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How to Select a Mobile Application Development Company in Washington DC

New mobile application development company

The smartphone revolution has truly changed the face of communication. Now, staying connected with your loved one is much easier. There are many applications for mobile over the web, via which, we can call, text, and can even make video calls whenever required. Today, various tasks of the busy human life can be easily executed with the help of mobile applications for various smartphones such as iPhone, Android, Windows, BlackBerry and Symbian.
Mobile Application Development Company

Mobile Application Development Company-There are so many business applications, social networking applications, banking applications, hotel and restaurant applications, gaming applications, etc. to help you undertake your day-to-day activities. There are companies in Washington DC offering app development services for mobile operating systems like iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows. Amid the crowd of so many companies, it is tough to select one for your specific needs. However, there are many different aspects to look into before you hire a mobile development company, and they are as follows.

Experience in the Industry: In any field, experience is the deciding factor, and Mobile Application Development Company is no different. A company having years of experience develops software as per the defined standards and do not simply rely on trial-and-error methods. Hence, the base of the software remains very reliable and can meet any future challenges. A company with years of experience should be given high priority. They rely on their decades of experience to deliver solutions that could assist you in your day-to-day business needs. Instead of creating useless mobile applications, they develop something that goes smoothly with various mobile operating systems.
Must Have Skilled Man Power: The success and failure of your mobile application is in hand of app developers. Hence, it is compulsory that you find developers, who can lay a solid foundation for practical mobile application. The developers whom you hire for development should be proficient in formulating applications for diverse categories like utility, business, entertainment and so on. Overall, before you finalize any company in Washington for development of your mobile app, never forget to check these points too.
Try to collect maximum information about the mobile app development company that you want to hire. Study their customer reviews and types of projects that the company has developed in the past. This will evidently provide you the clear idea about the goodwill of the company.
Most software companies in the USA have teams of skilled mobile app developers, offering full service design and development of Android, iPhone, Windows, Blackberry and Symbian apps. Find the one that has the potential to collaborate you in the process of mobile development.

Tips to Hire Home Theater and Surround Sound setup Services

A sound system can add a lot of value to your house in terms of entertainment. However, in order to make sure that you get maximum pleasure, you need to search for the perfect home theater installation service. The Surround Sound setup Services and installation is a complex job for those who have no experience in it. One may need a thorough understanding about steps to execute the job in a desired way.

<strong class='StrictlyAutoTagBold'>Surround Sound</strong> setup ServicesBy paying high on branded products, you can own a sound system with best output. But, a faulty installation can spoil your mood and you might not be able to enjoy the system you buy. Additionally, you may need to continually spend money on re-wiring the sound system. Here are some useful tips to ensure the perfect installation of sound system and home theater that you buy.

Always opt for an Expert: We all know that a home theater consists of different elements such as wiring, speakers, screen, audio and video cables etc. Hence it is a complex wiring method that can only be prepared with care by an expert in this field. So, instead of trying it by yourself, it is better you start searching for a home theatre installation company with experience in handling both residential and commercial theatre installations. Also ask whether they have experience in single and multiple room installation or not. Experts in installation service will also ensure that you have a trouble free experience.
History of the Company You Hire: Never forget to check the history of the company that you hire for installation services. Try to find answers to the questions such as for how long the company has been in the market and how many customers do they handle? These will clear almost all your doubts and will develop a sense of trust between you and the company.
Market Value or Reputation: Once you are done with the history of the installation company, it is the time to crosscheck the reputation of the company. You can do this by two ways, one is over the web and second is to speak to their existing customers. The web is the best way to find more about the company, their services and their reputation in the market. Secondly, you can request them to provide you some references of their existing customers. Speak to them and try to find out their levels of satisfactions.
Cost of Installation: Above all, the pricing is always a matter of concern. The pricing of installation depends on several factors such as type of screen, audio system, video system, lightning, and much more. If you need a custom installation service than you might have to pay more.
The end point is that choosing a professional home theater installation company can certify that your installation is done based on your prerequisite and to excellence.

Reasons to Sell Your Old Cell Phone Online

If you have recently purchased a new phone, you may be wondering what you should do with your old one. Some people will just discard their handset into a drawer and forget about it. Others may give their old phone to a relative. And others yet will sell their phone to the local pawn shop. But, have you ever considered selling your old mobile online?
There are many reasons why you should consider going down the online route when it comes to selling cell phone. First of all, you are likely to get a better price online than if you were to sell your phone to your local pawn shop or similar type store. This is usually because these stores want to make the most from the sale of your old phone as possible, so they will give you the absolute minimum they can - sometimes this can even just be pennies.

Reasons to Sell Your Old Cell Phone Online

And, if your phone happens to be damaged in any way, the likelihood is, they will not take it off your hands, as they will not be able to sell it on, or they would first need to have the item repaired before they could make the sale. There is nothing worse than passing the window of that shop later in the week, and seeing your old cell phone on the shelves for sale, at a price 4 or 5 times more than the shop actually gave you to buy it.
So, there are plenty of reasons to go down the online route to sell your old cell phone. First of all, even if your old mobile phone is damaged, you will be able to sell it quite easily online. Usually, it is as easy as searching the make on the site you have chosen to sell your phone on. From there, you can choose the model and condition of the phone, and be given an instant quote there and then.
Even a damaged phone can be sold online, and usually for a lot better price than the local pawn could offer. There is also the environmental factors to be considered. Even if your phone is damaged, and cannot be used functionally, there are still going to be functional parts in your phone, such as battery packs, micro chips, memory cards etc, and all of these components can be stripped away and given a new lease of life in another handset, somewhere else in the world. This is another greater reason to sell on your phone, even if it's damaged, rather than throwing it in a drawer or into the refuse.
And what’s better is, if you decide to sell, sending the phone off to the company is Freepost in many cases, so it will actually cost you nothing! Just another reason why it is a great idea to sell your phone online. There are many pros & very few cons involved in making that sale online. It couldn’t be easier.

Why to Consult a Professional Fire Damage Cleanup Services

The residential homeowners are more prone to fire accidents than commercial. No one would probably love to experience a fire, but sometimes, its reality cannot be avoided. Anyone in your family or friends may have encountered fire accidents in which their house has been razed and destroyed by fire. The only thing homeowner can do is clean up and restore their house back to its former glory.

Professional Fire Damage Cleanup Services

The cleaning and restoring house to its pre-incident condition is an extremely time consuming and stressful task for the untrained homeowners. It is advisable to hire a fire damage cleanup company to do the job instead. There are many reasons why cleanup should be left to the professionals such as, lack of necessary equipment, risk of further damage to the house, unfavorable impact on a person’s health and many others.

Many times, you may not realize the damage of fire cleanup. If a damage is caused to the foundation of the house, then a single wrong step can result into falling down of the house. If you are untrained or inexperienced individual, then you have a genuine risk of causing further damage. Therefore, it is a good idea to call the professionals for fire damage cleanup services who have sufficient knowledge and equipment to avoid further damage and complete the task as soon as possible.
You might plan to clean up the fire damage by yourself; however, doing so can even worsen the situation. Without adequate planning and machinery, you directly risk your health. Hence, the best thing you could do after a fire damage in your house is to list down the number of professional restoration company in your area. As these companies backed by sufficient knowledge and equipment, they will take better care of your house’s cleanup and restoration in lesser time.
After such fire accidents, there are possible chances of airborne toxins mixed with dust, soot, and smoke. They will be free in an atmosphere and breathing these particles along with harsh cleaning chemicals can have an adverse effect on the skin and lungs. The trained damage cleanup professionals are aware of risk as they have experience with this kind of job. Not only that, most cleanup companies have licensed and insured teams to respond such accidents during restoration processes.
Whenever you opt for fire cleanup damage, make sure that you hire a company with flawless reputation, licensed professionals, experience and machinery so that your home gets back to its former glory. If you do not have any prior experience of this job, better leave it up to experts.

New Keyword Research Tricks for Your WordPress Blog

WordPress Blog New Keyword Research Tricks

Your WordPress blog is a great way to advertise your brand and yourself. It’s even a fun way to get people to know more about you as a person. However, no one is going to find your blog unless you incorporate SEO strategies. While there are lots of different strategies available, keywords are one of the most important. Fortunately, you can find some great keywords if you just follow a few simple steps.

Make a Spreadsheet

First, you need to make a spreadsheet. Your spreadsheet needs to have three columns, which are:


Then, move on to the next step.

Make Your List

New Keyword Research Tricks WordPress Blog

Go to the Google Keyword Research Free Tool and search for keywords that are related to your blog. For instance, if you are creating an online fashion magazine, you could search for “online fashion magazine.”

Then, the main keyword, along with some synonyms, will come up in the search results. Look at the global monthly searches for each keyword. Select strong keywords that have at least 10,000 global monthly searches.

Type all of your potential key phrases into your spreadsheet. Then, go to the next step.

Determine the Competition

Then, go to Google and type the first phrase you selected into the search box. Put quotation marks around the phrase and click “Search.” Look at the number of results that Google pulls up. Put that number under the “Competition” column on your spreadsheet.

Then, repeat the process with each of your phrases.

Calculate the Keyword Effectiveness Index

The, you will need to calculate the keyword effectiveness index (KEI). This will tell you how effective a key phrase will be on your blog.

The formula is:

(Search Volume*Search Volume)/(Number of Competitors)

Determine the KEI for each phrase and fill out the last column on your spreadsheet.

Then, look over all of the keywords. Delete phrases that have a KEI that’s less than ten. You can use all of the words that have a KEI of ten or greater.

Add the Keywords

Once you find your keywords, you need to add them to your blog posts and to your WordPress theme. The All in One SEO Pack makes it easy to add keywords to Premium WordPress themes , so considering installing the plugin.

Start doing your keyword research so you can attract more traffic to your blog. This is a really simple process and it will help you get the results you want for your blog.

About author

Anny Solway is a dedicated writer at ThemeFuse – a web studio that creates professional WordPress themes, that can be used out of the box. She loves to share blogging and technology tips.

Telephone callRecorder

Businesses can benefit from callrecorder for numerous reasons.
When dealing with a large amount of business it is crucial that you have some record of it. Call recording is also important to record conversation with brokers and banks. It used to be only call centres that used this equipment. However, the benefits of using call recording are becoming too obvious to ignore that businesses of all sizes are starting to use them.

Recording phone calls is important to companies for two main reasons:

  • Develop after-sales service
  • Record dealings of worth

Both reasons will be detailed below. However, there are always secondary benefits to using call recording, no matter what your main reason is. For example, if you have a dispute with a client you have the recording of the phone call to check, while others can use it see the exact details of the business that was agreed. Also, all premium rate services and some financial institutions are required by law to record their phone calls.
Improving Customer Service
Your company’s profits, margin and revenue can be affected by your staff. By using call recording you can see how effective each staff member is in dealing with your clients. The phone is often the only way a customer can communicate with some companies. So it is important that your business knows how to deal with customers correctly over the phone.
It can be very beneficial to record telephone calls for the positive development of your company in many situations. For example, one employee may be better at getting customers to buy more and this conversation can then be replayed to other workers for training purposes. Closing sales and up-selling are both tricky things in a sales environment and playing back successful examples of these can help other employees. So the customers’ services team can benefit from sharing the calls in a customer service environment.
The company and the employee will benefit from higher sales margins. Staff will want to improve their sales rate as most companies offer commission in return for closed sales. Supervisors can also listen to calls to tell staff how they can improve their service. It can also be used to review employee performance.
Getting new employees on the phones as quickly as possible is also important to any business. So by playing them some recordings they will get an idea of how to go about their new job.
If you are planning to implement call recording to your business, it may deter employees from taking numerous personal calls. However, it is important to notify why exactly you are introducing call recording. However, staff do require some privacy and respect at work and may need to take the odd personal call. The investment in call recording may see employees increase their productivity and that may be reason enough for you. Undoubtedly your staff will change their behaviour when they know they are being recorded. They may even think that you’re being Big Brother by recording telephone calls.
Record Telephone Conversations for Home or Business
Our credit cards are often used over the phone to place orders for goods and services, whether this is for business or personal use. The phone is often used for transactions of high-value, whether we appreciate it or not.
Here are some reasons for wanting conversations to be recalled:
Confirmation – You can listen back to calls to ensure you didn’t miss anything on the original conversation. When you’re engaged in a conversation it can be difficult to take notes and easy to forget some of the exact details. Therefore, before you document an arrangement you can over the detail before putting it in writing.
Dispute Resolution – If an error is being made often, you can sort it before it becomes a problem by identifying the issue quickly through call recording. The principal of the customer is always right doesn’t always ring true for most companies and can often lead to businesses being out of pocket. Also, we when we order something over the phone and something completely different arrives, call recording can help rectify this.
For more information about call recording, please visit

Content Marketing Objectives-SEO Tutorial


Gone are the days of elaborate advertising campaigns and traditional promotion strategies. With the digital boom, the internet has become the best solution for all your needs. The online media has revolutionized the field of marketing. Marketers have witnessed several innovative trends in marketing like online marketing and advertising, e-commerce, blogging etc. Now, it is the age of content marketing.

Marketing ObjectivesIf you have a product or service, just place it on the web. Your online advertising campaign will fetch you much greater market access than placing it in the print or broadcast media would. Website copy writing, SEO copy writing are important parts of your content marketing strategy. You will not need celebrity endorsements or various appeals here. In content marketing  Objectives it is the content that sells. It is the content that will make your brand a success. All you need to do is to support your brand with the best possible content.


Search engine optimized content


Now, how to know whether your content will work wonders or not? Well, the answer lies in SEO copy writing. SEO content takes care that Google can find your content and rank it within the top 10 searches. SEO content writing makes sure that your content is not just stuffed with keywords but it   also has the potential to grab and retain the attention of your readers. It encourages your readers to take action, may be it induces them to log onto your website and make online purchases.


Good content is contagious


The headline forms an important part of your page content because a random user is likely to glance only at the headlines before clicking at the next link. In SEO content marketing, headlines are the best place to use keywords. It channelizes search traffic to your website or page.


Frame your content in a way that it targets the self-interest of the readers, so that they will be induced to read further. You can convey your USPs, other benefits and offers to your readers. You need to understand exactly what your reader or your potential customer is looking for and you should frame your content accordingly.


Your content should conclude with stuff that motivates your readers to take action. You can probably restate your offer or announce special discounts on early purchases. You can use images, call outs and videos to make your content interesting. It will prevent your reader from hitting the back button and explore your website even further. Make sure that by the time the reader reaches the end of your content, he has understood at least 70 % of what you were trying to say.


There is no use of featuring in the top search engine listings; if in spite of visiting your page, the reader does not go through the content of your page. Efficiency of content marketing depends to a great extent on the quality of your content and the creativity in the presentation of your online content.

Good content is essentially about having the right keywords at the right places and in the right densities supported with excellent content. This will ensure that your page will get a good search engine ranking and will fulfill your marketing objectives as well.


About the Author


Grace is an expert associated with Godot Media. She is has years of experience as a copywriter and is also an enthusiastic blogger.

How To Use Video Marketing For Lead Generation

Nowadays, people want to see things in video format. This is an unarguable fact. A majority of the individuals prefer to watch YouTube or social media videos rather than intensive reading. Knowing the fact, did you also know that creating videos can help you generate leads? 

Video marketing creates an ideal combination of visual content and cognitive media elements, which allows you to deliver a compelling message to entice your audiences. In this piece, we'll go over some tactics for generating leads by practising video marketing and valuable suggestions to produce quality video content.

Lead-Generation with Videos

Video lead generation is a highly effective marketing strategy. There are numerous examples of businesses who have witnessed a boost in their sales by using video marketing. You should use all feasible tactics accessible to you as a business owner to maximise your revenue and profits. 

When creating a lead generation strategy, the essential elements are video creation and promotion. There are many ways in which you can promote your videos, and here, we will be looking at the best five strategies to generate leads with your videos to ensure your business thrives: 

  1. Gated Content

There are many different tactics for lead generation, but gated content is among one of the most effective strategies for any organisation to use. Gated content might be an excellent option for your organisation, whether you want to attract new connections or nurture the ones you already have.

Gated content offers marketers a unique opportunity to gather contact information within the video tactically. Marketers build a high-value video and then create multiple versions of that video. 

Subsequently, they release a single version of the video for free and make it available to everyone who wants to watch it. The rest of the videos are "gated," which means you need to provide some contact info before accessing them. These videos might include testimonials from happy customers or other similar forms of content.

  1. Embed a call-to-action button into the video

Grabbing viewers' attention is not easy. Consumers want to learn more about your products and services, so take advantage of your medium channel and the clickable links you can place within your videos. Even among the many ways to share a video, embedded links are the most effective ways to do so.

You may have noticed that many creators have started creating videos within their channel descriptions. Embedding a call-to-action for your visitors to subscribe to your channel or visit your site will prove to be immensely beneficial many times. However, make sure you share valuable content within the video and spread information without being too salesy.

  1. In-video contact forms

In-video contact forms have proven to be a powerful way of creating leads. If it's implemented correctly, your contact form will attract people you wouldn't have reached otherwise. It is also a unique experience and way to capture emails in the social video space. 

However, one common mistake is when people use platforms that don't support these features. The result is lost opportunities and potential sales.

  1. Video embedding to the website

If you're using videos to advertise your business or brand, you are doing things right and making an effort to attract more people. Including a video on your homepage will allow your visitors to discover more about your company and its offerings. 

In addition, visitors can learn about how creative you and your employees are. Include a contact form to better engage with the potential clients who are watching the embedded video. Visitors who interact more become the essential leads.

  1. Social media sharing

Among the best advantages social media marketing brings in its ability to create lead generation. Sharing videos means offering visitors compelling content that can give valuable insight into your products and services. Once they have become familiar with your business, and products or services you deal in, it means those leads are ready to be converted to prospects. 

Tips for creating quality video content

Recently, videos have started gaining traction. Therefore, if you want to boost the sales for your product or service,  opt for quick, easy, and impressive content marketing methods which is none other than video marketing. 

If you want to create leads with video, you must do it aptly to yield stupendous outcomes. We are listing some tips in this article that you can use to create quality content.

  1. Be realistic

Don't underrate the effort and time required to produce a video. Set aside enough time to create a high-quality video that you'll be proud of and use to reach your desired audience.

  1. Make your video appropriate for each social network

As more marketers leverage video marketing to boost conversions, it's important to remember that not all viewers exist on the same platform. Facebook and Instagram, for example, prefer different sorts of videos. Before recording, please research the platform, then create a video suited for its algorithm.

  1. Use of video trimmer

Creating high quality video content becomes easy with using video trimmer tools. After you've uploaded your video, trim the areas out that are unnecessary. This allows a person's attention to focus on the areas that matter.

  1. Mobile-friendly

Whether you're creating web-based videos or marketing videos for small/medium/large businesses, making sure your video is mobile-friendly is imperative. 

Otherwise, your viewers will give up, scroll down, and move on to the next video in line. But this is not what you want! Isn’t it? You want everyone to have the opportunity to watch your video, which is why mobile compatibility is essential.

  1. Don't overlook SEO

Every video you make should be optimised for search. And depending on the subject matter, there may be ways to optimise your videos that are slightly different from your usual blog posts.

Many SEO practices can be overlooked by video creators, including title and caption SEO. Always make sure the title is descriptive and the transcript is keyword optimised, so that search engines rank well on search engines. 

Bottom line

Video marketing is more effective than you may realise. It can go a long way in getting your message across to potential customers and making lead generation easier for you. That's especially true when you combine video marketing with other lead generation strategies available across the web. 

There are many ways to use video marketing for lead generation, but they all require quality content. Producing this content will take time, but you can do it with a compelling video production strategy. The resulting leads will pay for your efforts!

SEO Tutorial-How to change your Domain name without losing Your Current Google Rank


There comes a time when you have to move domains for one reason or another. Maybe you've recently re-branded your company or maybe there are a couple of things you want changed to catch up with technology. Whatever your reasons for changing your domain, it is imperative to undertake this process with due care to avoid losing all the SEO authority you've spent years building.

Before we discuss the procedure of moving to a new domain, let us first tackle some common questions about a typical move in below seo tutorial.
SEO Tutorial
Do 301 Redirects cause loss of link juice?


Matt Cutts, Google's SEO lead voice, recently confirmed that 301 Re-direct links pass 100% of the link juice. Even though he cautions that this may change going forward, as of now, Google's stand is that your 301 re-direct links are still a perfect way to cement your sites online authority. This is a non-issue, at least for now.

Does the age of my site matter?


Some SEO gurus argue that the age of a site can affect its SEO performance. There are those who however think to the contrary. Here are some two popular theories on how Google may utilize a site's age in rankings.

* Domain Age Theory:

This theory claims that Google tends to rank older domains higher. This theory has some aspects of truth given Google's acquisition of a filed patent on domain age and rankings back in 2005. In addition, Google's lead voice, Matt Cutts hinted that domain age is a factor in ranking algorithms.

* Sandbox Theory:

This theory goes that there is a temporary algorithm penalty (sandbox) that Google uses to force newly created sites to rank at the bottom end until they're cleared from the sandbox. Evidence to support this theory is somewhat sketchy and pretty inconsistent.

So does age really affect your SEO fortunes? Well, at the moment we can only speculate that it indeed does.

What about too many 301 Redirect Links?

Apparently having too many 301 re-direct links can attract a Google SEO blow. There is a Google algorithm that is created to catch those buying and 301ing domains to cheat the system. This is a wakeup call to those who are fond of buying domains just because they have some pre-existing links to inflate their online authority.

It is unfortunate that this new algorithm may punish a few innocent movers as well. Simply put, too many 301 re-direct links may look unfavorable to Google and you'd therefore be risking a rank below if you're caught using them.

How To Change Domains Without Suffering a Google Blow 

Word of advice:

Be sure to do lots of research before you move domain. This will help you to cater for your current and future expansion needs. You also want to ascertain if the domain name you've chosen is correct. Avoid the temptation to make other changes alongside the domain change. This will help to minimize errors. In addition, if any errors come up, it'll be easy to track them down and debug them.

Be sure to research on domain history too: 

Some domain change horror stories are caused by purchasing a domain with a pre-existing Google penalty or bad history. It is extremely important to do some research before changing domains so you avoid moving to a domain that may sink all your fortunes deep down in just one night. Check the authenticity of your backlinks using Google webmaster.


You also want to check if the domain has previously been blacklisted for using spam content. It is also wise to check for drastic drops in Google organic traffic using Google analytics to evaluate the domain's past trends.

Well in reality, no domain change is guaranteed to be without any significant hiccups. However, you can avoid a huge SEO blow if only you execute your move properly. We break down the whole process below.

1. Step One:

Screen your new domain for any indications of past penalties or spam. This tip is only applicable when buying a domain that has previously been in use.

2. Step Two:

Submit an XML sitemap for your initial domain and ensure that it is registered and verified with both Google and Bing.

3. Step Three:

Create fresh content for your new website. This includes a new contact page, blog post and description page. It's also wise to create something people will want to link to. Next up; launch your site and publish the content you created for it.

4. Step Four:

Get your new domain registered and verified with Bing and Google's Webmaster tools. Build a couple of editorial, white-hat links leading to the new domain. Give the new domain several months to mature.

5. Step Five:

Be sure to test the process of 301 redirect by first copying the contents of a sub-domain. If everything works perfectly well, continue redirecting but keep a keen eye on your SEO performance. This will ensure that you locate any problems promptly.

6. Step Six:

Post a 404 page on your previous domain with a message to redirect visitors to your new domain. While still at it, try to get a portion of your previous site's backlinks switched to your new site. If there are any broken links, this is the perfect time to remove or update them.

7. Step Seven:

Google has a change of address tool that you can use to speed up the migratory process. Be sure to try it out. To help Google index any new pages that weren't on your old website, be sure to submit a new sitemap for your current site.


Also, check for diagnostic errors and fix them immediately using Webmaster Tools. Remember to keep checking your search engine performance just to be sure that you are safely on top (or at least headed there).

According to Matt Cutt, if well executed a typical change of domain should not cost you more than 5% of your current traffic. So, ensure that you are playing by the rules no matter what it takes. You surely don't want to take short-cuts and end up regretting later.


We hope that you are going to follow the tips outlined above to the letter. Remember, recovering SEO rankings after changing domains is not an overnight affair; you have to remain patient and committed to making the most out of the move. All the best!


Author Bio:

Robert Bryant is an online consultant for Beaver Mountain – log homes. He likes blogging about online strategies that are related to Social Media, SEO, Online Marketing etc.

5 ways to invite your followers into your content marketing

5 Ways To Invite Your Followers Into Your Content Marketing

Content marketing is the term used for the creation and promotion of content for the purpose of engaging current and prospective consumers. Since content marketing is the reason for most websites working well, the owners of the website should make sure that the content is informative, educative and entertaining. Content today is not just the textual content, it is also the audio and the videos in the website that carry out a message. Content is anything in the website that is going to give a good impression about the company to the audience and anything that brings prospective and good customers who in turn bring profit to the company.

In order to bring followers into your content marketing permanently, it is important to understand your audience and build a beautiful and unhindered social relationship.

ways to invite your followers


Voting enables existing members to have products according to their choice. Products according to their choice may be a customized photo frame, a personalized T shirt, picking their favorite holiday spot and suggest tips for the product. When you know what your customer wants, then it becomes easier for you to make content that the customers want to see.


The growth of online media has given rise to a wealth of opportunities today for marketers because it’s easy to know what customers really want and need through customer behavior and customer interaction. Personalization is basically ‘one to one ‘marketing and marketing that studies behavior that is good for the present and future of the company. With emails, vouchers, mobile marketing and contests it’s easy to personalize any experience.

What are the other things you can do to increase usability?

It is very easy for brands to increase usability of their products because of the variety of things available to the brands for their marketing tactics. There are many companies that help you in making your digital social experience a great one. Companies can make customers vote, take part in photo contests, and get to know about deals on social networks, reward customers who retweet your offer and give gift vouchers to users who help share your content in the online space.

Let customers contribute good content relevant to your brand

By asking customers to share their experience, it can become easy for marketeers to brand their products. As online media now enables easy interactivity you can ask fans and followers of your website to contribute photos, reviews, videos and other stories and news related to your brand or other experience. Getting testimonials is also a great way to increase brand value. Testimonials are a great way to convert a sale also into evidence that the product is doing really well in the market.

Test the knowledge of your audience

You can test the knowledge of your audience by conduct polls and quizzes. Since your website may have different kinds of customers, at least in the initial stages it is not very easy to make the contests and quizzes appealing to everybody. So, let the marketeer make the quiz great for a particular kind of audience and then try to get the maximum results from that. Creating a quiz involves picking topic that should interest the audience, picking a great title that will catch everybody’s attention, should be the kind of content that can be shared to a great audience. Quizzing is not simple though it may seem , it needs some real good strategy to make customers do it on a regular basis.

Profile Insights

By using profile insights, it’s easy to understand what the follower is thinking about and the customer himself will understand things about his own behavioral tendencies .Engagement apps now track even the tiniest of customer behavior that may help the marketeer. Profile insights may help a customer understand the brands she follows, the pages he has visited and thus actually helps the company understand the follower sand fans individually.

When the marketers understand the need that content is necessary for making fans and followers stay, then they also should understand that the content should be good, updated and informative so that brands can experience a new level of success.

Author Bio: She is suzy. She is a blogger in Key Difference. Interested in SEO, SMO and Technology. She is not only a passionate blogger but also a writer.