4 WordPress ECommerce Store Plugins for Starting Your eCommerce Store

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WordPress is a open source blogging platform and there are thousands of plugins for different features and fuctions. Currently there are more then 28,951 plugins added in the WordPress Plugin Directory and thousands are hosted and sold on personal websites. The best part is that anyone with a basic computer education can start a stunning, feature rich and advance website on wordpress with the help of plugins.

WordPress ECommerce Store Plugins

From classified to online forums, directories to yellow pages, blogs to ecommerce stores almost any type of website can be created with wordpress. This is only possible because of the handy plugins that can be downloaded for free from WordPress Plugins Directory.

I have collected some of the best plugins that can be used to design a eCommerce store. If you are looking to start a shopping website where you want to sell products then you don’t need to pay thousands for desinging. WordPress plugins are available that you can use to design a store for yourself. However you need to read the manual of the plugin to implement its features correctly. Check out the following 10 wordpress plugins for starting an ecommerce store.

1. WooCommerce Plugin

Woothemes developer have created a plugin named “WooCommerce Plugin” which can be used to convert a wordpress blog into shopping store. Both the front end and back end of the plugin is outstanding. It shows you the incoming sales, reviews and other visitors information inside the Dashboard.

They also provide several themes for your store that can be used to customize the store according to your own requirements. The best part is WooCommerce works with any of the wordpress theme.  Apart from the customization it supports the following features.

  • PayPal Standard Gateway Support
  • Mijireh Checkout (To accept payments from Credit Cards, Authorized.net, PayPal etc)
  • Google Analytics
  • Flat Rate and Free Shipping
  • International Delivery, Local Delivery and Local Pickup

Overall the Plugin is a great one for setting up a shopping cart website. The plugin can be download from the WordPress Directory.

Here is the Download Link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce/

2. MarketPress – WordPress eCommerce

It is said to be the easiest plugin for creating a ecommerce store on a wordpress blog. Just like any ecommerce store it has the feature to integrate with PayPal, Authorized.net, Google Checkout, Moneybookers, 2Checkout, eWay and other payment processing gateways.

The plugin can work with any of the wordpress themes and it can be further customized according to the theme requirements. Apart form selling physical products the plugin also allow you to sell digitally downloadable productes. The plugin also allow you to offer coupon codes to your customers.

MarketPRess is fully compatible with BuddyPress and WordPress Multisite thus allowing you to start eBay style shopping site.

Download from here

3. eShop Plugin

One of the high rated plugin in the WordPress Directory which has been downloaded by more then 562,208 users. It is packed with several features. The following are some of the features of the plugin.

  • It can utilize the wordpress posts, pages with custom posts types to create products.
  • The customers can sign up to the site. Customers can be provided with a customize login page.
  • You can sell digital products too.
  • Different methods available for listing products and products can have multiple options.
  • It provides detailed statistics about the sites, visitors and customers.
  • It sends automatic emails upon the success purchase to the customer.
  • You can also mark products as “Out of Stock” to avoid bad user experience.
  • You can also add discount coupon code option for each product.
  • All the major payment gateway supported.

The current version is 6.3.11 and the developers make constant changes to improve its functions, fix bugs and ensure the security. So it means you will be always getting timely support and upgrade when wordpress is upgraded to the new version.

You can download the plugin from WordPress Plugin Directory. Here is the Download Link.

4. Ready! Ecommerce Shopping Cart

It is one of the professional eCommerce Shopping Cart that is offered for free for WordPress users as a plugin. It comes with some great themes that makes the store more attractive and engaging for the customers. Currently the developers offer 3 stunning themes for the plugin.

It supports both PayPal standard and PayPal Payments pro methods along with the Authorized.net, Google Wallet, Sage Pay, Skrill, 2Checkout and eProcessing Networks. Pay on deliver method and manual payment methods are also available.

Different type s of shipping features are also available in the plugin. For example FedEx. USPS, UPS and Flaterate shipping options.

Tax option is also available to add for different products. Weight and dimension of the productions can also be added. Different product variation can be created with this plugin.

Download Ready Plugin

These are some of the popular eCommerce Store Plugins with advance features and functionality available for free in the WordPress Plugin Directory. Initially it will take some time for understanding the admin panel of each panel but once you start exploring its features and read the manual the result will be a great ecommerce store.

So good luck for your ecommerce store.

Author Bio: Bilal Ahmad writes for TechMaish.com where he shares about Blogging, SEO, Social Media and Technology. @techmaish

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