Single Convector Radiators and Their Benefits

Single Convector Radiators and Their Benefits

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Finding space in your home can be difficult, and having large clunky radiators can take away some of the beauty and space. Of course the general rule of thumb is that if you want a warm room you need a big radiator, given that the surface area of the heating system will directly impact the heat the system is able to produce – this is because air must come into contact with the surface area in order for heat to be transferred; the larger the surface area the more air it contacts and heats. However, this is not true in all cases, but most people still think that a big radiator is the only way to heat a room quickly and effectively.single convector radiatorsOf course technology has developed a lot and some genius somewhere in the world thought up single convector radiators along the way, these use convector fins to increase the surface area of the radiator without increasing the space used by the radiator. They were originally designed for instances whereby the windows almost reached the floor, being long but small they could still be fitted below the window – which is the ideal place for a radiator. Of course once the technology was understood and developed further they became an effective way of heating just about any home, but without taking up much space. The convector radiators have proven to be more cost effective than other methods such as skirting board heating systems or under-floor heating systems but you’ll hardly notice them given their size.Convector radiators are commonly around 140mm tall and vary from 1000mm wide to 2000m wide, almost always with a depth of 133mm. They can come in any number of colours and offer anywhere from 2206 BTU to 7120 BTU, which makes them a very cost effective and efficient option for rooms of any size. Naturally their design means that they are able to heat the room faster than the more traditional and older style radiators, and of course they can provide a good design opportunity for those who are looking for something more compact that will fit into their interior design.The traditional radiators in your home are typical steel panel radiators measuring 1000mm in width and 600mm in height; this would produce an average of 2081 BTU. However, if you were to add convector fins to this you could gain 1000 BTU quite easily, and that is just for one row of fins, which a double panel radiator it can become 2000 more. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out this is twice the heat output but using up the same amount of space.Convector radiators are specifically designed to produce as much heat as possible in as limited a space, compact and powerful. The purchase and fitting of a convector radiator can be a little more costly than some of the alternatives, ranging from £350 to £990 depending on the size and power of the radiator you are looking to purchase, but these will produce a great amount of heat and warm your home quickly. Let’s assume you have double glazing and an economically smart home – you can put the heating on for half an hour then turn it off, and the room will stay warm for hours without you having to keep the heating on for hours just to get the house warm. Obviously this means you save money.
The flexibility of the convector technology is unquestioned, wall-mounted, floor bound, hidden away beneath a large window, being the sofa; it is so compact you can fit it just about anywhere and it is powerful enough to warm your room quickly and effectively even if it is not installed in the best possible place. You might be surprised just how suited for your need convector radiators could be.
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