Google Algorithms: what could we expect during the next period?

The Google Algorithms are changing all the time, and what was today a law in SEO might be overrated tomorrow. The biggest problem is that webmasters don’t know exactly what to ask for when they contact a SEO company.

Moreover, they are also swept away by those “incredible” offers of some companies that offer web design, SEO and social media in the same package with a reduced price. Well, considering the fact that SEO might be the most expensive process for a good website, how do you think that you can get the best optimization service as long as you pay 200$ for al those services?

So Google Algorithms: what could we expect during the next period?

Google AlgorithmsThe client must ask for traffic results and conversions, not Google positions on keywords. The most important part of SEO is focusing on results. Unfortunately, those can’t be obtained overnight, and the clients have to understand this. Google algorithms can’t be anticipated, even if some rumors might give us some clues about the intentions of the search engine.

1. Content
The engine becomes smarter when it comes to identifying content. Today, the algorithms are not only able to detect if the content on a website is original, but also if the respective content respects some grammar and content requests. It might seem impossible for a search engine to analyze millions of articles every day to check if those respect some grammar rules, but this happens. The search engine remains the most important Google service, and as all the Google services revolve around it, it must be good.

2. Social Media
It is commonly known that Google classifies pages considering their popularity on Social Media also. A website must have widgets and methods that allow readers to post information on their social network pages, and to promote your content further. Moreover, whenever you have new content on your website, or a new product, it must be put on the page that promotes your business on social networks.

Hint: Pinterest is the next fuzz in social network, so you might take some time to study this network and to see what benefits it could bring you.

3. Links
Link Building remains an important method to increase the online visibility, but it is not as highly considered as it used to. This is because many abuses were detected by Google in the past. With the help of link content farms, which are high ranked websites that just promote bad content and blogs, many webmasters managed to get visibility for websites that were not so great. As long as Google can detect good content and if it can determine the relevance of a website just by checking the content in it, the fact that the respective website gets some links from other websites is not as important as it used to be.

Those are the three main directions where the future Google algorithms will develop, and the SEO specialists, as well as the webmasters have to consider them if they want to have a great looking website with many visitors.

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