How are .nu domains effective for SEO purposes?

SEO or search engine optimization is the only way domain owners can market themselves online. However, every domain owner craves for two main aspects. The first is to be part of a trusted domain and the second is to gain a leg up over their competition via the various white-hat SEO methods available.

How are .nu domains effective

Most domain owners focus on the name of the domain and the hostmaster’s credentials to achieve this purpose. However, this is easier said than done. Ask any domain owner and they will tell you that they have to rely on feedback from other users and other aspects like stability. But there is one other way to achieve this. We are talking about .nu domains.

Let us examine the credentials of the .nu domain. This domain is assigned to the country of Niue. Like the other domain extensions like .com, the .nu extension is classified as a TLD or Top-Level Domain. The .nu domains are regulated by a central authority and are assigned to local businesses who want to establish an online presence. Your business is also local, right? Think about it.

However, country specific domains like these can provide a huge boost for local businesses. And this is the reason for this article. To show you how you can benefit from making a decision which will give you much bigger local coverage.

Now let us assume that there are three competing online businesses. All these businesses work in the clothing sector. Business number one is the leader because it had been operating in the online world for a longer period. Business number two is at the second place and has been an online retailer for a relatively shorter time while Business number three is a new entrant into the field. Many of you are also new entrants into the competition field, right? Does that ring a bell?

Now when any individual makes a search for clothes, he or she will see Business number one and Business number two for sure. However, Business number three will struggle to gain any eyeballs and thereby have very few visitors. Now let us assume that Business number three operates from Niue. Also, let us assume that more than half the online buyers are from Niue. This is certainly a game changer which we have to consider. After all, it is very important to know your clients whereabouts.

This is where the SEO methods and PPC methods come in. As we know, SEO methods are the online advertising methods used by businesses to market themselves. It is already a widespread strategy to use such professional services. Another method of marketing is the PPC method. Pay per click are paid advertisements reflected in a search engine results page. Google makes a lot of money this way.

Now let us look at the scenario where Business number three switches to .nu domains. By switching to the country specific domain, Business number three has many advantages. First, let us look at SEO practices. When the domain is inspected by search engines, the fact that it has a .nu extension (as I read at the new Danish “.nu domains UnoEuro” campaign)will be fed into the search engines. This means that the website will be automatically optimized for search results from Niue.

Now, since the keywords and the content will more or less be similar to Business one and two, Business three will be able to use its country specific status to reflect at the top whenever a resident from Niue wants to buy clothes online. Hence, the advantages for SEO will be much higher for Business three. Advantages which will help that business get better results than the older ones.

If we look at the PPC model, the cost of advertising is decided by the competition for keywords. While all three businesses will pay a similar amount, Business number three will be able to use that amount to corner all business from Niue. This will ensure a higher visitor count and eventually a higher search engine ranking for the website. This means that the ROI for Business three from PPC will be higher than its competitors’ will be.

Thus as you can see, country specific domains like .nu domains are extremely helpful for local business owners. What about you? Do you have a generic of a country specific domain? If you do, please share with us your opinion about how a business can get a boost by going this way. It is important to show examples from commentators such as you, because this will assure the readers that this is a widely used tactic. The higher numbers of the visitors and the higher ranking position are enough reasons for interest. If you invest in a country specific domain it will pay off in many ways. So, think about it and let us know of your opinion.

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