Definition,Advantages and disadvantages of lathe machine of computer numerical control

Advantages and disadvantages of lathe machine

Definition of Computer Numerical Control(CNC)-Advantages and disadvantages of lathe machine

When it comes to core working method, CNC lathe machines are similar to any other variety of CNC cutting machines available in the market. All you need to do is feed the computer program and it will do the needful. A CNC lathe machine can be used for cutting, drilling and sanding of wood or metal products.

There are mainly two types of lathe machines – wood and metalwork. However, a wood lathe can be used for cutting or drilling brass and aluminum as well. In case you deal with heavy and thick metals, a metalworking lathe is a better option for you.


Disadvantages of Computer Numerical Control machines


When it comes to CNC lathe machines, the disadvantages are very few. Still, it’s better to learn everything about these machines before buying them, because the future of your business depends on intelligent investments.


# CNC lathe machines are expensive and small businesses may not be able to buy them. If you do not have enough requirements, buying a CNC lathe machine may not pass the cost-benefit analysis.


# As the machine is computer controlled, you have to train your staff and let them practice the CNC router software for a couple of days to make sure they do not face any problem while operating the machine. Training dozens of employees is a costly affair and during the training period, your productivity may remain low.

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Benefits  or advantages of CNC lathe machine


# Time saving: This is the greatest benefit of a CNC lathe machine. Since it is computer controlled, the way it works saves a lot of time compared to manual labor. In one turret, a CNC(Computer Numerical Control ) lathe machine can have more than 12 tools and thus, changing one tool to another can be done swiftly without losing a moment.


# Accurate: Cutting wood or metal sheets as per the exact requirement can be done using lathe machines. Once you instruct the machine about the measurements, it can slice wood or metal exactly as per the command.


# Economical: A CNC lathe machine may cost you a few hundred dollars but when you consider the output it provides and that too within the short time span, you will realize that it’s actually a cost-effective solution for your business. A good CNC lathe machine can perform many tasks at the same time and can handle heavy workload with ease.


How to select a CNC lathe machine?

There are a number of lathe machines available in the market, but not all of them provide good features. You should be very careful before buying the CNC lathe as it’s a costly investment that should serve you for a long time. Here are some of the factors you should consider while buying.


# Lathe machines are available in different sizes to meet the requirements of business owners. If you handle only a couple of projects every month and workload is not much, a mini lathe with upgrade facility is best for you. However, if your company handles dozens of projects and needs to slice large wooden or metal pieces regularly, you should buy a mid-size or large lathe machine.


# Spindle is the core tool of a lathe machine and hence, you should check the spindle size before buying. It’s usually best to choose a CNC lathe that has 1″x8 TPI spindles.


# Check the bed size and speed variation option. The bed size will help you understand the size of material with which you can work. Speed variation is important because for sanding you may prefer a higher speed, while for carving, lower speed is more suitable.


Always buy from a reputed company that provides good after-sales support. You may find 2-3 CNC lathe models having all the required features. At this stage, compare the prices to take the final decision.

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