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Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest is the highest mountain in the world. It is not everyone’s cup of tea to assent it. However, trekking to its base camp is possible and the task is becoming increasingly easier with increase in its popularity and, therefore, facilities.

It is most definitely not a walk in the park, but if you possess a sense of adventure, will and a normally healthy body, you too can be a part of this legend. You too can enjoy the beautiful landscapes, nature and interesting culture of the Everest region.

Here is a guide to how you could go about making this dream a reality and, if you would want to.

Everest region was only moderately affected by the devastating Earthquake that hit Nepal on 25th April and 12th May.

Some minor landslides had crossed the trail to EBC but the villagers were quick in clearing it. After all, the trek route is firstly the means of transport for the inhabitants of the region.

Also, according to the team of experts sent by Tourism Agency Association of Nepal (TAAN) and engineers from Miyamoto international, all the suspension bridges to EBC are intact and safe to traverse.

It was mostly the teahouses that were affected. All three teahouses in Tengboche collapsed. Many of them in Phakding, Monjo, Jorsale and Pheriche were destroyed while Deboche, Dingboche and Gorakshep were unharmed. The remaining villages endured little damage.

Teahouse owners reported that they would be up and running by the September of 2015. September to November is the peak season for Everest Base Camp trek.

Indeed, EBC trek was opened and declared safe for trekking by September. The trek was possible without any added difficulty.

Though things have gone back to normal, there were very less trekkers this year. Locals hope that the numbers too will go back up to normal from 2016 onwards.

Trekking to Everest Base Camp in Spring

Spring is one of the best seasons to trek to EBC. Clear sky and moderate temperature aside, spring offers an array of beautiful flowers. This includes Nepal’s national flower rhododendron that will make your hike uphill very pleasant.

Spring is also climbers’ season and one can see many colorful tents pitched on the base camp.

In Nepal, spring runs from March to May. However, late May may see some clouds. Mid-March is really the perfect time in terms of weather and April in terms of rhododendron and other flowers. These are also the busy times and will most probably be crowded.

Trekking to Everest Base Camp in Summer/ Monsoon

From June to August is monsoon, though the clouds stay around till mid September.

Monsoon is not a good time do EBC trek. First, views will be blocked most of the time due to rain clouds. Trails will be muddy. It can rain anytime and the next village could be still an hour away. And, snow fall or snow storm at higher elevations.

Another problem is the delays. Flights to and from Lukla can be delayed for as long as a week. Even buses and jeeps can be delayed. In fact, they can get stuck in the soft mud en route and it is a real hassle.

The only good news is that leeches aren’t a problem in Everest. However, all things considered, it is better to travel to rain shadow areas like Mustang, Dolpo etc. during monsoon.

What trekking gears or trekking equipment should I pack?

Knowing what trekking gears to pack is important. You would want to pack as light as possible while not missing the important equipments. So here is list to give you an idea.

  1. A pair of trekking boots 

Break in the shoes if needs be before hitting the trail. Trekking boots are the best though not a must.

  1. A pair of warm slippers

You can use slippers when in lodge. Warm slippers will keep you warm at higher altitude. It will be hot in lower area, especially in spring, but why carry two pair of slippers? You could carry crocs and just use woolen socks for warmth too.

  1. Four pair of liner socks.

At least four pairs. Two warm pairs and two thin pairs. Trekking/liner socks are better but normal ones are okay too.

  1. Few pairs of underwear

Few pairs of underwear, 5-7, as you see fit. Normal ones are absolutely fine but do you know you can buy ‘trekking underwear’? Not in Nepal though.

  1. A down jacket and a down pant 

You could layer up but it gets really cold up there. Bringing a down jacket and pant will be much easier and you can buy or rent them in Nepal for cheap. Renting costs a dollar or less per day.

  1. T-shirts and trousers

3-4 t-shirts, mostly full sleeved for both warmth and protection from sun. 2 pair of trekking pants/trousers. Also, one to two set of clothes for your time in Kathmandu.

  1. A set of thermals

A top, bottom and underwear.

  1. A windproof jacket/ fleece jacket and bottoms
  2. A light sleeping bag. You can rent or buy them in Nepal. You can also buy it outside of Nepal. If you want to buy outside of Nepal, you may want to buy one of these best backpacking sleeping bags under 100 USD.

This too can be bought or rented in Nepal cheaply.

  1. Backpacks 

Get yourself a nice and comfortable best hiking backpacks under $100 of 2017.

  1. Gety A pair of very warm Gloves
  2. A woolen hat 
  3. Sunglasses

Buy a pair in your home town if you don’t already own one. Fakes in Kathmandu will not be protective.

  1. A torchlight/ head torchlight 
  2. A First aid kit 

Include Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) or diarrhea tablets, blister plasters, Diamox, some pain killers and a vapor rub.

  1. Toiletries

Toilet paper, hand sanitizer, water purifiers, sunscreen, moisturizer, lip balm, soap, shampoo sachets, toothpaste, toothbrush and a trekking towel.

  1. A water bottle

Not a plastic one but a metal one that can be used to fill hot water as well.

  1. A waterproof map of Everest Base Camp
  2. Snacks you like and entertainment such as books, cards etc. 

Snacks cost cheaper in Kathmandu so stock up on them in Kathmandu. Price of a snicker bar can reach up to $4 higher up in Everest.

UNC basketball

North Carolina understood that a win at Notre Dame wouldn't necessarily help them much in their pursuit of a strong NCAA Tournament resume. Consequently, in the first half, the Tar Heels played as if the game didn't matter. They had a woeful shooting performance, with a season-low 18 percent from the floor and 0-for-11 from beyond the arc. In the first half, they also scored a season-low 19 points against a Notre Dame team that had been ranked 14th in defensive efficiency in the ACC by Ken Pomeroy. Although they almost paid for their sluggish start, they bounced back in the second half and won 63-59 after a "heated discussion" during halftime. UNC forward Armando Bacot, who recorded 16 points and 11 rebounds, emphasized that their season was at stake, and that losing the game would be catastrophic for their chances of making the NCAA Tournament. UNC (17-11, 9-8 ACC) now has a chance to secure a much-needed Quad 1 win in the NCAA Net rankings when they face Virginia at home on Saturday. UNC has a current record of 0-9 in that metric, which is used by the tournament committee to choose and seed teams. During halftime of the basketball game, Eric Hoots, the director of basketball operations, stayed at midcourt with the officials to review if D'Marco Dunn's basket would count. Initially, it was considered good, but upon review, it was overturned, which left the Heels with only 19 points. Guard R.J. Davis shared that the players were concerned about how they were performing and discussed this in the locker room. However, Hoots came in with a fiery energy that lifted their spirits. The discussion was not about how they executed their plays but about their desire to win. Davis expressed that they shouldn't have waited until halftime to motivate themselves. They were in a tough spot, and that was the main message that stuck with them in the second half.

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Murdaugh Murders

As the trial of Alex Murdaugh continues, the new docuseries "Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal" has recently landed on Netflix. While the series has timely subject matter, it falls short in terms of its overall quality. The production, which spans three episodes, relies heavily on the personal accounts of those involved and lacks a cohesive narrative structure. This gives the series a disjointed and hurried feel, with the younger participants being particularly ineffective in telling the story.

Given the scattered nature of the series, it would have benefited from a narrator to provide more coherence. Unfortunately, this is not the case, and the audience is left to listen to the group of friends who were affected by the tragic boat accident that led to the death of 19-year-old Mallory Beach. Their accounts are accompanied by blurry reenactments that look like they were taken from a low-budget horror movie.

Although the title of the series references the murder of Paul Murdaugh and his mother, Maggie, which led to the trial of Alex, this is not the main focus of the first two episodes. Instead, the series focuses on the details surrounding the boat crash. Those who were present describe how Paul, who was known to drink excessively, was driving the boat, and how Alex and his wealthy family allegedly used their influence to shield him from the consequences of his actions.

As more information comes to light, it seems there are other allegations and inconsistencies surrounding the Murdaugh family's history of evading scrutiny in suspicious events. One such event is the death of Gloria Satterfield, their housekeeper and nanny. The family claimed she was seriously injured after falling down a flight of stairs due to their dog.

The documentary series "Murdaugh Murders" includes interviews with several important people involved in the case, such as Paul's girlfriend, Morgan Doughty, Mallory Beach's friends Miley Altman and Connor Cook, and Mallory's boyfriend, Anthony Cook. However, the most revealing information comes from Mark Tinsley, an attorney representing Beach's family. Tinsley presents evidence of occasions when the Murdaughs allegedly received preferential treatment from the authorities, which goes beyond Paul escaping consequences for the fatal boating accident.

In conclusion, while "Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal" has the potential to be an engaging true-crime docuseries, it ultimately falls short due to its lack of structure and reliance on inexperienced narrators. Despite its timely subject matter, viewers may find themselves disappointed with the final product.

Brandon Miller delivered gun used in shooting

A recent report has surfaced involving Brandon Miller, a freshman basketball player from the University of Alabama. It has been claimed that Miller brought his teammate Darius Miles' handgun to police after Miles requested him to do so on the night of a fatal shooting that occurred last month in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. According to Tuscaloosa detective Branden Culpepper's testimony during a preliminary hearing for Miles and Michael Lynn Davis, Miller gave the gun to Culpepper after Miles texted him. Both Miles and Davis now face capital murder charges for the death of 23-year-old Jamea Jonae Harris, who was fatally shot near the University of Alabama's campus on January 15th.

The court documents state that Miles admitted to providing the gun used in the shooting, but Davis was the one who fired it. Culpepper stated on Tuesday that Miles told Davis where his gun was located in Miller's car. Miller has not been charged with any crime, and the Crimson Tide coach Nate Oats confirmed during a news conference that the program was aware of Miller's alleged involvement in the case. Paula Whitley, Tuscaloosa's chief deputy district attorney, confirmed that there were no charges that could be made against Miller.

During the hearing, both Davis and Miles' mothers took to the stand to testify that their sons would follow the rules if granted bail. However, this request was denied by Tuscaloosa County District Judge Joanne E. Jannik. Davis and Miles were visibly emotional and wiped away tears during the hearing. Miles has since been removed from the Crimson Tide program.

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