Hairline Lowering Surgery: How Much is it Effective?

Hair loss happens in many ways and can affect a person in different areas of the scalp. One of these conditions include hair thinning at the front scalp. This causes the hairline to go up. It also makes your forehead look big, which is a turn off to many. Another hair loss condition that may cause a high hairline is the male or female pattern baldness. Whatever the cause, a high hairline affects both the facial beauty and psychological health of a person. It lowers self-esteem, making a person feel lowly of himself or herself. 

If you have a high hairline, you should know that you can get rid of this condition by getting a hairline lowering surgery procedure. Many cosmetic doctors use this hair loss treatment method to reduce the protrusion of the forehead or move the hairline down a no make the forehead appear small. Today, we want to explore the hairline lowering surgery to have a clear understanding of what it means and how it is done. We usually write these articles to help you find proper ways to treat your hair loss. 

The first thing we need to know before showing you how a hairline surgery if done I'd to give you several factors that leads to a high hairline 

Before we look into that, let's understand the factors that contribute to a high hairline. A high hairline is brought about by several factors, including having a brow lift, hair thinning, female or male pattern baldness, hair thinning, a scar from surgery, coronal brow lift treatment. Everyone needs to know the cause to seek proper attention. That said, let's look at how a hairline lowering surgery is done. 

What Does a Hairline Lowering Surgery Entail 

The only way you can reduce the effects of a high hairline is to lower the hairline. This hair loss procedure is done using a minor surgery called hairline lowering. The surgeon doing such a procedure focuses on three things: the patient's needs, the scalp skin laxity, and the hairline height. More often, a hairline surgery is done after a facial feminization surgery. 

Who Should Have Hairline Surgery?

  • Before opting for a hairline lowering surgery, you need to confirm with your doctor first to know whether the surgery will work out well for you. Here are some pointers to help you:
  • The majority of people who go for a hairline lowering surgery are women because they are more likely to get a more natural look. Although men can also have it, it works better for women than men. 
  • Hairline surgery also works well for women who have high hairlines that make their foreheads look large. 
  • For men who want to undergo this procedure, they mustn't have any history of hair loss because it will affect the outcome of the hairline lowering surgery negatively. 
  • Those wishing to undergo a hairline lowering surgery should have a flexible forehead skin that can be stretched forward to bring down the hairline. 

Techniques Used in Hairline Lowering 

The doctor can use two of the available techniques of hairline lowering procedures. One of these techniques involves extracting hair follicles from an area in the scalp that has thick hair. The doctor then implants the hair in front of the hairline, bringing the hairline down a bit. This will reduce the size of the forehead and restore hair around the forehead. This method doesn't need surgery. The doctor can use the follicular unit extraction method where small tiny holes are made so that the surgeon can implant hair follicles without incisions. 

Another way to performing a hairline lowering procedure is removing a layer of skin on the forehead about 2-3 centimeters. After that, the doctor can then stretch the skin forward and therefore, lowering the hairline. This method involves minor surgery. This means that it will leave a scar. However, when hair starts to grow, it will cover the scar. In this kind of hairline lowering technique, the patient needs to have a flexible forehead skin to make it easier for the doctor to stretch it forward. 


If your hair starts thinning around the forehead, it means that your hairline will go up and make your forehead look large. Hairline lowering procedure provides the best way to lower the hairline. However, you need to consult your doctor to confirm whether you are eligible for this kind of hair loss treatment. It also offers a permanent way to treat hair loss, and you only need to undergo it once. That is all you need to know about hairline lowering surgery. 

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