Everybody sleeps.

Sleeping is an unavoidable physiological requirement. A man would die faster from sleep deprivation than from food deprivation. It is that essential.

It is extremely important for the proper functioning of the human body and mind, just like the consumption of food and enough ingestion of fluid by any human are.. .

Sleeping is not volitional.; it is mandatory if we want to maintain a balanced physical, mental and emotional health. A lack of enough sleep (called hypersomnia) negatively affecta every aspect of our lives. This includes interpersonal relationships, academic / professional performance in school or work, our mood / temperament, our appetite ( gastronomical / sexual), as well as our endurance / tolerance (energy levels).

There are indeed serious consequences associated with continued skimping on sleep.

While some of us may regard the period spent in sleeping as a waste – as regards productivity -it is simply a necessity, just like some very busy executives find shaving or having to eat a diminution of their productive hours. The body uses the period of sleep to recharge the batteries (like replacing / repairing damaged cells / tissues). Prolonged repeated sleep deprivation would cause a serious dysfunction to the body system.

The growth hormone so essential for development in children are secreted while they sleep. This is a cardinal reason why children need much more sleep than adults do.

During sleep also, the brain sorts of tidies up the clutter we picked up during the day, filing things up in long- and short-term memories, deciding what to retain, and what to discard. The memories get properly organized during this shut-eye period.

Our neurons are idling so that our motor skills and reflexes are at their optimal level the next day. You would realize why many accidents happen with long distance truck drivers- tiredness that impairs the judgement and slows down their response time – a disaster waiting to happen -a result of deteriorated or abysmally compromised mental.and physical dexterity .

A Tired Man Is A Lethargic Man. He Is Afflicted With Lassitude!

During sleep, our various body systems like the immunity, cardiovascular and respiratory are operating at “cruise mode” – blood pressure is reduced, the blood sugar level gets rebalanced, the heart-rate slows down, hormones go to work, fighting off different infections, and generally fortifying the immunity system..

When you deprive your body of its sleeping cycle, you deprive the body the ability to do its restorative work!

Experts who would know have prescribed about seven hours of sleep for adults and nine for children.. While sleep requirements vary from individual to individual, you’re would know if you are having enough sleep. .

The body does not lie Even a superhuman like Elon Musk is finding out that, in a battle of the will versus bodily needs, the body wins!

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