How To Fix Headphones Without Soldering Iron?


How To Fix Headphones Without Soldering Iron?

Headphones are an important part of the everyday life of the millenials. Many people are so much addicted to the headphones that a moment without the pairs on; seems to be a boring, dull life to them. Using and handling the headphones badly may cause malfunctioning and then a repair or replacement is needed. Not everyone has all the tools to fix them and then people keep pondering on “how to fix headphones without soldering iron“. Let’s first get a detail knowledge about the headphones before learning to fix them. 

     Not every headphone is same; although the basic mechanism remains similar. Knowing a lot about your harbinger of joy will help you have a good time by handling it well. This post will provide you the detail information on “how to fix headphones without soldering iron” after you learn everything about the headphones.

What is a headphone?

Headphones are mini-speakers worn on your ears. The two ear cups connected by a band make up; what we call the headphones and placed on the head ending around the ears. They comprise of the transducers which are responsible for converting the audio signals to sound waves.

Do you know the parts of the headphones? Will you be able to understand “how to fix headphones without soldering iron” when you don’t even know which part of the headphones is creating the problem? Let’s give a read to the various parts of the headphones.

Parts of a headphone


The cable extends along the entire length from the jack to the speakers. A rubber or any non-conductive material costs the set of wires in a cable. The electric signals travel from your device to the speakers through the cable. It may get twisted because of which, the wires get weakened. These wires are more prone to breakage leading to difficulty in the passage of signals. You will able to hear the sound only in one speaker or no sound in any of the speakers indicating a damaged cable.


How To Fix Headphones Without Soldering Iron

The small piece you notice at the end of the cable of your headphones is the jack. The jack isolugged into your device so that the circuit gets completed and signals can pass through them. It has to be taken care of, not to bend and break it down. The point at which the cable contacts the jack can easily get twisted and bent. Ultimately, this leads to the breakage of wire. One won’t be able to then hear the sound in one of the speakers. However, twisting the wire will help you get back the sound at certain points.


The part which received the electric signals turning them into clear, quality sound is the speaker. The better the speakers, the better is the sound quality. If you hear a buzzing sound with headphones on, then probably the speakers are worn out due to high-volume music or due to much use.

Headphone cushions:

The soft cushions (made of foam-type material), covering the speaker boxes are the headphone cushions. The various purposes of the headphone cushions are :-

  • To provide comfort- It is more comfortable to wear headphones with good quality cushions rather than the hard speakers.
  • To isolate the noise- It blocks the interfering noises from outside. The better the shape and design, more is the blocking out of noise.
  • To provide grip- The cushions provide grip to prevent sliding. This grip allows headphones to stay still alongwith giving comfort.


The hard part connecting the two ends, i.e. both the speakers; is the headband. It allows you a comfortable and secure wearing of the headphones by holding the speakers together. If a wire goes along the headband then there are chances that it may also be responsible for any malfunctioning of your headphones.

       A question that might be running in you mind now is, “how to fix headphones without soldering iron” which can be answered only when you know the cause behind the fault in your headphones. Let’s know the causes to answer this query further.

Causes of headphone malfunction

  • No cleaning- Bad headphone cushions is the commonest problem with headphones. After using your headphones for a certain period of time, you might notice that the comfort and blocking about unwanted noise, provided by your headphones has vanished away. This is primarily due to improper cleaning of headphone cushions. The quality of your headphones is maintained when you clean the headphone cushions properly and regularly. Improper cleaning or no cleaning of headphone cushions promote bacteria and dirt to build up. 
  • Storage being improper- One must store their headphones properly to extend the life of the headphones. Improper storage of the headphones may cause a lot of damages 20 headphone cushions and the wires present in the headphone. Make sure you don’t bend or twist your headphones while storing them to prevent any kind of damage to the headphones. Also, make sure the wire doesn’t stretch while you use the headphones. Prevent the tangling of the cable to avoid damage or breakage.
  • High volume- Listening the music at high volumes main cause your headphones to get damaged. The higher the sound, more is the vibration in the headphones which later leads to a buzzing sound in your headphone speakers.

      You may now be able to very well understand how to fix the headphones. Even though you don’t own a soldering iron, you can fix your headphones.

How to fix headphones without soldering iron?

  • AUX cable needs to be cut first. From the connector, cut around 7 cm but it shouldn’t get short. 
  • Don’t press the blade hard and cut the rubber sheath. Keep on turning the wire while you make cuts and remove the sheath.
  • Next put the wire end in the flame to make a quick flash and light it up. Blow on it when around 1cm is burnt. Hence, the wiring is peeled off. Keep in mind not to allow the wire to fall of dur to burning.
  • Mostly the wires are broken near to the connector. Incise above the connector, around 2 cm to take out the broken part. Expose the wires and clean off the varnish on them.
  • Now twist the three AUX wires to the three headphones’.
  • The ground wire is always of gold colour. Twist all the gold wires. Next, twist the wiring of AUX cable with that of the headphones.
  • Be sure you twist the red wire of AUX cable connect to that of the repaired headphones. 
  • The wires have to be isolated now and a scotch tape is used to connect everything. 
  • You may finally notice that everything is done and your headphones are working well. Hope you got the answer to your “how to fix headphones without soldering iron“.


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