust is to include a refund policy on all of your products. It is even better if they know that it is a no questions asked policy. By doing this , you reduce the risks. More importantly , you will be surprised with how it will increase the sales.

Add Reviews to Build Trust 

You need to focus on creating a relationship of trust between clients and you. If there is no trust, they will not close the deal which is the main of your Conversion goals. The best way to gain trust is to publish the testimonials and reviews people left for you. Showing that clients are satisfied with your products or services, more folks will be attracted by them.


That’s all about the Conversion rate for today, folks.  S you can see it is one of the most important factors to think about when you want to increase the success of your business. We used these tips for our business and we can tell you that we are impressed by the change they brought! We hope they will be useful for you too! Do you know some other tips to improve the Conversion rate?

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