How to check Printer Cartridge when 101 trouble erupts

Check printer cartridge
Printer cartridge is carved up in two categories: Inkjet Cartridge & Toner Cartridge which is available according to our needs as what kind of printer we required.
It depends on whether the printer is an inkjet printer or a laser printer as Inkjet printers support inkjet cartridges on other hand; the laser printers use the toner cartridges.
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Inkjet cartridges work as a replaceable item on an inkjet printer hence these Inkjet printer cartridges are provided by the companies for the Inkjet printers.
Ordinary the inkjet cartridges & ink cartridges are similar for the inkjet printers, and commonly used for the same purpose.
How to check Printer Cartridge
These inkjet printers are also categorized in three classes like OEM cartridges, compatible cartridges & remanufactured cartridges.
As we explained that the inkjet printers are replaceable printers for inkjet printers, likewise the Toner printers also stands for the laser printers or Xerox copiers.
As these printers are specially used for the toner cartridges, Toner printers are also concerned as laser toner cartridges.
As the same like Inkjet cartridges, these Toner cartridges  express are also fractioned in three same categories as Inkjet cartridges; OEM cartridges, compatible cartridges & remanufactured cartridges. 
A large area of inkjet printers those manufactured by Canon, HP and Lenmark, use a thermal inkjet which goes inside through a ink reservoir of the printer in its each partition & heats the element with a small metal plate & when this metal plate gets warmed, a tiny current flows in the printer and responses after a signal given by the printer.
Now the ink instantly covered up on the heated plate which is than gasified into a diminutive bubble inside the nozzle and transcends in its total volume that of the nozzle.
Now the ink droplet is forced out to set its rotation of the cartridge nozzle on the paper. This all process takes a matter of milliseconds. 

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