Comtrend Default Username and Passwords

Comtrend Default Username & Passwords

Most of the Comtrend switches have a default username of the root, a default secret key of 12345, and the default IP address of These Comtrend certifications are required while doing a login to the Comtrend switch’s web interface to change any settings.

Instructions & Common Questions

Forgot Your Comtrend Router Password?

Have you changed the username as well as the secret key of your Comtrend switch and overlooked what you transformed it to? Don’t stress: all Comtrend switches accompany a default industrial facility set secret phrase that you can return to by adhering to the directions underneath. Get the detailed tutorial on how to login to your comtrend router.

Reset Comtrend Router to Default Password

On the off chance that you choose to return your Comtrend router to its default factory settings, you should do the 30-30-30 reset as follows: When your Comtrend switch is controlled on, press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds. Yet keeping the reset button squeezed, unplug the intensity of the switch and hold the reset button for another 30 seconds. However, maintaining the reset conservative, turn on the ability to the unit again and hold for another 30 seconds. Your Comtrend switch should now be reset to its shiny new plant settings, Check the table to perceive what those are (Most likely root/12345). If the manufacturing plant reset didn’t work, look at the Comtrend 30 plant reset manage.

I Still Can’t access my comtrend router with the default IP address?

Ensure that you have adhered to the reset guidelines effectively as the Comtrend switches ought to consistently rever to their processing plant default settings when reset. Otherwise, there is always the hazard that your breaker is harmed and may be fixed or supplanted. (Source: phrase IP-list/Comtrend)

How to Find Router Default Username and Password

#1) The default username and secret word can be acquired from the switch manual which accompanies the switch when you first buy and introduce it.

#2) Generally, for the vast majority of the switches, the default username and secret word is “administrator” and “administrator.” Be that as it may, these certifications may change contingent on the creator of the switch.

#3) If you have lost the manual, at that point, one can find the default accreditations from the switch equipment itself as they will be composed on each switch.

#4) While utilizing the switch, we can change the qualifications whenever to forestall

Unapproved access to the system. This should be possible by resetting the switch and entering another secret phrase as per our decision.

#5) To reset the switch, hold the reset button for few moments, and the switch will get rebooted to its default processing plant settings. Afterward, we can change the default settings and set our preferred username and secret key.

How to Find any router IP Address

If you’ve at any point expected to get to your switch’s arrangement page to make some design transforms, you realize you need your switch’s IP address to obtain entrance. If you’ve overlooked what that IP address is, here’s how to discover it on pretty much every stage.

In the systems administration world, a default entryway is an IP address that traffic gets sent to when it’s headed for a goal outside the current system. On generally home and independent venture systems—where you have a single switch and a few associated gadgets—the switch’s private IP address is the default passage. All devices on your order send traffic to that IP address as a matter of course. Windows gadgets consider this the “default entryway” in the interface. Macintoshes, iPhones, and iPads call it “switch” in their interfaces. Also, on different gadgets, you may observe “passage” or something comparable. The IP address for your switch is significant because that is the location you’ll need to type into your program to find your switch’s electronic arrangement page where you can design its settings.


Some outsider Android applications will show this data, including Wi-FI Analyzer, which additionally gives a fantastic method to pick the perfect Wi-Fi channel for your switch’s Wi-Fi arrange. On the off chance that you have another system data application, search for the “Door” IP address.

If you use Wi-Fi Analyzer, tap the “View” menu, and afterward select the “API list.” At the head of this screen, you’ll see an “Associated with: [Network Name]” header. Tap that, and a window will show up with more data about your system. You’ll discover the switch’s location recorded as “Entryway.”

Chrome Book:

In case you’re utilizing a Chromebook, click the warning zone at right half of your taskbar, click the “Associated with [Network Name]” choice in the rundown that springs up, and afterward click the name of the remote system you’re associated with.

At the point when the system data shows up, click the “System” tab, and you’ll see the switch’s location recorded as “Door.”

What is an IP Address?

Each machine on a system has an extraordinary identifier. Similarly, as you would deliver a letter to send via the post office, PCs utilize the one of a kind identifier to submit information to explicit PCs on a system. Most systems today, remembering all PCs for the web, use the TCP/IP convention as the norm for how to impart on the network. In the TCP/IP convention, the remarkable identifier for a PC is called its IP address.

IP Versions0

There are two principles for IP addresses: IP Version 4 (IPv4) and IP Version 6 (IPv6). All PCs with IP addresses have an IPv4 address and must utilize the new IPv6 address framework too.

At the beginning of IPv4 tending to, the web wasn’t the considerable business sensation it is today, and most systems were private and shut off from different networks around the globe. At the point when the web detonated, having just 32 pieces to recognize a remarkable web address caused worries that we’d come up short on IP addresses in a little while. Under IPv4, there are 232 potential blends, which offer shy of 4.3 billion exciting locations. IPv6 raised that to a pressure assuaging 2,128 possible locations. Afterward, we’ll investigate


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