Google Home Assistant

Google Home Assistant

Google is a household, world wide name. It went from being a noun to being the most actively used verb in today’s vocabulary. Looking for anything – “Google it!” That’s a standard reply that one gets from any stranger to any person in the house. So just imagine if Google became a person in your house. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Google heard you, say hello to the Google Home Assistant.

This little Voice Activated Speaker will become a member of your family and maybe keep the secrets too. The Google Home Voice Activated Speaker gets connected to you wifi system in your house and then it’s just like magic. Google the know it all, knows everything. It is powered by the all powerful, Google Assistant that will do whatever you tell it to. Just by saying the words “OK GOOGLE” you will enter the world of the net and you can then tell your Voice Activated Speaker to fish out any information that you want.

google home assistant features

The Google Home Voice Activated Speaker is aesthetically designed and once you get this, you will never want to leave home without it. From reminders, to dates to the weather, it will update you about your daily schedule. It will make your calls while you’re in the room. This will enable you to be hands free. With Bluetooth capabilities, it will be recognised any device, and will become mirror it for you.

The Google Home Assistant is a wonder. Being connected to the higher power – the internet- it provides you all the assistance you can get and want. The Voice Activated Speaker doesn’t need any special app or some assistance to be set up. Just hook it up onto your Google account and that’s all that it requires.

The Youtube streaming capabilities you can stream recipes while you’re cooking. It also transforms your house into a smart home. You can stream content on your TV or just ask google to wind you down with some music in your other room. Yes, it has multi speaker capabilities.

Being a Google product it will help you do everything that google does. It will tell you the weather update, traffic update and put alarms, reminders and even help you create and remind you of your To-Do list. For the little pottering hands at home it will provide them with whole entertainment, be it their favourite TV shows or games. The speaker will speak along and provide them with whatever they need.

Google Home Assistant will complete your home experience and ensure that you have all the information at hand. This small speaker will soon take over you tapping away for hours, since its all voice controlled. Give it sometime and it will learn your habits and prove to be a very neat gadget. So order yours now.  


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