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Top 9 Plugin Development Tools for Smart and Fast Coding

Top 9 Plugin Development Tools for Smart and Fast Coding  

Plugins are amazing tools that can make the intricate processes easier and increase the efficiency of your team. By adding plugins, you can improve the functionality and performance of your website and take your business towards new heights of success. If you are planning to create plugins with dynamic functionalities and features, here are some of the best plugin development tools that can help you create plugins that adhere to the latest WordPress coding standards.

Let’s check them out.

  1.       Brackets

Brackets is one of the best open-source text editors available that makes it super easier for designers and developers to code in the browser. The tool is created by the professional team of web designers and front-end developers of Adobe. It is a lightweight text editor that allows your design and development team to blend visual tools into the editor. You can do live editing and make changes to CSS and HTML files and to check how changes will look on screen. Brackets provides preprocessor support and inline editors that allow WordPress developers to make SCSS and LESS files.

  1.       PhPStorm

It is an IDE based plugin development tool that supports open-source Eclipse environments. This smart code editor offers amazing features and functionalities that allow you to increase the efficiency of your business website. PhPStorm gives you complete access to PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript editors, and provides the best code completion and verification and error prevention. It also helps you analyze the code and acts as a visual debugger.

It is a great plugin development tool that supports major frameworks such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Laravel, and more. This amazing code editor can easily understand the code and support all the PHP language features. It also supports the latest front-end technologies such as HTML 5, CSS, Less, TypeScript, JavaScript, and more.

  1.       Prepros

It is one of the best plugin development tools that make automation and precompiling easier. Prepros allows developers to compile LESS, SASS, and other different styling formats. It acts as an auto prefixer and can automatically prefix CSS to ensure cross-browser compatibility. This plugin development tool can help reduce bandwidth reduction, file concentration, and allows you to optimize images to reduce page loading time. With the help of Prepros, you can easily highlight the problem in your code and fix it immediately. This simple and powerful plugin development tool is a great choice for your custom software development company in Dallas that makes it easier for your development team to develop and test your websites.

  1.       Atom

Top 9 Plugin Development Tools for Smart and Fast Coding

Atom is an open-source code editor that is exclusively designed to make the life of developers easier and simpler. The tool supports a number of operating systems, package formats and has an intuitive file system browser that allows your development team to view its project files. Atom also offers a smart auto-completion tool that makes it easier to write code fast and the latest find and replace features that can update the code across the entire project. This hackable, cross-platform editing tool works great with GitHub; you can either choose from hundreds and thousands of open-source packages or create your own package from scratch and add new functionalities and features. Atom allows you to split the interface into multiple panes so that you can compare and edit the code across different files.

  1.       Vagrant

It is one of the best plugin development tools that provides an easy workflow for your team of developers, designers, and operators. Vagrant offers declarative configuration files that fulfill all your custom software requirements, operating system configuration, packages, and more. The tool gives you the flexibility to use your preferred editor, IDE, or browser. The best part about using this plugin development tool is that it can integrate with your existing configuration management tools and allows you to use the same code to configure vagrant.

  1.       WP CLI

If your software development company is creating WordPress websites for its clients, then WP CLI is a great tool to improve the efficiency of your development team. The tool provides a command-line interface that allows you to perform many actions that the WordPress admin can do. For instance, you can install, activate, delete WordPress plugins, configure the multisite installation, and different other important tasks. The code linting feature allows you to check your code and automatically correct simple formatting errors.

  1.       Chrome Developer Tools

Chrome Developer Tools are a collection of useful tools that are compatible with Google chrome browser, making it easier for developers to analyze a web page and highlight design and layout issues. With the help of these Dev tools, you can easily diagnose JavaScript breakpoints and edit the page on the go. You can right-click the element on the page, inspect the element, and then optimize the code.

  1.       The WordPress Plugin Boilerplate

The platform allows your development team to create high-quality WordPress plugins. The Boilerplate strictly follows the coding and documentation standards. You can organize your files as per their type and easily find the placement of your dashboard code, public code, shared code, and more. You can use The WordPress Plugin Boilerplate for creating custom plugins that will save you a lot of time and energy. You can allot dedicated directories and files that you can reuse for your development projects.

  1.       Plugin Readme Generator

This tool helps you create WordPress plugins by using the cutting-edge WordPress coding standards and API’s. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer, this tool can help you create a custom readme.txt file for your WordPress plugin. Readme Generator will ensure that your readme file is organized so that you can efficiently create the code without any syntax mistakes. All you need to do is to fill the form, click update code, and the Readme Generator will create the code for your project.