A Quick Tutorial in Embedding Chatwing

Setting up a chatting tool on a site doesn’t need to be hard. This has been proven by Chatwing time and time again. What’s more is that aside from being very easy to embed, is that it has a lot of features that can really take chatting into a whole new level. If you want to embed this chatting tool on your site and start chatting with your viewers, then you can easily do so with these very easy to follow procedures.


Having a Chatwing account is your top priority as you would need it to make a new chatroom. All you need to do is fill up the registration form on the site. It will only ask for an email and a password so it will surely be hassle-free.
Make a Chatbox
After making an account, you’ll be redirected to the Dashboard, which is where you’ll make your first chatbox. However, you already have one created for you by default, so all you need to do is choose that and press the Use Chatbox button.
The next page is where you’ll choose the method of utilization for your chatroom. Choose the Embedded Options tab – we’re going to embed the chatroom on your site after all.
The Embedded Options tab is where you’ll see the HTML code of your chatbox. Before you embed it on your site, carefully adjust the size of the chatroom to fit your preferences – you can do so using the scroll bars provided and you can see the changes using with the preview window. This is so you can save your web space by making it smaller or you want the chatting tool easier to be noticed by making it larger.
After adjusting, look for the HTML code below. It’s inside the Javascript box. Copy that and paste it in the appropriate place on your site (follow the additional instructions written). After that, simply refresh your browser and your Chatwing Chat widget will go live on your site.
Aside from being very easy to embed, this chatting tool has offered a variety of features to its users. You can get access to all of them in the Customization page – you can go there through the Dashboard by pressing the Customize Chatbox button.
Chatwing is a great tool that can support a site through live chat. Your viewers can communicate with easily using it than through a contact page. Most of all, unlike most chatrooms, this chat software is highly manageable, in that the user can easily kick out misbehaving people or delete their messages in an instant. With that, this tool is sure to give only the best chatting experience for your viewers and to you.

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