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Top Church Membership Software Applications to Empower Your Spiritual Community –

Many churches benefit from using church membership software applications or programs that aid in tracking membership, donations, attendance and other important church matters.
If you are overseeing a church and are new to this kind of software, here are some of the top applications you can choose from:
10. CCIS Church Management Software

Church Membership Software Applications

With a track record of more than 30 years and serving more than 8,000 churches, the CCIS Church Management Software is one of the most successful church membership software available.
It has features for managing attendance, church events, family records, and member directories. In addition to these features, you can also use this application to manage your church funds and payroll.
Once you have purchased this software, you will be offered a one-on-one training and unlimited support from the company.

9. Church Helpmate
Available in desktop or as a cloud-based application, Church Helpmate is a powerful church membership application with a simple user interface.
Aside from its typical attendance and family management features, it also comes with many powerful features for fund accounting, and donation as well as pledge management. It also has tools for effectively managing your calendar of activities, volunteers and groups.
8. Logos II Church Management
Logos II is a full-featured and well-designed application for churches, schools and non-profit organizations. You can easily customize it to suit your needs. It has features like visitor information, contribution records, pledge records, people profile, attendance tracking, and event management.
One of its unique features is a tool for child check-in to help ensure the safety of children while in the church premises.
7. Church Windows
Church Windows is a powerful and flexible application that can help you efficiently handle church funds. It can monitor church receipts and disbursements and also prepare employee payroll.
But church accounting is just one side of it.
In fact, this application is composed of five different modules, namely: Membership, Scheduler, Donations, Accounting and Payroll.
6. Fellowship One
Fellowship One is considered by many as one of the best church management software because of its ease of use and many top-of-the-line features.
And because it is Web based, it lets you access your information anytime and anywhere using any computer or phone. Using this application, you can keep track of volunteer involvement in your church, see household demographics, maintain confidential member records, and send regular newsletters to your members.
5. Church Community Builder
Church Community Builder is an application that can help churches facilitate the management of its attendance, calendar of events, family records, groups, membership and volunteers.
Among its useful features are its tools for managing pledges, donations and newsletters. It also has a child check-in feature which only a few church applications have.
4. Roll Call Church Management Software
Another application that can be useful to most churches is Roll Call Church Management Software. It functions as a centralized church database containing many powerful tools for monitoring members’ involvement in the church, sending communication to members through newsletters, text or email, and attendance tracking and volunteer tracking.
On its financial aspect, it can be used to record contributions, track pledges and prepare giving statements at the end of the year.
3. Churchteams
Churchteams is a comprehensive and customizable church membership software product. Among its useful features is a module for making different types of confidential notes including pastoral notes, guest notes and coaching notes. It also has social media support that will easily link you to the members’ Facebook page, Tweeter accounts or blogs.
Its Google Maps integration is another useful feature which can be handy when locating the residences of members. That is apart from its basic features such as attendance, membership, volunteers and contribution tracking.
2. ProclaimCRM
ProclaimCRM is a cloud-based church management application with integration, customization and reporting functionalities. It is an easy-to-use application because it looks and feel like any Microsoft program such as Excel.
Its long list of features includes child check-in, attendance management, event management, family records, newsletter management and volunteer management.
It also has fund accounting and pledge management capabilities.
1. Servant Keeper
A recipient of the user satisfaction award from the Campbell Rinker, Servant Keeper is among the most popular church membership applications available. It has numerous powerful tools for attendance tracking, calendar management, event management, child-check-in, membership recording, group management and newsletter management among others.
In the financial side, it can help you perform fund accounting and pledges and donation management.
Your Turn
With the ten best church membership software listed here, church administrators will find it easier to keep track of the different aspects of church operations.
Have you tried using any of these? Feel free to share with us how the church membership software has become useful to you.
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