Education System

       Educational System

Education is one of the important and major sources of an individual’s life. Education is the only thing that creates the difference between an ill-literate person and a literate person. It not only increases an individual’s knowledge but also affects the living style of a person. A person who is educated will possess a better living style in comparison to the person who is not educated. Education not only improves and affects the lifestyle but also changes the mentality and the thinking procedure of a person. Education helps an individual to expand his thinking process and encourages him to think more about the aspects and ways to perform work.

The education system means the systematic supply of education to all the people who are gaining it. It also includes different schools, coaching centers, and institutions. Education was not that important in the early period and before Independence, Indians were not even allowed to get an education at higher universities and were forced to work and serve the rulers.

The earlier male child was sent to the farms for work and girls were used to perform home works like cleaning home, cooking food and were then married and sent to their homes. As time changed and India got independent people started thinking about themselves and the country. And to develop our country, we people have to become educated so that we can provide developed and advanced things to our country and our coming generation. Meeting all these requirements and the demands of the developing country led to the development of the education system in our country.

The education system introduced the basic knowledge about the use of education and the effects of it. When it was introduced, the scope and level were different earlier and at that time only male students were found and girls were found to be working at homes. But as the world is developing and moving towards advancement and development it requires the help of all citizens whether it is male or female. And for helping them our citizens should be educated and advanced with the knowledge of new technologies to meet the changes.

Education is given through different mediums to the students of different age groups. The basic or the primary source of education is started from the day we are born. This education involves how to treat people and how to behave in front of everyone.

The education system in an earlier period

Earlier classical knowledge was given to the students by their guru and they give the priority to the topics that are based on nature and Sanskrit, Mathematics, Metaphysics and the things that the student wants to learn from them. The students used to live at the teacher’s house until their education is completed and they not only study there but also help their gurus in their daily housework. This interaction between the student and the teacher builds a strong bond between them which also helps them increase their understanding level and this helps in studies also. But later this concept of studying changed because of the Lord Thomas Babington Macaulay. He introduced the modern way of studying which included the concept of the school system. Due to this, the bond between the student and teacher was spoiled and the bond that students build with nature by studying about it also died because the study of nature was not the subject for the students to study. The subjects like metaphysics and philosophy were considered useless and subjects like science, mathematics, and English were taught to the children. Students were having a relation to the teacher until the students don’t leave the room.

The advancement made in the pattern generated the two boards of education that controlled the education of students in school. The Intermediate Education and the Uttar Pradesh Board of High School were the two boards that were generated for this purpose but these were accepted by some states only. Later when it was added to the Constitution then it was applied to every state and was renamed as Central Board of Secondary Education. The board was allowed and responsible for making the decisions for the welfare of the students and their good education. The board also looked after the sources that are required by the students and some sources are books, reference books and many more.

Advancement of Education

Advancement of education included the introduction of new subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Civics and many more which helps the students to build their careers in different fields. This advancement has helped India a lot to grow as it has its citizens as well as developed builders, engineers, doctors and many more and does not require people out of India to entertain us. This has not only increased India’s growth rate but also helped in the increment of employment for the citizens. Like everything, this advancement of education and the growing and developing era of India has increased the pressure of the people to be the best and to earn more for their family and for them to fulfill their requirements. To get a better earning and better job, students are pressurized by society and by their parents to be best from the day they start learning and going to school. Sometimes this pressure and high expectations of parents and society from the students lead to many serious issues like when the student could not meet the expectation level of their parents then he tries to take serious actions against his life and sometimes the student suffers from depression. Students used to take this serious step to avoid the humiliation they would face in front of their parents and their parents in front of the society. This act of committing suicide was common among the students of class 10th and 12th and they do it when they do not score marks as per their expectations.

To avoid such actions and for reducing the death rate, the Central Board of Secondary Education worked over it and decided that no student will be failed in the examination and only those will be graded low or will be failed who have not written anything. This action was not enough to meet the requirement of the country so student’s syllabus is reduced and only important things and advanced things are added to the syllabus so that students do not waste their time in useful things and take load of the syllabus but this action of CBSE has destroyed the basic knowledge and deep learning about anything. Students are focused only on the syllabus to score good marks and do not think about how things work.

All these things have increased the level of education but have reduced the quality of education which is not good for the future generation. Our education system should start working over the quality than comparing the education of other countries to our country and making efforts to compete with them. The thing that is also important is that parents should not build any pressure on their children related to scoring well in exams because this forces them to take wrong actions against their life rather they should understand their capabilities and should support them and be satisfied with what their child has scored.  

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