How Mobile Technology Can Help in Defence Exam Preparation?

Do you know why candidates use smartphones for exam preparation? The reason is convenience. Technology has revamped the way candidates prepare for exams. Everything has become so simple and interesting. If you are preparing for a defence exam, for sure you can prepare for it with the help of your smartphone. Let us tell you that your smartphone is not only for scrolling social media apps. There are a plethora of exam preparation apps in your app store that can help you ace exam preparation. Moreover, there are various online sources that can help you cover every important aspect of the defence exam. 

Have you made up your mind to join the Indian defence forces? How will you enter these forces? By cracking the NDA exam? If yes, then start preparing for the exam with the help of a nonpareil institute that provides NDA coaching institute in Chandigarh. Apart from joining a coaching institute, you can easily prepare for the exam with the help of your smartphone. 

Here are some significant advantages of using mobile technology for defence exam preparation:

Read this article to know the umpteen benefits that your smartphone can provide while preparing for the defence exams. 

  • Easy learning through videos and audios

There are numerous educational channels on youtube that can help you prepare for the defence exams. You just need to subscribe to some useful channels. The best part about youtube is that you can easily access it on any operational device. For sure, your app store will have a youtube app. Search and download it. Subscribe to educational channels that can help you prepare for the exam.

Apart from videos, you can download some audiobooks on your smartphone. Also, you can download some lectures and instructional podcasts. You can easily listen to audiobooks while running, commuting or doing household chores. 

  • Exam preparation apps

Currently, there are many mobile preparation apps that can help you master every section of the exam. You can download an ideal app on your smartphone to prepare for the exam. Here is a list of some exam preparation apps:

  • GradeUp
  • Testbook
  • Edubull
  • MakeMyExam
  • Udemy
  • Unacademy

Download any of the above apps to beef up your efficiency while preparing for the defence exams. These apps provide various video courses for exam preparation. Moreover, they provide online mock tests, study material and test series. 

  • Cost effective learning

You may need to pay a heavy tuition fee at coaching institutes to prepare for defence exams. However, on your smartphone you can easily buy some useful courses for defence exam preparation. Also, you can save the cost of commuting while preparing for the defence exam. If you want to join the Indian Air force, then start preparing for the AFCAT exam. For excellent preparations, you can link with an ideal source that can offer you AFCAT coaching in Chandigarh. With proper guidance, you’ll be able to crack the exam in a single attempt.

  • Easy to revisit lecture

When you attend online classes through your smartphone, you will get an option to save the lecture. In case you have not understood the concepts in a single class, you can revisit those lectures to understand properly. For sure, you will not get this option in the offline classes. This is how your smartphone can help you prepare for the defence exam effectively.  But, it is only possible when you will not use social media apps frequently.

  • Better learning experience 

Usually, mobile apps provide various videos to learn concepts of different subjects. You can easily understand concepts with the help of infographic videos. If it’s hard for you to understand tough subjects like quants and reasoning, take help from creative videos available on the internet. Also, you can get a pdf of notes of various subjects from many websites.  Furthermore, it is advisable to see if those notes are relevant.

  • Note-making apps

Apart from exam preparation apps, you will find various apps on the app store that can help you in preparing notes. Do you know the biggest advantage of digital notes? You will not lose your digital notes as they are saved in your mobile device. Additionally, digital notes are searchable. Some of the apps that can help you make notes are:

  • ColorNote
  • OneNote
  • EverNote
  • Notability
  • Zoho notebook

So, choose any of the above apps to make notes while preparing for the defence exams. 

  • Learn from experts

Believe it or not, you will get the choice to learn every subject from experts. Comparatively, in face-to-face classes you may not get the privilege to learn from experts. Why opt for ordinary teachers when you can easily link with experts? So, use your smartphone optimally and prepare for the defence exam with dedication.

Apart from NDA and AFCAT, youngsters appear for the CDS exam. Are you amongst them? If yes, then begin your preparations under the guidance of a reliable source that offers best CDS coaching in Chandigarh.


These are some of the advantages that mobile technology has showered on candidates preparing for defence exams. However, there is not any hard and fast rule to use your smartphones only for exam preparation. You can opt for offline classes as well to prepare for the defence exams. In case you are using your smartphone to prepare for the exam, turn off the notification of social media apps. 

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