Video Conferencing in Medicine with Innovative and Informative Implementation

When we speak about the medical field, the main process is about diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. But for building these we have many more activities in the departments that encompass a variety of healthcare practices. A new innovation of technology is a need in this field to save many people around and that is video conferencing which does this.
As we are talking about the innovative implementation of video conferencing in medicine, let’s consider a common problem in the medical field that needs this innovation.
There are huge number of diseases and also huge number of treatments that are cured differently for each patient. As we know these days the health problems are getting increased, there is a proper need of treatment for each person overcoming every barrier. Speaking about the rural regions, the medical treatments are mostly unreachable as most of the doctors and people are living around the developed cities. In some cases, the rural villages are very far and because of which it’s difficult for both doctors and patients to travel long distances. Sometimes, the rural people cannot afford the amount for their treatment due to which they withdraw their view of consulting to a doctor. This is the primary concern of Implementing technology innovations like video conferencing into medicine for proper healthcare.
This solution connects both the doctors and patients from far fledged places for providing proper healthcare to the patient. At times when there is an urge of treatment and the time to travel is a barrier between them then this technology can save the patient which is very effective and this can be done by connecting to the doctor through an innovative technology. Inaugurating a small clinic in the rural place managed by few junior doctors with all medication related devices, drugs and a Video Conferencing Software will be very helpful. Through this the patients can be easily treated by the senior doctors removing the barriers of traveling cost and cost of medication between both of them. As the Moto of every doctor is to cure their patients and make them healthy, cost should not be a barrier for any treatment.
Now coming to the Informative implementation of video Conferencing in medicine, we can consider the medical education as a medium of spreading the information. As we discussed above about the junior doctors, web conferencing can help them gain access to quality medical education and continuing their professional development by getting guidance from their senior doctors. There are unique advantages and challenges, that lectures and learners using videoconferencing need to be aware of the features to maximize this interactive learning opportunity.
The learners and junior physicians can get more knowledge by attending the practical experience of several treatments and operations by expert surgeons through Healthcare Video Conferencing solutions. Students can communicate with the experts for special guidance and to clarify their doubts. Through Telehealth initiatives that effectively use video conferencing, rural physicians and patients alike can overcome geographic isolation and benefit from a considerable and well-deserved increase in access to a wider spectrum of health services.
These technology innovations in medicine is not only restricted to these but instead there are many other benefits of Video conferencing like making discussions among various doctors located globally in different locations, having a medical conference for updating or involving a new technology, Jr.Doctors can take an expert advice before starting their treatment and also for personal consultation between doctors and patients. Hence these are some of the supportive benefits of carrying out video conferencing in Medical field to make this world more healthy.
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    Video conferencing is a major boon for hospitals as it helps health professionals to conduct virtual clinics and consult with colleagues, doctors etc. overseas. Tools like Polycom, R-HUB HD conferencing servers, Avaya, Vidyo etc. can be used regarding the same.

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