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How iPad apps maintain via Social Networking

How iPad apps maintain via Social Networking

How iPad apps maintain via Social Networking


As online engagement has been increasing apparently, it increases the usage of social media through computer and mobile device. Whether you are a businessman or a job hunter, social media is the most essential part of everyday life. The way people engage in social media is far better when it comes to using the iPad. Interestingly, Mac software let the user choose and enjoy thousands of options through a variety of iPad apps. When you want to get connected with your friends, it is likely that you will need an Ipad with any of the following iPad social networking apps. Here is how you can maintain the social media Network through ipad apps.


How iPad apps maintain via Social Networking

  • StumbleUpon


It’s absolutely free and supports IOS 8.0 or higher. StumbleUpon is a great SEO which can help in finding content on the web with ease. Also, it will let you what your friends and neighbours are reading about. Once the app is installed, you will require to login through FB or Gmail. When it comes to choosing the category, you will be amazed at what to choose from the pool of interests. However, technology, travel, and movies are some of the popular interests that people often choose. Having a great collection of video, image, and tunes, StumbleUpon really make sense.



  • Twitter


Twitter is the most popular social media app, which let user chat and respond to the tweets. In order to use the twitter app, you should have the twitter account, which enables you to access the app using your iPad. Tap the setting tab to create a new one. Once the account is created, it will ask your location, access permission etc. you will be more likely to see several celebrities of different categories, just surf things to know what to follow.  It is extremely easy to send the message inside the app as it is integrated to into MAC software, which let you receive notification, send a message, follow people etc.


  • Tweetbox


Tweetbox is much like Twitter but it differs in some functionality. Well, you can a lot of personality with advanced features. One thing that distinguishes the tweet box from twitter is the Price tag. Yes, it costs just $2.99. This is why most people are comfortable with Twitter due to the free version. With an advanced user interface, it has grabbed many followers. It enables you to create a timeline where you can view the time of tweets that are sent. You can view extra swipe commands for better usage. Just double tape the swipe to customize. All you need to do is just install the Tweetbox and Twitter.


  • Facebook


It is no wonder that Facebook is the most basic app of every Android user. Surprisingly, it is available for the iPhone that supports IOS 7.0 or higher. Whenever you open your Facebook in the browser, you will be redirected into the News Feed page, which looks dull on your iPad. It houses the entire significant feature like Notification alert; Follow up page and other such options. You can see most of your friends, family from other groups. In case of any queries, you can tap the Help centre where you can avail many options like policies, Report a problem, Log out etc.


  • Skype


One of the most positive benefits of iPhone is that Mac provides a sophisticated user interface for communication. Unlike Android and Windows, Mac comes with Apple Face time feature for super video chatting. It’s free and easily available in the App store. Interestingly, it is interoperable and can support Android, Mac, and windows. It has several categories such as business model, personal mode etc. Skype is mostly used for business purpose to organize job and chat with clients and customers. It is not just used for video chatting but also for a voice call. Interestingly, it enables you to send a message to those who you don’t know.


  • Flipboard


Flipboard is an excellent application that requires IOS 7.0 or higher. Interestingly, some functions are similar to StumbleUpon but it integrates Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and such apps. It acts as an improved version of the custom magazine that will show you a variety of post. There are different varieties of interest to choose from.  Once you select the category, you will receive post and articles that you interested in. Unlike Stumpleupon, every blog will be reformatted to fit the page.


  • Buffer


The buffer is an amazing dashboard that lets you plan schedule and optimize the social updates. Buffer supports popular social media like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, and Pinterest. This excellent iPhone app makes it simple to add webpage, edit schedule, customize web page etc.  


  • Socialoomph


Socialoomph will be much more beneficial if you are using the Twitter account. Well, that way you use Socialoomph is similar to twitter, but you can organize the things far better. Tracking the keywords, updating your profiles, shortening URL can be really easy.  It comes at free of cost; however, upgrade to premium account enables you to access Follow-backs, quality backlink, track messages etc.



  • Hootsuite


Being a powerful app, Hootsuite help manages multiple social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter etc. you will be amazed at how easy to customize FB page and tweets. To avail all these features, you will have to pay just 9.95 dollars a month; however, you can access first 3 accounts for free.



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