How to Create Winsome Whiteboard Animations With VideoScribe? Find Out.


Nowadays, the hardest job is to maintain a business due to the rising competitiveness to survive and be the best in the field in today’s dynamic world and ever-evolving market conditions. Not to mention, the world has become a tech-savvy region in all fields, with people becoming almost entirely dependent on the digital world. It has become people’s necessity to market their products or service in the most efficient and cost-effective way. In the world of fierce competition, one needs to go with the trend in order to survive.

The previous few decades have witnessed rapid advancement in graphic designing and video marketing. One simply needs to choose an option out of a spectrum of marketing choices available nowadays that can guide your tricky marketing motives. But with animated videos, it can be really catchy and easy to elaborate on your products.

There are numerous options to create animated videos of your topic. Whiteboard animation is one of them and out of all the apps, with Videoscribe, it becomes a tad bit easier.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is a new video marketing technology that helps create animated videos for educational, marketing or promotional purposes. Here the creator can draw an elaboration on any topic using a white surface like whiteboard and marker pens. A scripted narration enhances the animations, thus making them more engaging for the viewers.

Time-lapsed drawing and stop-motion animation are vaguely used by the creators to make the creations live, with various SNS used as a general podium. Nowadays, television and internet advertisements also use this for communication with the customers in a personalized way. In 2009, the first videos made using whiteboard animation were posted on SNS. Those videos were mostly made to experiment with various marketing strategies. By the time it developed into a storytelling medium, narration had become more focused and were being used in many other ways.

Create Winsome Whiteboard Animation with Videoscribe

It’s very easy to create a marvellous video using video scribe. Just select the files you want to use, then create a text. Decorate this with background music or voice-over narration of the topic. Videoscribe will do the rest to create a stunning animation video and your scribe will be one of the best. The whole process can really be done in just minutes and within a few clicks. You simply need to publish it and share your scribe on various social media platforms.


  • Royalty-free music collection
  • Video resolution options
  • Publish to web
  • Image library
  • Record voice-overs
  • Save project online
  • Work offline
  • Import music and fonts
  • Premium images

Why Videoscribe?

In many institutions, faculties use videoscribe for the student’s improvisation. It is done mainly by uploading the videos to the school’s intranet for the student to access the valuable things that can help their learning from home. This app is the most suitable one to support the flipped classrooms, which gives the students a chance to concentrate their studying by making their own scribes at home. Also, it is really easy and quick to use and you can make as many videos and scribes as you want. It’s very cost-effective as well as an interesting way of creating videos.

Reasons to Use Whiteboard Animation

There are some eye-catching reasons to use whiteboard animation in our daily lives.

Whiteboard animations are incredibly engaging and it increases the interest for learning. It has an ingenious way to combine spoken words and sounds to create memorable presentations and visual animations, which convey impressively high engagement.

  • Make your business stand out of the crowd. You can get your message across to a time-restraint viewer in a unique process. You can explain and elaborate on the seemingly difficult and complex topic to your clients, students or your staff better.
  • Improve your learning and message retention dramatically. Take advantage of the digestion and remembrance of the information. People will listen to the whole elaboration and even get persuaded in a very subtle way.
  • It will increase the SNS impact. SNS draws attention to more people. People can’t help but share the content created inherently.
  • It is a seemingly fun and interesting way for marketing.
  • To sell more and more, you need to break through the subconscious barriers, which is done by whiteboard animation very clearly. Visual storytelling transforms most of the browsers to buyers.

Some other reasons why whiteboard animation works –

  • Whiteboard animations are generally very focused.
  • It is a widely universal style of animation.
  • Whiteboard animations are found to be clear and clean.
  • Whiteboard videos do the PR (Public Relations) for you.
  • These whiteboard videos are rather cheaper to produce.

Advantages and Benefits

If you want to engage with your prospective clients, whiteboard animated videos are always a great choice. Some of the advantages of the whiteboard are as follows:

  • Whiteboard animated videos usually have a 15% higher rating than the common corporate video with a talking lead. They are most likely to be shared 3 times more than the other ones on SNS and 2 times more likely to result in a sale.
  • People like to get blended with the flow. While watching videos with various images, they feel very much involved because of their mirror neurons in the brain. There is a release of an extra dose of Dopamine with the completion of each image, which makes the viewers feel like they have done the job by themselves. This results on drawing people’s attention to the whiteboard animated videos.
  • Various surveys revealed that online viewers fancy to watch smaller videos, mostly the videos of 60 seconds or less. But while they are watching the whiteboard animation videos, they don’t usually realize that they are watching longer videos. If you are watching a seemingly long video but with interesting facts and good ideas, you won’t even notice how the time will pass.
  • All the above affects the viewer, making them remember the video and consequently, the topic for a very long time. As a result, they try to associate themselves with the topic as they think about the topic, its pros and cons, etc. They try to connect the whole thing with their daily needs. As a result, the brand making the video succeeds on reaching its goal.
  • To explain technical content in detail, you can use the whiteboard animation videos to make it a lot simple and interesting.

Videoscribe is a platform to create and share your ideas for your business in a beautiful and timeless way. It doesn’t take much effort either. Marketing is made simple by this app. Learning and teaching are also way easier nowadays. Whiteboard animation helped to get rid of the boring ways to learn, watch or concentrate. According to GenY, this is the best app to do something if you want to draw attention to your topic.


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