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Guide to Frozen Food —Items to avoid and consume

Guide to Frozen Food —Items to avoid and consume


Freezing is one of the best ways of food preservation as it preserves  and controls the loss of nutrients .


But some manufacturers add extra sodium to enhance the taste of the food and this is dangerous. Similarly zero calorie  types of food when frozen, have different additives, high levels of salt and sugar, saturated and high fats these lead to weight gain and health issues.

guide to the storage & handling of frozen foods

 Some smoothies and health drinks have no  fruit at all, but only sugars , gums, flavorings etc.Even whole, unsweetened fruits  and zero calorie types of food when frozen, have additives, high levels of salt and sugar.

To make a chicken look big and delicious some manufacturers  pump a chicken with water which on freezing forms crystals,and breaks the  structure of the meat.

It is how you freeze your foods that makes the difference.


If we freeze our own food then we can keep it healthy and nutritious.

Foods that can be frozen are …


  • Spinach when frozen, loses  only 30% of its nutrients.


  • Corn when frozen increases its levels of potassium and calcium than fresh ones .


  • Cooked and frozen peas,increase their  levels of beta-carotene and lose just 10% of ascorbic acid
  • Raspberries increase their content of  phenolic compounds on freezing.
  • meats and fish of all kinds
  • milk products fruit juices ,


Points to note

As Freezing food stops the growth of bacteria and micro-organisms, but does not kill them off they  begin to grow on thawing. We should not reuse thawed food, thaw only that much which is needed.

Freezing food at the proper temperature also preserves nutrients and slows enzymes.


Freezing after blanching stops  the growth of enzymes altogether but preserves the  nutrients. The ideal freezer temperature is 0 Fahrenheit (-18 Celsius) for all food storage.


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