Using Fun to make more Create Successful Websites

Using Fun to make more Create Successful Websites

New ways to Create Successful Websites-

Each project web designers and developers work with has a unique set of goals and requirements. But one goal for all of our projects is that we want them to make an impression on people, we want our sites to be memorable.
A fun experience is almost always an enjoyable one, and an enjoyable experience is usually memorable. It stands to reason that one of the best ways to create a memorable experience is to make it a fun experience as well.
There are changes and additions that can add a bit of fun into the interactions or elements of a website design that can go a long way to help the site become more enjoyable to use, and more memorable.

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Create Successful Websites
In this case, “fun” is not the same as “silly”. You can add a layer or two of delight and enjoyment to the user experience and at the same time not make your client feel as of he’s being treated childishly or unprofessional.
Let’s look at some websites that do a great job of using fun to create an enjoyable and memorable experience for their users.
Many pages are common to almost all websites. By taking a typical website page or experience and making it fun and memorable, you’ll set that website apart by improving on the ordinary.
Take the “about us” page a fixture on just about every website. Mutant Labs, an English-based design and development firm, does a great job of adding a sense of fun and personality to what could often become nothing more than a boring company biographic.
Mutant Labs adds a fun sense of personality to the typical “about us” page. When you scroll over the team members, you see even more fun!
Another website is Get Satisfaction They do a wonderful job of turning the typically boring “case studies” page into an interactive experience with what they call their “Wheel of Satisfaction.”
This hilarious “Wheel of Satisfaction” is a fun twist on the typical case studies page.How about the “contact us’” page? English Workshop says it’s “an organisation which provides English language learning opportunities.” And their simple contact form looks like a machine’s control panel, which ties it in nicely into the website’s “workshop” theme.
By taking the relatively common pages of a website, and then finding ways to add fun to what would otherwise be a rather boring experience, you can create a unique and memorable impression upon your sites’ visitors.
One of the challenges when adding fun to websites is knowing when you should stop. The right amount of fun can create quite a memorable experience, but even a little bit too much can have exactly the opposite effect. You don’t want to drive users away due to an over-the-top approach. But, on a few special occasions, there can be are times when “too much” is just the right amount, and when an over-the-top approach works for both the brand and the website.
Captain Dash uses fun illustrations and interactions all through their website, including a comic book-like layout for their very interesting “What We Solve” section. The experience is enjoyable and unique, and the site screams personality.
Captain Dash does feature a fun experience, but the purpose of the site and the company is a little hard to uncover with all that personality coming at you at such a fast pace.
The design of a great website is going to support that website’s overall message or particular purpose. We can strive, therefore, to use a fun approach to create not only a memorable experience, but a memorable message.
Another way to get a website’s message across is to use storytelling, and a fun approach can help ensure that the story you tell is one that’s memorable.
The website for the Combine conference uses the location of “America’s heartland” to tell a fun story that transpires as you start scroll down from the top of the website. A farm machine working a field begins the fun while by the time you get to the middle of the page, a giant ear of corn is being pumped full of radioactivity.
A web experience that is simply “usable” is no more memorable than would be a meal that is merely edible. Just like a master chef tries to create a menu that is trulyexceptional, so should you as a web professional, endeavor to design and developexperiences or interfaces that are unforgettable. Hopefully this article has shown that one of the ways this can be achieved is to add a bit of fun to the projects we design Whether you are firing up Photoshop to work on your new design, or building some website templates with HTML and CSS, consider some of the examples and lessons in this article. If you want to create some amazing and memorable experiences, the KEY may be to simply have some fun.
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