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Do you love playing games? Do you wish to have thrill and adventure in your games .Then Ghost Rider Games are the perfect answer for you. It is a third-person game which is themed around the movie Ghost Rider. This game has been released for the

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cool riding gamesGame Boy Advance, PSP and Play Station 2.
There are some villains in the game namely Lilith, Vengeance, Scarecrow, Blackheart and Deathwatch. Ghost Rider is mainly an exciting motorbike game in which the players have to become the ghost racers and drive the super bike.The players need to be superfast while driving their bikes so as to cross their challengers. The players have to drive as fast as possible in order to win the game.There are many modified games available for the Ghost Rider 2 games which have some differences as far as the game play is concerned. A number of levels are crossed in this game. When you fall down, just balance your bike. Fight every obstacles in the way and try to reach the destination.  Ghost Rider game is played by keyboard using arrow keysand spacebar.
Ghost Rider game is  full  of  action- One of the most popular action games Ghost Rider is the basic type of gaming. Action is perhaps the chief feature of Ghost Rider Game.Although the theme of the game is based on riding a bike and winning through all the obstacles however all the scenes and happenings are full of actions. An action game requires you as a gamer to use your response ability and timing during play. Ghost Rider Game based on popular action movies is common nowadays. It makes the game more interesting for those who like to have violence and action in the game play.
Thrill,  adventure  and excitement – The Ghost Rider game is full of thrill, adventure and excitement. It is because the players have to unveil the obstacles coming in their way and win over them so as to reach their goal. Every time, a new obstacle comes in their way. The players have to explore it and at the same time act swiftly to deal with the obstacles coming in their way. It keeps players excited about the new obstacle which may appear suddenly to obstruct their way. Players feel happy and more confident for new obstacles when he crosses any obstacle in their way. So these games fill a lot of happiness and enjoyment in players.
Speed- It is another important feature of the Ghost Rider game. The players have to drive their bikes at high speed to pass through the obstacles. They have to maintain as high speed as possible so as to get over the obstructions and reach the destination early so as to be a winner. The element of high speed is again quite thrilling for the players. It is because they have to maintain high speed as well as keep a check over the obstacles to deal with them.
Stunts- Ghost Rider game is jam-packed with stunts. The players have to perform various stunts as well to get over the obstacles. Stunts are also an important feature of this game which keeps players captivated for long time. The players have to use some specific keys over the game controller to perform different types of stunts. Using stunts in his game, player cross every obstacle easily and reach the destination for winning the game. Stunts are important for entertainment and to make your game more interesting.
Controls- Ghost Rider game is controlled by different control buttons to play the game.These control buttons are meant to control speed and direction of the bike. In this game you can control your bike by blast everything that comes in your way. To move your bike left or right, use cursor keys and for attack, use spacebar. Also you can stop,reverse or push the bike forward by using these controls. Some stunts can also be performed by different combinations of these control keys.
As you play  and  enjoy  your  game , similarly you can have same
amusement by playing the Ghost Rider game.

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