Find Versatile Packaging Options For Fragile Items Here

Find Versatile Packaging Options For Fragile Items Here

Do you need to send fragile goods through the shipping process to a different destination? Do you constantly feel afraid that you will incur a loss due to damage to these goods? If your answer is yes to both the questions, it would be a good idea to start considering the use of bubble mailers and padded envelopes, which can be purchased in bulk from various suppliers.

To transport something fragile, a padded envelope or a bubble mailer would be best to do it. In the absence of padding, items may fall out or constantly slide during the shipping process, which could result in irreparable damage. Objects within a sealed padded envelope are much sturdier and secure in comparison to normal packages.

Items you can easily transport

Bubble mailers and padded envelopes are both suitable for transporting a variety of flat items. This includes:

• Regular audio and video CD’s
• Blue Rays
• Jewelry
• Gifts
• Watches
• Books
• Circuit boards
• Little automotive parts
• Plaques

With the variety of objects you may be shipping, there are always high chances of some of them getting damaged. If you get bulk bubble mailers, you can be assured that the problem will be solved in a jiffy and you will also save yourself from unnecessary tensions.

Reasons to use bubble mailers and padded envelopes

Though shipping with boxes may seem to be the best option to keep all items intact, it is not mandatory anymore, considering the availability of cheaper options. Ecommerce is all about cutting costs and not corners, and that’s where padded envelopes come in handy. Here are the advantages of padded envelopes and bubble mailers:

1) They save space- Poly mailers take hardly any space, whereas boxes are bulky even if they collapse. While looking to pack quickly, imagine how cardboard boxes would constantly hinder your movement in the warehouse. In contrast, bubble mailers are very easy to stack.

2) They can be customized and branded easily- It is very easy to customize and brand these envelopes. All you need to do is upload your design, and shipping companies shall print and send it over.

3) They are used very commonly- Have you seen how ecommerce vendors like Amazon send their orders these days? The packages are smart, compact and can easily be transported from point A to point B. Of course, there are many merchants who find it difficult to fathom the use of flimsy packaging material, but these are quite commonplace at Walmart and other places, serving their purposes well.

4) They’re highly affordable- This is simply the most valuable advantage of a bulk mailer. Mailer boxes are much more expensive in comparison, even if purchased in bulk.

Always ensure you get the correct size of padded envelope

While choosing the mailer, ensure that the product you want to put inside can fit in. Measure an item and add 0.5 inches to every side of it, and this will determine the size of your envelope. The extra 0.5 inches on every side will give you space to add cushioning material. If you still feel unsure, it is best to get an envelope a size larger than what you think could be right.

Differences between padded envelopes and bubble mailers

You will find the above two being used interchangeably on most packaging websites. However, there are small differences between them. The padded envelope is made with the help of very strong and durable material. Reinforcement on the inside is with the help of foam or extra paper. In contrast to this, bubble mailers are prepared with bubble wraps on the inside and paper on the outside. Bubble size entirely depends on the kind of product. The more delicate the items are, the larger should be the size of the bubble.

While locating different kinds of suitable packaging material, you may have also come across poly bubble mailers. These mailers also have bubble wrap but are completely constructed using plastic, having no paper exteriors. Plastic gives even more protection as compared to the above types of material, and your package will get waterproof protection. It also offers more color options as compared to the others. The only challenge though is writing addresses on the plastic.

Uses of air cushion wraps

Air cushion wraps are manufactured by a variety of suppliers. However, you need to verify the quality before choosing a particular supplier. It must be able to keep fragile items of all sizes in good shape through transport. This is made possible with the help of a nylon barrier on the bubble wrap, which provides great strength despite being light. The cushion rolls retain air for a long time and maintain thickness, thereby providing cushioning for a long period of time.

A variety of materials such as bubble mailers, foam cushions and air cushion bubble wraps are available in the market for protection. Choose the ones that fit your needs the best.

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