The Comprehensive Buyer's Guide to Business Laptops

The Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide to Business Laptops
The Internet has become such a mandatory part of communicating that a connection to it has become a requirement. It’s used for hobbies, keeping updated on the latest news, and, most importantly, to conduct the daily activities that make up what drives businesses daily for both employees and customers.
While there are hand-held alternatives such as iPads and other tablets, none of these can fulfill the role that a traditional personal computer fulfills in terms of processing power or simple utility.
That’s why the number of businesses laptops sold each year continues to rise.
Despite the shift towards business laptops, deciding on the best laptop that fulfills your needs is no easy task. Let’s examine how to best find a laptop that fits your needs and your budget.
Business Laptops
Decide on the Power
Processors act much like engines. They can be geared towards raw power, such as in the case of Intel Core i5s and i7s or AMD A-Series CPUS, or they can be oriented towards efficiency, like with the Intel Core i3 and i5 series of CPUs or the AMD E-Series APUs.
 A less powerful processor tends to mean that the battery will last longer, which is important if you are mobile during your business activities. If you need to run more strenuous applications like CAD programs, then it’s best to opt for a laptop with more power.
As far as memory goes, the minimum requirement for a business laptop should be 4GB regardless of what you plan to do. This ensures you can multi-task or that you can use just about any application you might need.
The Storage Conundrum
When it comes to laptops, there are two primary methods of storage: hard-drives and CD/DVD discs.
Hard drives can be broken down into two subcategories: solid state drives and hard drives.
Solid state drives are less susceptible to malfunctioning than hard drives, as there are no moving parts. They’re also considerably faster and somewhat more expensive.
Hard drives are the backbone of PC storage. They’re also cheaper than solid state drives.
As far as CD-rom discs, and therefore drives go, buying a business laptop with one is optional. It comes down to deciding upon your need for physical media and how often your will simply stream files from the Internet.
If you need one, you may find that simply using an external USB CD/DVD-rom drive is a viable alternative that could save you money and hassle.

Do You Need High-End Graphics? Probably Not

One trap that most buyers interested in business laptops fall for is the perceived need for high-end graphics chips. You should only invest in a business laptop with a more powerful or dedicated graphics chip when you plan to run intense applications such as Photoshop or a 3D graphics program.
Everything Else: Battery Thoughts and Extra Functionality
When it comes to batteries, the more “cells” a battery has, the longer it will tend to last. This might meant he difference between a battery that last four hours and one that last nine.
The thing to keep in mind when deciding on a business laptop is that some ultrabooks and ultrabook-style laptops lack removable batteries. That means you might need to recharge them as you use them to keep them on.
The other point that needs to be touched is the need for extra functionality. While things like touchscreens may be nice to have, they are by no means something that you have to buy with your laptop if they’re not crucial to your business. You can always purchase a separate drawing tablet or a standalone tablet to accomplish these tasks while saving some money.
Finding the Best Business Laptop

The bottom line is that the best business laptop will be one that fits your daily needs without breaking your bank. You can even save in some areas to spend on extra functionality, such as the ability to use a touchscreen.
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