Embedding Your Site with Chatwing Chat Widget in Easy way

Embedding Your Site with Chatwing Chat Widget in as Easy as 1, 2, 3 ,so follow below steps to how to include chat in a website
If you want a chat widget that not only compliments your site in terms of communicating with your readers, but also in giving them ease and comfort while browsing your site, then look nowhere else. Chatwing chat widget has all the grounds covered. The widget is simple enough for you to embed it in your site in seconds by yourself. Here’s how you’re going to do it.Register
First things first – register at www.chatwing.com. All you need is to type in your e-mail and your desired password and agreeing on the terms of service tab. After that, you’re all set to go in making your own chat widget.

Chatwing Chat Widget

Using the Dashboard
This is where you’ll create your very first chat box. Since you’re using it for the first time, you’ll have to click on the “Create chatbox” button. Afterwards, you’ll be redirected towards the customization page wherein you’ll modify your soon-to-be chat box to your hearts content.
Make Your Chat Box Unique
There are two options for this part. But it will be better if your start customizing using the basic mode. It’s not as complex and you can finish your chat box in no time. You can customize the fonts’ style, size and color on this setting.
There are also other options such as which log-in methods are you going to use. You can limit your chatters to log-in using a certain social media account like Facebook or give them freedom to choose what account to use from four different social media networking sites – Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo or Google. They can even simultaneously log-in using those four accounts at the same time or allow them to sign in anonymously as guests.
You can also change the name of your chat box so you can identify it easily in case you’re planning on making more. Lastly, you can also put on a vanity URL to make it easier for everyone to get to your chat box.
Choosing the advanced setting however, will show same options in basic mode with the addition of more in-depth customizations of your chat box. These include:
• Additional background colors in your chat box and Font options
• Icon Colors (like the Admin Button, etc.)
• Background Images (Choose from 1000 different images or from a URL link.)
• MP3 Background Music
• Choosing Moderators (They get the same controls as the Administrator.)
• Word Filter
• Blacklist
You can see the changes you made by clicking on the preview panel on the right side of the page. All in all, these options will make your chat box more than just a simple chatting tool.
After saving the settings and changes you made on your chat box, it’s time to put in into action. Click on the “USE” button on the topmost part of the customization page. It should be between the “SAVE” and “DASHBOARD” buttons. After clicking on it you’ll be redirected again to another page.
From this page you can freely choose what your chat box is going to be – in a separate window, embed it in your web page as a chat box, or embed it as a pop-up window. Click on the “Embedded Options” panel and look for the code below it.
You can freely modify how big or wide your chat software is going to be by scrolling the height and weight bars. After deciding the proper size of your chat box you can finally put it in your website by simply copying the code and embedding it in your site.
A piece of cake isn’t it? By doing those easy steps you can have a tool that can greatly support your site and your readers at the same time. Chatwing chat widget will greatly help you in gathering web traffic and at the same time livening up the atmosphere in your website through conversations with others.
Visit Chatwing @ https://chatwing.com

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