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Disable Real Time protection Avira antivirus permanently Tricks

Disable Real Time protection Avira antivirus

We bring you below Tricks to Disable Real Time protection Avira antivirus permanently or temporary
1.How to Disable best Free Antivirus Avira permanently through the Windows
If you are unable to Disable Avira Antivirus Temporarily  then here is Another way you can try to Disable Avira Free Antivirus permanently through the Windows

  • Go to start-click run or just Press the Windows key and click run.
  • In run box Type command “msconfig” and press “Enter.” Select “Continue” if the User Account Control window appears. Allow the System Configuration Utility to load.
  • Select the “Startup” tab. Uncheck the box next to Avira under “Startup Items.” Click “Apply” and then “OK.”
  • It will ask you to reboot your system ,so reboot or restart your system  . After system restart you will find avira free antivirus is permanently disabled .

If you want to enable Avira Free Antivirus again

  • Go to start-click run or just Press the Windows key and click run.
  • In run box Type command “msconfig” and press “Enter.” Select “Continue” if the User Account Control window appears. Allow the System Configuration Utility to load.
  • Select the “Startup” tab. check the box next to Avira under “Startup Items.” Click “Apply” and then “OK.”
  • It will ask you to reboot your system ,so reboot or restart your system  . After system restart you will find avira free antivirus is permanently enabled again.

2.How to Disable Avira Free Antivirus Temporarily through the Windows

  • Go to system tray which is located besides watch near the task bar and then Double-click on the Avira icon,you will get the screen as shown below.If you are unable to find system tray ,go to start -All programs-Double-click on Avira –click on Avira Launcher and  you will get the screen as shown below.

Temporarily Disable Avira Anti virus

  • When you get above window, use the switch (button) next to “Realtime Protection” to turn it off.

This Disable Avira Antivirus Temporarily through the Windows

Why you need to invest in a Content Management Solution

Reason to invest in a Content Management Solution

The Top 3 Advantages of CMS

Content is everywhere. It is on the website that is trying to sell you clothes; on the hoarding at your gate pursuing you to improve your communications skills. The emails spamming you to subscribe to your town’s gym is nothing but pages of sales content. In today’s day and age, everything is about proliferating actionable information through a variety of channels. One of the most important media of communication and selling is the internet. Search the internet and you will find an infinite number of websites, blogs, podcasts, webinars all trying to achieve that single objective of fulfilling your requirement! Many a time they are tapping into some latent need and creating a demand for something you did not even want! Yes, that’s the power of content.
Research shows that the average time a user spends on any website is close to just fifteen seconds! This means brands have less than a minute to convey what they want to and capture the user’s attention. This also means that businesses have the onus to develop extremely precise, informative, interesting information that persuades the user to a click, to buy their product or to share their post. Good content is the formula for success in any business.  Developing an exciting website is tough enough; but even tougher is keeping the audience engaged 24*7. This means a constant flurry of new content, updates, additions and deletions.
To perform these continuous bouts of activities to keep the website gleaming new, a whole lot of technicalities are involved. Manually coding all updates is not only cumbersome but also not feasible for any business looking to engage clients and be a sustainable business model.  A lot of time and effort is wasted which could be spent on more fruitful operations like researching user behavior or developing creative copies. Moreover, not everyone is comfortable with heavy coding methods.
Here is where a Content Management Solution comes into the picture. A CMS allows publishing, editing and modifying the content of a website from a central interface to users who are authorized. It enables your website to stay fresh with page updates and also enables SEO.  A CMS used to power your website could be one of your greatest investments. Gone are the days when you would have to chase coders to make a tiny update on your site. CMS does it all for you in just a couple of clicks.
The top 3 advantages of using CMS for your business

  1. A centralized and secure repository: A CMS allows you to compile all your data in one central bank and that too only once, thus reducing scope for errors and redundancy.  It also keeps a track of all updates, publishing and other activities. With CMS it is easy to keep the data secure as only authorized people are allowed access to backend operations.
  2. None of those coding complexities: Not every content developer is familiar with HTML and other complicated coding methods. CMS simplifies activities like uploading, creating, writing, editing and publishing. It is in fact so easy that even a non techie who has a basic idea of word processing can easily learn to work on the platform with no prior training.
  3. Access to multiple users and scheduling made simple: Businesses have various teams like writers, designers and marketing folks who work on content. CMS allows authorized users to access the tool and make changes without so much of a hassle. At a glance it shows a list of all the updates made, drafts saved and all articles published. It makes managing and publishing items simpler and more streamlined. CMS makes complicated tasks like scheduling simple and user friendly.

In a nutshell, by investing in a suitable Content Management Solution, the business can indulge in a series of interesting, actionable campaigns and offer readable, regular and up to date content to engage users. CMS tools are the talk of the content town as they not only offer a string of advantages like security and easy interface,  but also are cost effective. And the best part is that you are in control.
Author Bio:
Preethi Vagadia is currently a Senior Business architect with the Service operations practice at a well-known IT Industry in Bangalore. She has worked in several process improvement projects involving multi-national teams for global customers. She has over 8 years of experience in mortgage technology and has successfully executed several projects in logistics management, logistics integration, reverse logistics, media planning software, and warranty software.

Incredible Possibilities & Amazing Creations with 3D Printing

Amazing Creations with 3D Printing

3D printing offers incredible opportunities and limitless possibilities for product development, as well as manufacturing. 3D printing plays a pivotal role today in everything right from the conception of models to the creation of end-use parts. 3D printing has been successfully and frequently used for creating car parts, fashion accessories, smartphone cases, medical equipment and even artificial organs. Aerospace organizations and manufacturing corporations have been effectively saving billions of dollars simply by using the superb 3D printing technology for creating parts. 3D printing technology has been instrumental in saving several lives. Here are some real-life applications and uses of 3D printing.
Acoustic Guitar & 3D Printing
The world’s very first 3D- printed guitar was created by Scott Summi. By using the 3D printing technology, you can now make acoustic guitars with plastic, fully with heel joint and even the typical metal sound-hole cover. Now you could easily make working musical instruments using 3D printing technology. Passionate guitar aficionados, however, could even make a 3D replica of the guitars belonging to their hot favorite guitarists or idols.
3d printing technology
3D Printed Artificial Organs
3D printing is highly effective in printing organs from the patient’s very own cells. This implies that patients would no longer be requiring waiting endlessly for donors in the near future. Earlier hospitals had to implant hand-made structures into patients. Today 3D printing has been successful in dramatically improving this process. For instance, 3D printing has been used for creating artificial scaffolds shaped like organs comprising living cells. At the very beginning, the scaffold is supposed to be printed and thereafter, coated completely with living cells.
3D-Printed Accurate Medical Models
Doctors are now using and enjoying a relatively cheaper way of learning about the human anatomy. They are using 3D-printed perfect medical models. The printing of these numerous medical models happens to be so perfect and accurate that surgeons could effectively plan and practice a mock surgery on a 3D-printed model before he operates on the actual patient. This way these medical models could help in the warm-up exercise before the major surgery.
3D Printing in the Manufacture of Fixtures, Jigs, Gauges, Dies, Patterns, & Molds
Today you no longer require wasting your time or money to machine, molding, fabricating or even casting your tools. You are now easily able to design 3D CAD. You could then go about printing them with a 3D printer using a host of high-performance materials.
3D-Printed Fabrics
Recently top designers Jiri Evenhuise and Janne Kyttanen together made the thread and the needle obsolete simply by using effective software which accurately collects a person’s body statistics and data for instantaneously creating perfect fitting clothing. This sort of technology is known to be recyclable. It needs certainly much less labor, reduces production time and considerably pulls down your carbon footprint. This is undoubtedly a greener way of creating clothes. Moreover, even if you shop online, rest assured that the clothes would be fitting you perfectly. You could, however, easily make use of offset printing Mumbai.
3D Printing & the Automotive World
3D printing is playing quite an important role in the automotive industry today. Here are a few examples of how 3D printing has become a part and parcel of the automotive world.
General Motors
Engineers who were building Chevrolet Malibu in the year 2014 resorted to using 3D printing for saving time that was necessary for prototyping the motor parts. Engineers at General Motors, working on this project made use of stereolithography, math data, specialized software, and laser sintering for creating parts using liquid resin for making the necessary improvements to the Chevrolet Malibu.
Ford Motor Company
Engineers at Ford Motor are known to use 3D printing for making prototypes of several motor parts such as brake rotors, cylinder heads, shift knobs, as well as, vents. It is a well-known fact that 3D printing was successfully used during the production of the EcoBoost and the Explorer at the Ford Company’s Torrence Avenue Assembling Plant.
Aerospace Industry & 3D Printing
Recently 3D printing was used to create a rocket engine injector for NASA and it was successful in passing a vital hot fire test. In the test, it is believed that the rocket engine injector was able to generate almost 10x more thrust as compared to any other injector manufactured by 3D printing technology in the past.
3D printing is proving to be a wonderful energy-efficient technology which is able to offer environmental efficiencies. This printing method is known to use as much as 90 percent of standard materials and therefore, ends up creating less waste. It is also responsible for reduced carbon footprint.
Author Bio: Andrew Thompson is an expert printing technologist who has been involved in planning production, setting up machines and monitoring manufacturing for a reputed private printing press. Recently he has taken to blogging and comes up with interesting and informative posts.

Using Instagram Hashtags Daily for SEO and Brand Promotion

Instagram Hashtags Daily for SEO and Brand Promotion

When you are confronted with a flood of selfie, photos and crafting across Instagram, it may seem to you that it is a social media platform that is ideal for the everyday user. Many companies do not know how to make the most of the Instagram and exploit this market to their advantage. However, those businesses that have come to understand the importance of hashtags and how to use them effectively for reaching out to their customers are benefitting immensely.

Currently, there are over 500 million Instagram users. Hashtags are an excellent way of reaching them. It is interesting to note that some of the most effective and popular hashtags having millions of posts daily are actually assigned to the different days in a week. Business owners desiring to boost their bottom-line should learn to use hashtags on social media platforms. They should add hashtags to their artillery for impacting SEO (Search Engine Optimization) positively.

Advertising Your Business on Instagram

The Significance of SEO

If a small business wishes to be found in a potential customer’s search results then SEO has to play a pivotal role. SEO is actually what effectively assists a business website to go up in the rankings so that the potential customers could easily find it. Some businesses are easily able to use and gel the visual style and manner of Instagram. For example, businesses that concentrate on precisely a physical product, and ones which could be utilized for visual enhancement would be more likely to be using the platform more effectively.

The kinds of businesses which could be flourishing on Instagram include apparel, jewelry, home décor items, landscaping, and hair salon etc. which offer extremely visible results. However, even in the case of other companies, a wee bit of creativity could yield excellent outcomes and daily hashtags seem to be an effective way of tapping into this potential. You may not always be hitting every possible hashtag every week, however, you could be successfully using them whenever you could yield a wonderful benefit for connecting to a greater audience.

While getting connected to a potential audience using social media marketing platforms, the aim is to develop and cement relationships. People who are actually following you would be having a far easier time in getting connected with your business if they believe that they are actually connecting with a real individual. So do not ever be scared of demonstrating a personal side of any of your brands.

It is a good idea to drop the excessively professional veil and also, the formal language and show to the world that your organization comprises real people. If you are an Instagram user and using the platform for your business, you must incorporate hashtags in all your posts. The simple measure of including the perfect hashtags could dramatically boost the reach of all your posts, enhance engagement and reach new audiences. Once your customers start using your hashtags on their Instagram posts, you would be seeing the way they would be getting connected to all your products. You may find top quality and creative user generated content for sharing with your audience. However, in order to make the most of the hashtags on social media platform like Instagram, it is essential to have the perfect strategy. If you end up using hashtags only occasionally or using the incorrect hashtags, it could actually hamper your growth and progress. Visit for all your Instagram solutions.

Weekdays & Hashtags

Here are a few examples of hashtags for every day of the week and how businesses could use them wisely and effectively.

Two Common Monday Hashtags

Beginning of the week is just the best time and wonderful opportunity to demonstrate the personal aspect of your business or your team.    

#mondayfunday: You could demonstrate the fun aspect of your business with some light-hearted posts. You could effectively use this hashtag along with pictures of some of your team members taking part in some fun activity or doing something really funny at the office.

#mancrushmonday or #mcm: You could shift the limelight on any of your male associates, employees, or even a leader who is well-known in your trade.

Two Popular Tuesday Hashtags

#transformationtuesday or #tt: This hashtag is focusing on some sort of a change. So this could be used effectively to demonstrate how your product has undergone changes. You could use an effective before and after image comparing the product then and now. You could post pictures of any sort of renovation, change or makeover.

#traveltuesday: You could use this hashtag for posts showing anyone from your team attending a conference somewhere, or you could even highlight any event that is taking place in your particular industry somewhere else. This could be a really useful tag.

Two Good Wednesday Hashtags

#womancrushwednesday: Spotlight should be on a leading lady from your team or your industry.

#wellnesswednesday: You could offer some valuable advice to your audience for a really healthy way of life or maybe you could demonstrate how your business could help them out and keep them fit.

Two Oft-used Thursday Hashtags

#thankfulthursday: This could be a golden opportunity to express your gratitude. This could be the excellence award in your industry that you have received or may be a token of thanks for the successful years in the industry. Do not feel afraid or awkward to infuse a personal touch.

#thursdate: This is a really good hashtag and need not be used as a literal date. It could be effectively used to show business luncheon, meeting and such similar things.

Friday Popular Hashtag

#fridayfunday: This is a wonderful opportunity to share the lighter aspect of your organization. You could gear up for the weekend by sharing some fabulous fun posts.

Fantastic Saturday Hashtags

Remember that many users would be spending, even more, time during the weekend browsing through posts on social media. You must not miss the opportunity.

#caturday: This is your opportunity to establish contact with your audience by sharing adorable cat photos.

#saturdayswag: This is a fantastic hashtag for contests which you are organizing for giving away items for highlighting your products on sale, or showing your team fully dressed in their outfits promoting your brand, for instance, company T-shirts.

Sunday Hashtag

#selfiesunday: This is the most frequently used and popular hashtag for Sundays. You could just show your team or your brand apparel. If your industry is dealing with makeup, jewelry or other products that are good for enhancing your looks, this is surely the best hashtag for you.


The most vital factor while navigating social media should be to keep in mind always that you are cementing relationship with your target audience, not merely selling your brand. As your audience recognize your name and find you trustworthy, awareness and conversions are sure to follow. Using these popular daily hashtags could be quite a valuable tool for accomplishing your target. You just need to learn how to use them to your advantage.

Author Bio: Martha Brown is a social media consultant and currently attached to a reputed consultancy firm in Pittsburgh. She is an avid blogger and has an impressive fan base. Her posts are very informative and discuss SEO tactics to social media trends. She talks about reputed sites such as for all your Instagram related queries and solutions.

Want To Know About the Latest Technology in Solar Energy? Read This!

About the Latest Technology in Solar Energy

The sun is the ultimate source of renewable energy. It is a great source of both heat and light. Using modern technology, we can easily harness and store this energy as electricity. We can then use it to light our homes, power electronics and even cook our food. Today, we use solar panels to capture sunlight and convert it into electricity. Here is the next big step in solar panel technology. It is known as solar tracking.
What is solar tracking technology?
Latest Technology in Solar Energy
This is a type of solar panel technology where the panels are slowly turned and rotated so as to follow the movement of the sun across the sky. This is made possible by a single-axis solar tracker installed in the frame holding up the panels. By doing this, the panels are able to stay exposed to the sun for as long as possible while exposed to the sun rays as much as possible.
One may wonder if there is extra electrical power required to power the mechanism that turns the panels. Actually, the single-axis tracker mechanism is completely self-powered. There is no extra electronic motor required to turn the panels. The single-axis framework is fitted with a solar powered motor. Thus, the panel is able to turn and track the movement of the sun on its own. This is an innovative way to maximize energy capture as well as reduce the maintenance required for the panels.
The solar tracking panels are designed such that their cost of installation is very low. In addition to that, they utilize very little energy to turn the panels so that they can face the sun. In addition to that, this panel technology can easily be fitted on any terrain. Moreover, the installation process is much faster and easier because you need only a few panels to achieve very high megawatts (MW) of electricity. There are much fewer parts per unit installed. As a result, very many of these units can be installed in a short time with minimal manpower. Moreover, the site preparation process is easier and more manageable.
The benefits of solar tracking panels on a utility scale installation
Solar panels can be used to provide power to a large number of houses. Entire communities can get electricity for their homes from a large installation of utility scale solar tracker panels. Is this practical? Is there a return on investment? Will they require any maintenance? Read on to learn how the solar tracking panels are capable of utility scale power provision.
When installed in sunny areas, solar tracking panels are capable of providing energy savings that range between 4.5 to 5.5 cents per kilowatt-hour. Due to this efficiency in saving, they offer superb economies of scale when compared to rooftop installations or smaller solar panel installations. The main reason why they are capable of such efficiency is because they are mounted on the ground and have motors that turn the panels to face the sun throughout the day.
Solar tracking panels installed on a utility scale are capable of increasing the production of solar power per year by 20%. This is when they are compared to the fixed mount systems. This system is also able to recoup the initial investment over the lifetime of the installation so much that solar tracking panels have the most minimized Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) of any renewable energy utility scale project. Not only does this system result in more savings, but it also has a higher power output during the sunniest time of the day than the other fixed mounted solar panel utility systems.
How are these benefits measured?
To determine the benefits of this system, a very effective software tool is used. This tool is known as PV Watts. It is used to predict the power that is produced from a PV system based on various variables and settings. It is also able to consider the location where the panels have been installed. For example, if the panels are installed in a sunny area in Texas, the software will indicate that the single-axis solar tracker software is capable of producing 20% more electrical power than a flat or tilted, fixed-mount solar panel of the same size. In addition to that, the solar tracking utility scale panel system will provide more power in situations when the electricity demands are at maximum levels. The system is able to sense when electrical power is under heavy demand and it is able to convert the sun rays faster and output more electrical power. This is a characteristic that is unique to the single-axis solar tracking solar panels.
One main challenge
One major challenge that faced this type of solar installation when it was first introduced is doubts about its capability to provide utility scale energy production. Many stakeholders were skeptical about the claim that these panels do not need any additional maintenance. There were also concerns about the reliability of the single-axis solar tracking panels. However, the manufacturers of these panels such as Solartec provided proof and records indicating that the panels have an utpime rating of 99.99%. This indicates impeccable reliability. This data was sourced from many installations thus totaling gigawatts of electrical power production. Spurred on by the amazing results, the manufacturers sought to make the panels even more reliable by inventing features such as:

  1. Less motors to work the panels
  2. Ability to calibrate themselves
  3. Ability to keep working perfectly with no need for routine maintenance

Single-axis solar tracking panels cost approximately 7% more than fixed, ground mounted ones. However, they are capable of accessing 20% more sunlight. As such, they are a logical investment with confirmed returns. Thanks to the lower cost of solar energy equipment, they are affordable and make perfect sense when used on a utility scale. Communities, towns and cities can benefit from this solar panel technology and save money on energy costs.
Joe Higgins is an electrical engineer and a solar panel expert. He is fully adept on the functionality and capability of solar tracker panels. His work has been published on many online blogs and websites.

A Medication Management App Helped Sheryl Manage Her Mother’s Alzheimer’s Treatment

A Medication Management App Helped Her Mother’s Alzheimer’s Treatment

Alzheimer is a serious and life-changing health disorder. Ely started noticing this memory issue with her health and felt guilty because of her consistent forgetfulness habit. This memory loss thing affected her thinking skills and also her ability to perform the routine tasks. Drastic mood swings, visual problems, short term memory loss and behavioral issues were the early symptoms of this disease that turned her so negative.
Hi, I’m Sheryl, a corporate professional, and I want to describe how an innovative medication management app helped in managing my mother’s Alzheimer’s treatment in a simple way.
Medication Management App Helped
Memories are worth fighting for! And so, I and my mother did it together with a personalized medication app reminder which saved our lives. My mother, Ely who was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease since last couple of months. The experienced practitioners who were handling her treatment advised her to have three to four medications a day but she would often forget taking her pills on time. And I too felt guilty of not taking enough time to take care of her health due to my hectic schedule. Even I too used to forget calling and reminding her for the medications; because at times, I got stuck in a meeting or got busy with other office stuff. And that all was affecting my mother’s health seriously. But, CeyHello gave a new hope to both of us!
People with Alzheimer’s disease often lose track of dates and the passage of time. They face trouble in understanding something if it is not happening immediately and even may forget where they are or how they got there. They feel hesitated in joining any conversation as they struggle with vocabulary and may stop in the middle of the conversation. They may struggle finding the right words or calling wrong names. And if you find them putting things in unusual places, then don’t get surprise or feel irritated with them because they are not doing it deliberately. They may even lose things or be unable to go back over their steps to find them again. Or, they may even accuse others of stealing things. And when it comes to the mood and behavior of the Alzheimer’s patients they behave anti-social and become confused and depressed frequently. They get upset easily and often becomes suspicious, anxious and fearful.
CeyHello is a personalized way to medication management. It’s a digital platform that helps manage the medications of patients suffering from some chronic health disorder. Though, there are various android apps that help managing a disease like, Alzheimer’s; but CeyHello cares different! It’s a digital care with human touch! Yes, because this medication management app has an amazing feature called ‘care circle’. In this app, there are people connected socially just like your family members and you can motivate them to take their medicines on time and can share moments of laugh and joy with them by sending funny ‘moticons’. This personal medication app helps you keep a record of the medicines of your entire family and managing it more efficiently. This app is a great way to take care of your family and manage their medicines while you’re away.
And since I started using this smart personalized app for my mother’s Alzheimer’s treatment, life seems pretty easier and my mother’s health has also started to improve. And also, my mother is becoming more social and we’re observing some behavioral changes in her nature as she found many friends within the care circle of this app. CeyHello has turned her positive, social and most importantly healthy! And that’s a big relief for me and my entire family!
Here are three innovative features that make CeyHello your best medicine reminder app –
Digital health record in your pocket- Remembering medications and adhering to the plan is one of the major problems faced by people these days. And, it becomes even more difficult when you have to remember what type of medications you took last year or sometimes even the week before. But, with CeyHello you can. The Medprofile view of CeyHello provides an online record of all your medications. With the Medprofile feature, your complete health record with the latest information is available in your mobile making medicine adherence easy and simple for you.
Personalized medicine reminder- At CeyHello, we believe “medication adherence is not just about sending reminders after reminders, but instead it is about who sends it and how you send it.” CeyHello is a medication management app that focuses on motivating patients to take their medications at right time and correct doses. With CeyHello ‘Care Circle’, you will able to connect with your loved ones anywhere in the world and share images & audio messages via fun ‘Moticons’. For caregivers and care managers, CeyHello is just ideal. The caregivers can review the patient’s medication adherence reports over mobile or web, upload and update medication prescriptions & change inspiring Moticons on the go.
Best medicine reminder app for iPhone and Android- CeyHello is known as the best pill reminder app for Android and iPhone. With a host of features, the pill reminder app is extremely easy to use. Featuring two innovative dashboards, the app lets you view all your daily medications at a glance and switching in and out of the Care Circle is relatively easy. Sending motivating messages “Moticons” is easy with this pill reminder app. Moreover, CeyHello is FREE to use.
Author Bio: Nihar Rout, the man behind the birth of an innovative app CeyHello, recognized the enormous potential of apps in giving a faster and efficient way to overcome health issues. From his own personal experience, he got to know about the issues that any diseased person and their families must be facing, and worked hard to add every possible feature to help in their tough times.

6 Actionable Design and SEO Strategies to Market your E-commerce Site

SEO Strategies to Market your E-commerce Site


An increasing number of people are using e-commerce sites to purchase items of daily use, gifts and other things. They are leveraging the convenience, value, and variety offered by online shopping. In order to stay in the focus of users, you should make sure that your e-commerce site has a compelling design. An efficient website design along with cleverly placed content can help you get good ranks on SERPs. In this article, we are going to discuss what SEO strategies can assist you in this endeavor.

SEO Strategies to Market your E-commerce Site

It is common knowledge that when users click through your pages, Google algorithms take note of the user behavior on your site and eventually rank your pages on SERPs. On the other hand, it is also true that without proper visibility on SERPs, your target audiences will not be able to know about you. However, just by staying on the first page cannot get you the traffic you desire. You must hire an SEO expert to get the No. 1 position.

Here is a list of the measures an SEO expert can take in marketing your e-commerce site.

# Competitor research


This is the most significant portion of site optimization.  Taking a look at the marketing strategy of your competitor sites can give you an insight into how you should design your own site. An e-commerce site generally displays related products, popular products, recently viewed products and top-rated products.

However, if you come across a leader in your niche with deep navigational architecture, you may think twice before copying the design. For a start-up, a complicated navigational structure may not be as profitable as that of an already established company because remote pages in the site architecture may not get as much visibility as those in the front.

# Out-of-stock items that may come back

If a product gets out-of-stock, but has the probability to come back in stock, you should not try to replace or remove the page or redirect your visitors to another page. Instead, you can offer relevant options like newer models of the product, other colors of the same product, other products in the category with similar price and quality.

Another great way to reach out to your audiences is to mention exactly when the item will be back in stock. You can also request your clients to order the product, so that you can send it to them when it returns to the stock.

# Specific products

In the event that you offer seasonal products, you need to link them with product categories and links that are present in the product descriptions.

In the event that you are planning to launch a new product which is bound to fetch traffic, you can optimize it by introducing a ‘Coming Soon’ page. With the help of pre-order forms, social media integration and notification about the new launch you can popularize your site.

# Obsolete products

Not all products return back to the site. Some items like cosmetics and fashion products are replaced by newer models.

In order that your audiences can choose from other options, you can redirect them to the parent category from where they can select a product similar to the one that has currently become obsolete. In order that you do not lose your rank on a particular page, the SEO expert can use a 301 permanent redirect. This will help, if you want to replace the old product page with a new one. This approach is useful to rank new product pages on SERPs.

In such circumstances, removing or deleting the page from the URL structure creates a bad impression about your marketing strategies as those customers who had bookmarked the page get an error message.

If the products are generic and do not have model numbers or specifications, you may retain the URL of the earlier product. In this manner, you get the opportunity to preserve the authority of the page and have better chances of ranking it on SERPs.

Some expired or obsolete products do not have any similar products in terms of price, appearance, quality or any feature. In such cases, the SEO professional can use a 401 code to delete the page from the site. This will let Google know that you have permanently removed the page.

# Products with identical keywords

Your website layout must have a separate page for each and every product and separate keywords for each of them. Otherwise, the search engine will not realize, which page to rank and end up ranking different pages for a single keyword leading to keyword cannibalization. For instance,   if you want to rank a page with the keyword red bean bag, you must be careful that no other page with identical products is ranked for the same keyword.

# Pages with minimum content

It is not possible to add content to all the product pages on your site. In that case, you can add a description to the parent category of the products. By improving the internal architecture and adding a relevant product to the category you can tell search engines what the page is about.

A common mistake is to add information from the database as product description. This is a wrong approach as it leads to duplicate content on the site. The SEO expert can use web analytics to know about the pages with the maximum traffic. He or she can suggest you to add unique content first to those pages.

A great way, by which you can add content to your product pages, is to leverage user generated content. This type of content includes reviews, testimonials and ratings by satisfied clients. Not only do they add content for SEO purposes, but also help in conversion as several people buy products based on user review.


An effective website design optimizes the site for search engines. With the help of an experienced SEO expert, you can make use of the best SEO strategies to rank your e-commerce site.

Author Bio – Kendall Archer is a leading digital marketing expert offering dental SEO services to several dental experts. With 10 years o experience, she has the knowledge and skills to rank sites on top of SERPs.

Ways of Installing security cameras System

Try to Install a Security Camera System by below steps

Ways to Install a Security Camera System

Try How to find hidden cameras

installing security cameras outside home infographic
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How to generate leads for Canada study visa consultants online?

As a prominent immigration consultant do you really strive to help a wide variety of international study aiming students? However, the lack of knowledge about vibrant innovative techniques is becoming a hurdle. If this is the case, then we have just crafted this blog so that you will get to know about a wide range of ways through which you can attract a large group of individuals to your immigration website. Here we have presented all possible techniques that can help generate quality leads for your website.

After the advent of technology, digital marketing has become one of the best steps that can easily help you generate great leads by trying great methods. However, you can try them all by getting proper knowledge about it. If you have no such time then you can also invest in adroit digital marketing experts. He will no doubt help you enhance the overall performance of your website and generate impressive leads. So, if you are still thinking about whether you should invest in it or not. Then sit back and read this blog so that you will be able to gather information to make an informed decision. If you work on your website then when your target audience will search the keyword the best immigration consultant in Jalandhar, then your name will be reflected on the top results. 

Check out few methods through which you can generate quality leads: 

If you really aim to take your immigration platform to the top rank then lead generation  is your topmost requirement. So, read this blog carefully to understand how different methods can help you generate leads. 

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

There is no denying the fact that most prominent entrepreneurs usually aim to learn search engine optimization so that they can enhance their overall website presence. SEO is the best organic method through which you can easily generate great quality leads. But the condition is this can only happen if you learn it in the right way. You can also consider hiring a professional or attending the classes to make yourself perfect in SEO.

You would be shocked to know that search engine optimization usually gives you effective tools to match the potential clients with the reliability of your online content. Gone are the days when most of the entrepreneurs have to hire a person who can go door to door. Now it’s the time when most companies are relying on search engine optimization to generate quality leads. If you prefer to use this technique then there is no denying the fact that when an individual will look out for keywords such as Canada‌ ‌ visa ‌ ‌ consultant ‌ then your name will be in the top result list. 

  • Pay Per Click Advertising

Another most versatile method is pay per click. It is one of the most proven tricks to enhance quality lead generation. If you aim to try this technique. Then it highly gives you greater control over different types of keywords that you really aim to target. As the name of this technique says it all, this basically implies you just have to pay when someone clicks on your link. This is the best technique that can surely help target a more reliable audience without any struggle. It is often noticed that the leads of the pay per click are often of higher quality.

This is highly important because the potential client usually searches for a specific query. If you still think that you want more information about this trick. Then you can easily consider taking help from a reliable source. If you are the owner of the immigration firm. Then we must tell you that if you have keywords such as the best immigration consultant in Jalandhar then with PPC you can attract quality leads. Moreover, it is completely trackable and typically a way more affordable option. Then traditional print advertising. 

  • Online Networking

In other words, this technique is basically known as social media. The result of your social media marketing will not at all be dependent on the basis of the platform you choose. It is highly based on what level of networking you perform on the specific social. There are a wide variety of tricks that you can easily apply in this type of marketing. However, this technique will surely give you a chance to enhance your network and increase your entire range.

Moreover, the style of interaction may vary from one platform to another. This whole technique is highly about making effective connections that can easily help you find some quality leads in it. The more you apply your mind to this technique the more you will enhance your chances of reaching the top level. For example, if your customer will search for the best Canada‌ visa ‌consultant then it’s your duty to respond so that you can help them as soon as possible. 

Wrapping up

All in all, we devotedly hope that this blog has helped you a lot in finding the best lead generation trick. That can highly help you in the coming future. Read all the points in a proper manner so that you can experience enhancement in your entire career.

How can social media help students to enhance their English?

Social media is that outrageous platform that has drastically changed the way we grab things.  The entire process of learning and capturing things has become way more effortless on social media. With each passing trend on social media, the students usually get an incredible opportunity to magnify their knowledge by focusing on the positive side. There is no denying the fact that progress is extremely important for all beginners, intermediate and advanced English learners. If you truly desire to improve your English speaking skills then social media can work wonders for your case.

It may sound strange to you. However, there are many foreign influencers who make their content in the English language for their audience. So, if you are also a true follower of them there is no denying the fact that you will have many chances to learn great English from them. When updating the various social media handles the influences usually choose rich and highly weighing words that is the best direction to learn rich vocabulary. You might have missed this point but it can usually contribute in a rigorous manner to magnify your English skills. Are you looking for personal guidance to enhance your English skills? If yes, without any further ado link with the best IELTS Institute in Jalandhar.

Let’s read some of the effective ways through which social media can help you improve your English speaking, reading, writing and listening skills. 

This blog is just crafted so that you can understand how you have to use social media for the betterment of your career. 

  • Progressively connect with the English speakers on Facebook

You can easily connect with the wide variety of native English speakers on your Facebook friend list. This way you will get a chance to notice what they are posting on their social media handles. If they are writing some creative captions on their posts. Then you can just note their sentence formation and vocabulary skills. Another outstanding thing is that you can also watch their videos and keep a count of their words’ pronunciation.

There is no denying the fact that there is a wide range of positive ways to use social media. You just have to focus on the fact that you are using it to strengthen your English. You can also comment on their posts or participate in their activities, this will help you to build up a great bond with them. Moreover, connecting with them can surely help you understand English in a better manner. For attaining more information in this aspect you can obviously have the chance to link with the best IELTS Institute in Ludhiana.

  • Join English speaking groups on the Facebook

You must be thinking that are there any groups that can help you build your all types of English skills. Then the answer to this query is yes. There is a great range of groups which you can easily join to learn the true essence of English speaking, writing, reading and listening skills. The groups on Facebook are usually focused on a wide variety of discussions about all possible topics.

From running a cafe to singing, there is a Facebook group for every type of activity. These groups are basically created to help the individual to attain reliable information about things present in this world. Leave all your work aside and join the group of English learners. In that group, you will be able to raise concerns and also help others to build up their English skills. If you really want to gather meticulous information about this topic then without any delay connect with the best IELTS classes in Jalandhar.

  • Start using Twitter for news 

Twitter is one such platform that is followed by every prominent personality. So if you are really looking for reliable information then this platform is your only destination. There is no denying the fact that it is the most fun platform when you have some interesting accounts to follow. Here you have the great chance to discover outshining leading lights and also try to learn what is happening in the entire world.

Doesn’t it sound amazing? For doing so you will have to visit the moment tab. In that section, the Twiter employees usually put together different types of news stories from some world-famous comments and tweets. Here you will also get a chance to watch the latest trends in the entire world. It is the best platform to magnify your vocabulary. Moreover, you can also work on your current happenings of the world. 

  • Follow prominent companies on LinkedIn 

If you are on LinkedIn but you have just connected with the professionals only. Then you are surely missing out on something great. LinkedIn is one such incredible platform that offers you an opportunity where you can easily get connected with prominent companies. Most of the developing and developed companies maintain an active presence on LinkedIn and usually post a lot of creative and job opening content. Yes, this can benefit you in many ways. If you really admire any company then you can easily start following them on LinkedIn. If you require detailed information about this point then try establishing a connection with the best IELTS Institute in Ludhiana.

Wrapping up 

With so many options to enhance English skills, using the true essence of social media is just one way.  As most of the students spend 4 to 5 hours on social media, why not utilise it in a productive way? Remember that trying new ways to improve English doesn’t really mean that your English is very poor. It just signifies that you aim to attain command over the English language. So, for that social media can become your true friend.