USB Reverse Tethering android phone to Share PC internet on Smartphone,Tablet

How To do USB Android reverse tethering for Sharing PC internetandroid reverse tethering for windows users

USB to Ethernet port Adapter How to

What is ethernet connection ?

Ethernet connection is wired high speed connection  mostly used in home,office

What is Tethering ?

Tethering helps you to harness your  Smartphone or Tablet 3G,4G connection to surf the Web on your computer. In other words Tethering makes your Smartphone or Tablet a modem via which you access  3G,4G connection to surf the Web on your computer mostly via many  apps.

What is Android reverse tethering or tethering android ?

When you connect Smartphone or Tablet with Ethernet port option to LAN cable to Share PC internet on Smartphone,Tablet is called as Android reverse tethering.Android reverse tethering is commonly referred as tethering android or android tethering or tether for android or tether android to pc or usb reverse tethering in android  but process to Share PC internet is same so please don’t get confuse .

How to connect smartphone to ethernet connection or how to connect lan cable to mobile?

To connect smartphone to ethernet connection or to connect lan cable to mobile only thing you will need  is Smartphone or Tablet with ethernet option in the settings plus Mini USB to USB connector,Modem,micro usb to ethernet port adapter for tablet or Smartphone .

IS it possible  to access internet via cable broadband which has a RJ45 connector ?

It is possible to connect any  Smartphone or Tablet with Ethernet port option  to access internet via cable broadband which has a RJ45 connector .This whole process is called as usb tethering to lan or Android reverse tethering.

Why Connect  Smartphone or Tablet to LAN Internet connection?

If you have fastest LAN Internet connection and your  wifi is very slow then utilizing LAN Internet connection will be best options

IS it possible to connect  Smartphone Using USB to wired LAN connection

It is easily possible to connect Smartphone Using USB to wired LAN connection if you follow below tutorial correctly

Android Must Read Tricks

What equipment i need to access internet on my Smartphone or Tablet via cable broadband   ??

Mini USB to USB connector
Router / Modem
Micro usb to RJ45 lan ethernet network adapter
All the Smartphone or Tablet  OS like Android, iOS, Windows with Ethernet option  settings is needed .
micro usb to ethernet port adapter for tablet

Will I able to access internet via USB to ethernet port Adapter in Smartphone or Tablet

Yes, you will be able to access internet via USB to ethernet port Adapter in Android Smartphone or Tablet by searching option in wireless & Network settings .If you find “USB internet” then you can easily access wired broadband internet by selecting option  “USB internet”  in your Android Smartphone or Tablet as shown below .

Share your PC Internet Connection with Android

How to connect Smartphone or Tablet with Ethernet port option?

Follow Below given steps to connect your  Smartphone or Tablet device  to  USB to Ethernet port Adapter .

New Plugable USB Fast Ethernet Adapter

Connect smartphone to lan using usb to ethernet-port

Step 1: Connect a USB side of USB to Ethernet port to tablet. If your tablet doesn’t have USB then you need to purchase mini-USB to USB port.

1: Connect the USB port of Micro USB to RJ45 lan ethernet Port to the USB port  of  your Smartphone or Tablet . If your  Smartphone or Tablet USB doesn’t have USB port,then you need to purchase mini USB to USB connector as per your device model as shown below.
Micro USB to RJ45 LAN Ethernet Port
2: Now connect wired ethernet LAN connection cable to USB to Ethernet port Adapter called as  Micro usb to RJ45 lan ethernet network adapter as shown above .
3.If you have connected ports properly light starts  glowing followed by notification in your Smartphone or Tablet.
4: Another way to test internet connection to see that your connected to internet is to open your Smartphone or Tablet Browser .
5.As soon as your internet start on your Smartphone or Tablet Browser without any WIFI ,then it implies that you are 100% connected with  wired broadband connection using USB to ethernet port

VIDEO 1-How to connect your android to internet through pc internet via usb cable

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