How to build Social Media Plan for your business

Build Social Media Plan for your business

With the change in lifestyle around us, going digital is no longer an option but a necessity for any business. Majority of the daily errands are done online or on smart phones – be it shopping, ticket reservation, booking a cab, exam registration etc. Why go far, just take a look around and you will notice that even a grocery store provides services online and delivers your order at your doorstep. This implies that there has been a boost in the tech savvy people around.

To survive in the current business world, the companies need to offer online services and, social media is, undoubtedly, a path to marketing success. No business, nowadays, can carve a niche for itself, without a powerful presence on social media network. So every company should devote time in generating unique, innovative and genuine content which is highly shareable. Once it spreads like a wild fire on the social networking sites, it is said to go ‘viral’. 21% marketers agree that social media has become pivotal for their firm in the past 6 months.

Strategies to harness the power of social media for your business:

Build Social Media Plan

  • Set social media targets

It is highly essential to set specific targets before initiating any project so that you have a clear idea of what all is required to be done and in what direction the team has to steer to accomplish its goal. Putting in your valuable efforts in a vague direction will land you nowhere.

  • Choose the best suited platform

Going crazy marketing on every social media site is never a smart idea. Go for a few selected platforms and focus on building a base there. It is always quality that matters and not quantity. So, the number of social media sites where you do your marketing doesn’t count. What counts is how efficiently you are working on a few selected sites and gaining a strong base there.

  • Analyze your campaign and build a relationship

Analyze the success and failure of your social media campaign. Identify and reach out to the target audience. Give them relevant replies. Involvement from both the ends is required to build a relationship. Make your alliance mutually beneficial. To make your fans share your content, like the posts they share and offer them a ‘shoutout for shoutout’ deal.

  • Think as a buyer

To understand the emotions of the buyer, you need to think as one. E-commerce has almost taken the place of retail market. Once you are done with comprehending the desires of your customers, you can always come up with an apt offer.

  • Timing matters

Upload a new profile picture in the afternoon or post midnight; you will never be successful in getting maximum likes because of your inappropriate timing due to less audience in those hours. Do the same late in the evening, and observe the difference. The post will be noticed and liked by many. This example explains well, how the timing of your activities on social media affects attracting audiences.

  • Add more aesthetic value

Pictures speak more than words and also make your posts more presentable. People generally skip reading large texts and prefer having a look on images and info graphics which do not even require a caption always. So representing your ideas pictorially will certainly win you more fan following.

  • Valuable feedback

Always pay heed to what your fans praise and criticize. It gives an insight to what they actually expect from you as a customer. Work on the most flaws to eliminate all the reasons of discontent among them.

Apart from this, benefit your customers by organizing an IT help desk. Reliable IT helpdesk ticketing software services provide the customers with all the necessary information pertaining to the company and its products. It automates the help desk ticket management, thus reducing the time and efforts invested in manual help desk tasks. It also aids in maintaining a repository which comprises of records of help desk services provided to the customers, which proves to be of great use in case of future references.

It provides a seamless interaction platform between the company and the end users, without any need to depend on other sources such as chats and emails. The IT team in the company can smoothly handle the service requests of the customers who are looking for IT services. This will lead to lesser confusion among the customers and will build their confidence in the company, thus increasing levels of customer satisfaction, considerably.

Social media has deeply penetrated into our lives and is definitely here to stay, with its influence rising every single day. There are variety of social resources which help you with the promotion of your content over the internet, such as- Topsy, Klout, Hootsuite.. Engaging social audience will increase web traffic and will give you an edge over the competitors.

Guest Author: Ella Rich

She is a technical blogger and passionate follower of tech trends taking place in the IT industry. Being technical evangelist isn’t enough for her. She takes out time to pursue her love for singing and reading quietly with a cup of coffee.


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