10 Duckduckgo features that will definitely change your mind

Duckduckgo features that will definitely change your mind from google-

Search engines are the heart of the internet; they help the user in finding information indexed in one place so that they don’t have to visit different websites. Google comes with a feature called knowledge graph which lists useful information alongside the search results in a sleek box. It is capable of performing calculations, showing the temperature, converting currencies and display flight information. Though the features are spectacular, but the results are often non-uniform, they vary from user to user. These limitations could force a user to explore other search engine options and on which definitely catches the attention is DuckDuckGo.
About DuckDuckGo
This search engine doesn’t track the users and takes their privacy issues very seriously. It gets its name from the popular playground game called “duck duck goose”. The company aims to make browsing on the internet, a better experience. Personalized results in searches are not available as previous searches are not stored.  Google is known for tracking the user and using DuckDuckGo can stop it permanently. When a particular term is entered, DuckDuckGo displays similar results to every user. It can be used in Chrome, Firefox or Safari and it gives instant results when a specific query is typed in. DuckDuckGo has its own set of fans which includes developers and internet users. The technology is constantly being updated and many people are using it as their main search engine.
Duckduckgo features
Here are 10 DuckDuckGo features that will definitely change your mind from Google:
1.       Social networking profiles are embedded with the search:
The search bar of DuckDuckGo is highly advanced and it links to the social bios of various people with ease. So if you just type the name of a person or brand after ‘@’, the entire profile information is shown in the very same page. It is also applicable for Gravatar Profiles and Google+ accounts.  A user can also search within another site and use DuckDuckGo’s search features.
2.       An enhanced app search:
Searching for apps gets a major boost in this innovative search engine. When the name of a popular app is typed, it’s like searching in the app store itself. The various apps are displayed side by side with the store links and description. The feature is only compatible with well-known apps. If someone wants to find a substitute of a particular app, the results are given in a tidy carousel.
3.       Links can be expanded and shortened easily:
In the internet, we often see shortened URL’s, which redirect to a website when clicked. By typing in a particular link after expand, the URL’s are expanded and the website can be viewed. The procedure is same for shortening URLs, except for the shorten command.
e.g. – For expanding -“expandhttps://bit.ly/1CAWkJz”
4.       Generating strong passwords:
Generating and managing strong passwords is quite troublesome, but DuckDuckGo makes it a lot easier. By going in DuckDuckGo and typing “Password20”, a very strong password of 20 characters can be seen. The number is the variable here, which can be changed by the user.
5.       The Instant answer feature can be used with different Search engines:
The innovative instant answers of DuckDuckGo can be used with any search engine, as per the user desires. An extension has to be installed on Firefox, Chrome or Safari which performs the same function as using the basic site. After installation, the instant answers are displayed above the search results in the search engine which is being used.
6.       It displays rhyming words:
Yet another cool aspect of DuckDuckGo is suggesting rhyming words for any given word. If the user types “rhymes with” followed by the desired word, instant results are displayed.
7.       It tells whether a website is down:
Due to various reasons, a website can go down and not open properly. By tracking the domain and monitoring the uptime, the search engine can tell whether it is down everywhere or for the particular user.
8.       Change the letter case:
This feature allows the user to make changes in the letter case and of the typed words. They can easily switch between lower case, upper case or title case. The desired term has to be added before the sentence which needs to be changed.
9.       It has an inbuilt stopwatch:
Another cool feature of DuckDuckGo is the inbuilt stopwatch and timer. It is very simple to use and is useful in many ways. If the word “timer” is entered in the search box, the timer comes up and is ready to use. To activate the stopwatch, the term “stopwatch” has to be typed.
10.   The Loan calculator feature:
It is a very useful feature and used by many. The number of monthly installments left and the total amount of interest payable can be calculated accurately. The exact search phrase is a little complicated though.
Google is hugely popular among most internet users, but DuckDuckGo with its cool features is popular among them who are worried about their online privacy. It offers a lot of engaging options and will attract more Google users in the future. For more information visit our blog

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