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Scalp Micro Pigmentation: How to Save From Hair Loss

Hair loss is a condition that trips someone of his or her self confidence. Nobody wants to lose hair, but sometimes it is inevitable due to a condition known as male pattern baldness. If this happens to you, you need to know that all is not lost and can still get your hair back using various medical procedures. Among these advanced hair restoration therapies is micro-pigmentation. Scalp Micropigmentation and micro-blading are not the same, even though micro-blading falls under micro scalp pigmentation. In micro-blading, surgery is done using a blade that a surgeon operates manually. In micro-pigmentation, surgery is done using an electronic tattoo device powerful enough to penetrate the scalp. This is because the scalp skin is thicker than eyebrow skin.

With that in mind, we will show you how micro pigmentation is done and who can benefit from it if you are suffering from hair loss.

How SMP Works 

In micro-blading, the procedure aims to create hairlike lines. This is not the case with SMP. Scalp micro pigmentation replicates the look of a shadow on your scalp using minute layered dots of different black hues. This technique, which is also called pointillism, is meant to create natural-looking depth. Working with a specialist will help the patient get a more natural follicle that matches with the complexion. It is an excellent procedure that allows those suffering from all sorts of hair loss, including cancer, male pattern baldness, alopecia, or hair thinning.

What will the patient feel during the procedure? 

Of course, the patient will need anesthetics to help numb the procedure’s area before it begins. So, how the patient feels will depend entirely on how effective the anesthesia is. Applying pigment for patients with scalp acne or other skin sensitivity forms such as psoriasis is challenging during a breakout or flare-ups since the area is inflamed. You may also not be eligible for SMP if you’re prone to developing keloids. This condition is common in people with darker skin.

A consultation will start once you have done your research and have already found a reputable surgeon to perform the surgery. In the meeting, the surgeon will give the patient advice on preparing for the procedure and what he or she should expect.

General guidelines include:

The patient needs to shower before the procedure starts. This is because the patient cannot wet or wash the scalp for four days after each treatment. Sweating heavily is also not suitable for recovery; therefore, the patient needs to avoid doing hard work to sweating.

The treatment is divided into sessions, and each session takes 4-5 hours. The size of the scalp area getting the SMP will determine how many treatments the patient gets. Since SMP is a process of layering color, the patient will still need 4-5 hours of treatment in each session to help in long term retention. These treatment sessions are scheduled a few weeks apart. While undergoing treatments, the patient must not go swimming, take very hot showers, visit the sauna or steam room, as these activities may cause a steam storm. The patient also needs to wear a hat or a bandana in the first four days after treatment to avoid direct sunlight. If the patient’s skin is fair, he or she may expose the skin to sunlight for 1 hour or 45 minutes on the fifth day. Better long term retention means keeping the scalp away from direct sunlight; therefore, it’s better to avoid the sun if you can.

When the patient is done with the last treatment, he or she needs to:

  • Stay away from steam rooms, saunas, and swimming pools for 28 days.
  • Stay away from direct sunlight to the scalp for 28 days, and after this period elapses, the patient will have to use SPF 30–50 sunscreen.
  • After the final treatment, the patient should not do heavy exercises or work for five days.
  • Four days after the final treatment is done, the patient needs to start moisturizing every day. This should also be done in between treatments.

Scalp Micropigmentation Cost

What will determine the price of having SMP is the size of the scalp that requires the procedure. Usually, a specialist will charge a patient undergoing this treatment between $400 and $1,000.

SMP treatment is considered semi-permanent because after 8 years, the skin will start to exfoliate itself naturally, and the layer will start to fade away. Patients who have very dry skin are prone to fading more faster since it often flakes with dry skin.

Expected Risks in SMP

In any medical procedure, risks are always there, and SMP is not an exemption.

SMP may not be a tattoo; however, since the ink is injected with a thicker needle, it goes deep into the skin. This may cause infections or allergies related to tattoo ink. The specialist doing this procedure doesn’t require formal training. However, it is good for the patient to do proper research to get good services from such a specialist. The first thing to check while doing your research is whether a specialist has an office where he or she performs the services.

The office should have the following:

  • SMP Training Certification
  • There should be a display of body art practitioner license
  • County health permit
  • Certification of Bloodborne pathogens
  • Should have a clean sink with a sterile environment
  • The patient should see when the practitioner is opening the packaged needles


When opting for the SMP procedure, the patient needs to understand that it is an investment. If the patient chooses the best practitioner, he or she will get value for his or her money. Failure to go to a reliable specialist may cause problems in the future. The downtime is also shorter when the procedure is done with a specialist with years of experience.

Hairline Lowering Surgery: Procedure, Side Effects, and Results

Have you been fighting with a broad forehead? Well, if yes, then worry less. Genetic factors are one of the causes of a high front. Other reasons may be hair loss or even from prior surgery like an endoscopic brow lift. If you have heard of hairline lowering surgery and got what stuck on it entails, don’t worry. This guide will learn about hairline lowering, its mode, side effects, and results.

What is Hairline Lowering

The hairline lowering is also referred to as scalp advancement. It means the forehead is cut by hair grafting or surgical hairline progress. It usually moves where your hair grows, but it does not reduce your forehead’s size. The mode can be done during facial feminization surgery.

One of the large things about this method is getting your frontal hairline advanced to a certain length. That varies according to some factors like your preference, scalp laxity, or hairline height.

Who Are The Ideal Candidates For This Method?

  • The method is fit for women with a high hairline and broad forehead.
  • It is suitable for men with a thick hairline and no history of hair loss.
  • People with soft forehead skin.
  • Women are generally more ideal candidates than men.
  • What Are The Different Types Of Hairline Lowering Procedures?

Hairline Lowering Procedure

Before you go for hairline surgery, there are certain things you need to put into account. They are: 

  • Consult your physician on what to eat to boost your immune system and get ready for the surgery.
  • You can talk to your doctor or browse the internet to know how you need to avoid blood clots and infections.
  • Avoid taking alcohol or salty food to avoid fluid retention and swelling.
  • Ensure you avoid intake of antidote medicines for at least a week before the surgery.

As the name says, surgical hairline headway entails surgery that occurs at the forehead. Typically, the excess skin is plucked, and the left part is sealed back. That means that there is a scar left after the procedure though it is not noticeable.

Hairline lowering has another method known as grafting hair. It entails the grafting of hair in front of the hairline and is mostly a sovereign method. Grafting hair works by increasing the layers of hair on top of the natural hairline. One of the benefits of using this strategy is that it is non-surgical.

Temporary Side Effects Of Hairline Lowering?

One of the usual risks that come with this method is the creation of a scar. The answer to this is to handle the process with a lot of care. Ensure you don’t engage in activities that may stretch the spot. Those actions may entail running, exercising, to mention but a few. Give yourself a one week break to heal. Other notable short side effects linked with this method are:

Bleeding Within the Operated Region

In case the area that was worked on is not handled well, it may cause some bleeding. Ensure you keep off the use of drinks like alcohol before and after the method. That will help raise the healing time and avoid bleeding.

Numbing of forehead

Numbing of the forehead is very common, and it occurs after the surgery is done. The answer to this is to wait for about five days for the feeling to return.

Delayed healing

There are times when the recovery period is spread past the standard time of three weeks. That is mostly seen if you stopped using the dietary supplements and medicines before the surgery. For you to boost the recovery time, you can take the right diet or do some massage.

Swelling of the treated area

When it comes to surgery, the swelling of the treated region is typical. To control or lower the node, you can put an ice pack on the swollen part.

Results of Using Hairline Lowering

Typically, the main aim of doing hairline lowering is to boost the look of a patient. But, the results may differ from the patient’s surmise. Yet, you don’t have to stress about this so much. The most realistic hope you can have for this method is the afterward look.
Although the mode is ideal for those with a broad forehead, it can also fit you if you are prone to scarring. In doing the hairline lowering surgery, the hairline is usually lowered up to 6 cm or even around 2 inches. Depending on your needs, a facial plastic physician with hairline lowering skills can meet your hopes.
Ensure you do thorough research about the images before and after the process. You should expect to achieve a skilled hairline lowering surgeon’s help.

Final Thoughts

Have you begun noticing some baldness? If yes, you can book for the hairline lowering surgery. There are very many methods available that promise good reliable results. Select a hairline surgery that meets your needs. 


Major Pros and Cons of Scalp Micro Pigmentation

When trying to get rid of hair loss, many things hinder the process. One of them is matching your scalp complexion with your skin. If you want to get the best results when restoring your hair, what you need to do is consult a doctor or dermatologist who will explain to you the various techniques available for hair restoration. In Los Angeles, Beverly Hills Med Spa offers high-quality hair restoration services such as platelet-rich plasma, follicular unit excision, follicular unit transplantation, micro scalppigmentation, and so much more.

In this article, we are going to look at micro-pigmentation as a technique to restore lost hair by matching the scalp color with the skin. Although several hair restoration techniques are available, it is always good to research those that will work well for you. Besides that, you also need to choose a good clinic and doctor who will perform the procedure perfectly with minimal or no risks.

Hair loss can affect anyone between the ages of 25 to 70 years. If you fall in this age bracket, then you are prone to hair loss. Scalp Micropigmentation is a procedure that is meant to replicate the look of a shadow on your scalp. This process uses different hues of black tattoo ink that is injected into the scalp using minute layered dots. This technique is also known as pointillism. SMP is done using an electronic tattoo device, unlike micro-blading, which is usually done using a blade that is operated manually. Microblading is performed in the eyebrow area where the skin is not so thick and, therefore, does not require a powerful tool. When seeking a specialist to conduct this procedure, you need to go for a professional with years of experience. Such a specialist will ensure that you get a more natural follicle that blends in with your complexion.

How SMP Hair Loss Restoration Technique Works 

While micro-blading is meant to create hairlike lines, the SMP procedure uses tiny layers of ink to replicate the shadow of the patient’s scalp. Many hair restoration clinics in Los Angeles offer this service, including Beverly Hills Med Spa. Among the patients that would want to opt for these procedures are those who have conditions such as cancer, male pattern baldness, hair thinning, and alopecia.

The experience during SMP 

Since the procedure involves injections and incisions, the patients will need anesthetics to numb the scalp and stop the pain. This is to allow the procedure to go on without hitches. However, patients react differently to anesthesia; therefore, the patient needs to explain to the specialist his or her pain tolerance. SMP is not suitable for patients who have scalp acne breakouts as the inflamed scalp will irritate the patient during the procedure. Another disadvantage is for those who are prone to develop keloids, a condition that seems to favor those with dark skin.

Before the procedure commences, consultation between the patient and the doctor will happen. This is after the patient has done an extensive search and has found a reputable clinic and doctor to do the procedure. While in the meeting, the doctor will explain to the patient the requirements before and after the procedure. The doctor will also tell the patient what should be expected on the operating table.

Here are the guidelines of the SMP procedure:

Since the patient will need to stay away from water for a few days after the treatment, he or she needs to wash the scalp thoroughly before the procedure. Doing heavy work that leads to sweating is also not good for the recovery process.

A treatment session lasts for 4-5 hours, and the patient will need several treatment sessions before healing fully. The number of SMP treatment sessions are based on the size of the patient’s scalp. Since long term retention is needed for the patient to heal properly, 4-5 hours is enough for a single treatment session. SMP sessions are placed weeks apart to allow proper healing. SMP is a process that needs enough time to allow the body to press the layers of color.


While in all treatment sessions, the patient must not swim, use very hot water to shower, or use a steam room or sauna. The scalp needs protection from direct sunlight; that is why he or she requires a bandana or a hat. Patients who have fair skin may expose their scalps to the sun on the fifth day for an hour or 45 minutes. If you can, try to avoid the sun throughout the treatments as this will help in long term retention and quick recovery.

When the final treatment is done, these are some of the things that the patient needs to observe:

  • Keep away from swimming pools, saunas, and steam rooms in 28 days.
  • The patient will also need to keep off from the sun for 28 days. After that, he or she will have to apply SPF 30–50 sunscreen.
  • Heavy exercises or hard work that requires a lot of energy should also be avoided for some days after the final treatment.
  • The patient also needs to moisturize four days after the final treatment. The scalp also needs to be moisturized after every session of treatment.

Long Term Effects and Scalp Micro Pigmentation Cost

Most medical procedures have risks that depend on the environment and the professionalism of the specialist. It may not be a tattoo, but the ink used in injections enters the skin through using thicker needles. In the long run, this may cause allergies or infections as the ink enters deep inside the skin.


The patient should opt for a professional practitioner as this will reduce the risk involved in getting SMP treatment. Since the procedure is pricey, getting high-quality scalp micro pigmentation is important to avoid future problems.

What You Need to Know About Hair Removal – A Short Guide

What You Need to Know About Hair Removal – A Short Guide


When most people hear about the benefits of using an epilator to get rid of hair on the legs or armpits, they automatically imagine having to resort to such a procedure in order to eliminate hair. While it is true that many epilators are somewhat painful, especially for the first few applications, the huge benefits you stand to enjoy from the use of these hair removal tools far exceed any amount of discomfort that you will endure.


First and foremost, an emulator is far easier to use than waxing or other methods of hair removal that have been used over the course of a long time. Epilators require only a tiny bit of pressure to perform the entire process. Many of the people who have had to deal with painful waxing procedures now prefer to simply use an emulator instead.


While most epilators have different options for removal, there are some that do not. The best epilator products typically include an antibacterial formula which will help to make sure that there is no recurrence of any of the problems that can occur during a hair removal session.


Of course, there is nothing wrong with using a product which can cause hair to grow in places that were not removed in the original treatment. However, if you plan to use an emulator, it is best that you avoid getting a hair replacement product which has been applied to your body. You may find that there are still areas which will need the help of your epilator after using the hair removal cream or lotion.


One of the benefits of using an epilator device is that they are much safer than waxing or shaving. Unlike other hair removal methods, there is no chance that the emulator could catch a cut or Nick in the hair that will allow the hair to grow back. This means that you should be able to enjoy long term results from your emulator sessions.


You should also be aware that these products are not only meant to be used on the legs, but can be worn on any area of your body that you wish to get rid of unwanted hair for a long time. This makes them ideal for people who have not taken care of their hair in years, or even years.


If you choose to have hair removed in this way, you should expect to have to wait about four months before you can wear your hair in the desired areas again. If you use an epilator on the legs every other day, it may take you up to six months to see the results you are hoping for.


With so many benefits that you stand to enjoy from this process, it is easy to see why more people are turning to using emulators to get rid of long term hair. They are the best option when you have tried all of the traditional methods.

However, using an epilator is not an alternative to waxing or shaving, and should not be used as such. Instead, it is a short term solution which can be used for temporary hair removal on those areas of the body which are most troublesome and difficult to treat without it.


If you choose to use an emulator, you will need to ensure that you find the right product to suit your needs. Most of these products are designed to suit both men and women, although you will find that some products are designed specifically for men.


These products are designed to provide you with the same benefits of having hair removed, without the risk of the side effects of anesthetic. Some of these products will come with different creams that can help to moisturize the area and help to keep the area free from any additional irritation that may occur.


However, you should remember that permanent hair removal is not something that you should try to achieve overnight and may take several weeks to achieve the best results. So remember to use the product correctly, and it is unlikely that you will have to wait for weeks before seeing the result you want.


Find a Dentist that can get your Confidence Restored

Find a Dentist that can get your Confidence Restored


Every time you are speaking in front of people, your mouth becomes the center of concentration. It is a human phenomenon that people look towards your mouth while speaking as compared to your eyes. Your mouth is not only used for speaking words, but it plays an important role in facial expressions. Having a healthy mouth is necessary, for personal hygiene, and for conversing confidently in front of people. This cannot be achieved if you have worn out, discolored or broken teeth. Thankfully, there are good dentists available today that can offer you all kinds of dental treatments so that you can confidently speak amongst a group of individuals without worrying about your anything.

Finding a good dentist can be challenging, especially if you have many options to choose from. However, with a little bit of homework, it’s easy find best Kitchener Waterloo Dentists that can offer you best solution to all your dental problems. With a reliable dental service, you can assure yourself to achieve the desired results with any kind of dental procedure. 

A professional dentist will offer the best solutions for your dental needs. Your homework will be to find the best you can to achieve the desired results.

How to choose the Best Dentist to Help You Become Confident?

There are various levels of information that you need to gather before finalizing your dentist. Since they would be dealing with your mouth, you need to be sure that they both reliable and offer all kinds of dental solutions at a cost-effective price. Below are some pointers that can help you choose your dentist easily: –

  • Verify the Dentist’s Level of Training– while go through the selection process, this one of the most important consideration that you must make. For any dentist, a certain level of training is important so that they can handle all kinds of dental procedures in the safest and effective manner. With medical industry adopting to new techniques and procedures, they should be continuously upgrading their education and techniques. This will ensure that you dentist is up to date with the latest technologies to steer through your dental problems easily and get you the confidence you are expecting. Today the techniques are built to offer best results in less time possible with lower healing time. Hence, the dentist you choose should be competent and knowledgeable as per current industry standards.
  • A Good Amount of Experience is a Must– An experienced professional is always safe because they would have the confidence to handle all kinds of dental problems. It requires a lot of experience in the dentistry to understand the exact dental problem and how they would be dealing with it. Finding a good dentistwith good amount of experience and high level of training should be your top priority.
  • Offer All Kinds of Dental Services– Not everyone is looking for repairing a tooth or rectify gum problems. Dental health involves lots of issues and every issue requires a different kind of treatment. While looking for the best dentist in town, just by looking at the services they offer, you can tell their reliability and experience. A good dentist should be equipped with knowledge and tools to handle all kinds of dental problems. Make sure you find everything in one place so that you do not have to wander to different places for other things. While selecting a dentist, you should not only focus on current needs, but should also consider your potential future needs.
  • Location of the Dentist– This factor also plays an important role while selection. Finding a renowned dentist in your areashould be your top priority. There are times when you might need a dentist immediately. In such situations, having a dentist located in your area gives you the convenience of reaching the location fast and get the problem fixed quickly.
  • Cost-Effective– If you are looking for a quality dental service, then you should be ready to spend money accordingly, but should not be something that you cannot afford. Dental procedures are often considered expensive. Even a small dental procedure can make you shed good loads of money. Hence, besides getting the best dentist, you should also consider the payment factor. The fee would depend on the kind of treatment you are looking for. Regular dental procedures usually do not cost much, but if you need to get something done cosmetically, then you should be ready to spend a good amount of money. Hence, it is important to look for dentist that charge reasonable fees and even offer you payment plans that you can keep up with comfortably.



Facts About Nursing Schools That You May Not Know

Facts About Nursing Schools That You May Not Know


A nursing career is said to be one of the most exciting and rewarding careers of all time. But to start with it, you will first have to go to a nursing school. You must be prepared for that because there are several misconceptions surrounding it. To help you out, we have brought here some of the fascinating facts about nursing schools. By reading these points, you will be able to see what all benefits one can get throughout the course. So you can finally reach your destination, find nursing agency in Lincoln, and become a nurse. 


Let’s get started with the details. 


#1 The Courses Are Flexible To Support Students

From the availability of online lectures to fewer students in each class, a nursing course comprises everything you will ever need. So you can easily achieve your educational goals with a nursing career on the side. Plus, the smaller size of classes will help you in maintaining contact with your professors or instructors. It will aid in better learning and resolving all the doubts conveniently. 


Being experienced in the domain, your instructors can also guide you through any career-related confusion that you may face during the course. Overall, the nursing school’s setup is designed to support the students in the best way possible. Therefore, there are little to no chances for you to have any problems during the course. Still, in case you feel stuck at any point in time, you can contact your instructors who will assist you. 


#2 You Can Opt For Specialization

Gone are the days when bedside care was the only option for nursing students. Nowadays, you can opt for various healthcare domains depending on your preferences and future career choices. You can also look for growing fields of nursing to find which one offers a promising career. This will also avoid burnouts and unnecessary stress because you will be studying and practicing what you like. 


In case you are confused about which domain to opt for, you can check out the skillsets required for each of them. It will give an overview of the field. You can then match the skills you already possess and the ones you are keen to learn. According to that, you can pick the most suitable specialization in your nursing course. 


#3 You Will Have Several Options Even After The School

When the term ‘nurse’ comes up, most people imagine a life in the hospital and being surrounded by patients all day long. However, you must know that it depends on you whether or not to choose this type of life. In case you don’t want to become a regular, full-time hospital nurse, you can also opt for agency nursing. It will offer the following benefits to you:

  • Shift Selection: Agency nurses can select the shift hours according to their preferences. So when you go for this option, you won’t have to work for long hours of the hospital. You can simply decide when you want to work. 
  • Better Pay: As agencies don’t have to look after their staff’s management costs, they offer better pay to the nurses. 
  • Variety Of Jobs: With agency nursing, you need not settle with just one type of work. You can perceive different jobs in different places. This is a huge benefit when you have just gotten out of school because you get a chance to explore everything. In case you find some job interesting, you can even settle for that. 
  • Learning: Agency nurses get to learn a lot, which helps them build their resume. That is why it is a great option for you right after completing nursing school. 


But before moving forward with it, you must read everything about agency nursing. 


#4 You Will Have To Spend Some Additional Money

Apart from the basic tuition and housing fees, there may be some more expenses during the entire nursing course. This includes the amount spent on books, medical tools, licensure exams, and other supplies. The positive point here is that these things will remain with you for the rest of your life if you maintain them properly. So you won’t have to invest in them again when you start practicing. 


For example, once you get a stethoscope for study or internship, you can keep it safe for your future practice as well. The same thing goes for scrubs and other equipment pieces. 


All these factors imply that you will have to invest in these things one day or the other. Therefore, you can buy them during school and opt for only high-quality products that won’t get into bad shape soon. 



All in all, we can say that your nursing school journey will be full of fun, learning, and promises. You can read about the benefits of a nursing career, as well. So you will get an idea of how your life will look once you successfully complete your nursing school. 


How to Feel Better and Fresh During Periods? 

How to Feel Better and Fresh During Periods? 


Periods can be difficult and sometimes, terrible. But there is nothing you can do about it as it is an inevitable part of the female anatomy. When periods occur, there is a lot being thrown at your body – from bleeding, cramps, bloating, mood swings, and more. It is normal to feel cranky when you are on your periods. 


There is no set age when a female will have her first period. In the majority of cases, it happens during puberty (12 or 13 years). It can occur every 28 days and usually lasts for 5 days. So, for those who are experiencing periods for the first time, it will take some time for you to get used to it. You will have periods until you reach menopause (the early 40s and late 50s) or you become pregnant. 


You are always advised to visit the Clinic In Tweed Heads for regular check-ups and more information about this change in your life. 


However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot lower your suffering and frustration. Doctors and experts have worked dedicatedly to create some period hacks that can help you feel better and put you at ease on your period. 


With that said, here are some period hacks that will help you cope with PMS. 


Reducing Period Pain


When the period occurs, you may experience pain in your thighs, lower back, or lower abdomen. This is called menstrual cramps or dysmenorrhea. While the cramps are completely normal, the pain can be excruciating. It usually occurs a day or two before your period and can last for a couple of days. Menstrual cramps occur when the uterus releases a hormone called prostaglandin, resulting in muscle contraction within the uterus. The degree of pain and discomfort varies from woman to woman. Some women experience mild symptoms of menstrual cramps, while others have severe symptoms, which includes dizziness, headaches, loose stool, and nausea. You should consult with your concerned doctor if you cannot bear the symptoms. In any case, whether mild or severe, there are some ways using which you can alleviate pain. 


  • Don’t go all sedentary when you have periods. Engage in physical activities as much as possible, like swimming, walking, and running. Doing exercise will help increase the blood flow to your uterus; hence, reducing the effects of menstrual cramps 
  • You can ask your physician to provide you with OTC medication or an anti-inflammatory drug if you cannot bear the pain 
  • Massage your abdomen
  • Provide heat to your lower back or lower abdomen. You can use a hot water bottle, heating bag, or a hot water bag
  • Take a warm bath 

Alleviating Bloating 


Bloating is another major symptom during periods. Bloating usually occurs before periods and may last throughout your period. It may make you feel like you have a swollen and tight abdomen or have gained weight. Nevertheless, there is no cure for bloating during periods, but there are some measures you can take to reduce it altogether. Here is what you need to know: 


  • Catch plenty of sleep because this phase can take a toll on your sleep. Getting proper sleep and rest will help your body to get through your period and repair your mind. Getting at least 8 hours of uninterrupted shut-eye during periods is recommended. 
  • Engage in some physical activities like yoga and workout. Exercise is important as it helps with increased blood flow to the affected areas, thereby reducing the symptoms. 
  • Caffeine intake is a big no when you are on your periods. It not only enhances the effects of bloating but also influences your sleep. Caffeine can irritate your stomach, giving you that bloated, crampy, and achy feeling. So, either you limit your caffeine intake or stop it altogether. Along with caffeine, you should also control your cravings for sweet and carbonated drinks. Carbonated drinks can significantly increase bloating. A generous cup of hot herbal tea like raspberry tea, chamomile tea, peppermint tea, green tea, ginger tea, etc. will help you deal with bloating and feel refreshed. 
  • The types of food you eat during your period also determines how well the phase goes. Irrespective of periods or not, you should always eat healthy. Nevertheless, to counter bloating, you should consume those foods that have low sodium content. Fruits and vegetables are a good choice. Moreover, junk and processed foods can make you balloon. So, avoid them completely. 
  • Last but not least, drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated is the key to feeling less bloated and puffy. If you want, you can drink juices as well that are natural and prepared at home from natural ingredients. 


Some women also struggle with overcoming odour. It is completely natural for your vagina to smell slightly sweet or tangy. Since there are thousands of sweat glands, the odour you smell might be your own musk. But during periods, there is a possibility that the pH of your vagina is imbalanced. This may result in the buildup of bacteria. Therefore, you are advised to invest in a good quality vaginal washing product. This will help you in maintaining the pH balance of your vagina and keep the odour at bay. 


Top 7 Cancer Causing Foods to Avoid

In broad terms, cancer  is a disease caused due to cell abnormalities. But despite all the medical progress today, the exact cause of how these cell abnormalities are caused in an individual is not determinable . The causes of cancer (cell abnormalities) range widely across food patterns, lifestyle, genetic / biological / environmental factors, occupational risks and more. In this crisp article, we will look at the foods that increase the risk of cancer. And surprisingly, we eat some of these bad foods for cancer on a regular basis thus increasing the risk in the long run without realizing. Let’s get straight into the list:

1. Your Favorite Cola & Popcorn:

Popcorn when heated / made in the microwave leads to the breaking of its non-stick coating into perfluorooctanoic acid. This acid has been associated with causing liver and prostate cancer.

Carbonated drinks including the so-called “diet-cokes” and other diet drinks are all shown to feed cancer cells due to its sugar content. Contrary to popular myth, diet sodas are just as damaging to the health as any other soda. Sodas increase a great risk of obesity which in turn leads to a larger risk of colon, kidney, pancreatic, breast cancer among few.

2. Canned Tomatoes:

Fresh tomatoes are loaded with nutrients and are great for health. However, once canned, tomatoes begin to extract the BPA content from the cans due to (the tomatoes’) their high acidic content. Interaction with BPA has been thought to resulting in reproductive complexes, heart diseases and of course, the topic of our discussion – cancer.

3. Diet Foods – Not So Healthy Indeed:

Diet foods are marketed as healthy usually because of limited or zero fat content. However, on the other side, this is compensated with huge content of sugar. And like we’ve seen earlier, sugar can lead to a chain of health risks. Additional tip – sugar is extremely bad for immunity. Research suggests that one teaspoon of sugar instantly drops your energy levels by 50% !! And thus avoid sugar especially during the current Corona crisis in order to prevent the disease. Because the higher the immunity, lower the chances of being affected.

4. Who Doesn’t Love Fried Foods?

We all do. But we cannot be doing more injustice to our body when we over-eat fried foods! Foods fried in hydrogenated oil are a big no-no to health. High consumption of trans fat leads to high risk of cancer, insulin resistance and inflammation.

Potato chips, French fries are very popular snacks which we munch on anytime, anywhere. But eating these too regularly can have irreversible and long term effects. So definitely avoid.

5. White Flour – Too Common Eh?

High glycemic index foods (GI foods) feed to the power of the cancer cells and tumor cells. Thus to maintain an anti-cancer diet, make sure you consume less of high GI foods. Always white flour is one such very commonly used ingredients with high GI index. So cut down on your daily white bread, donuts, crackers etc.

6. Process Meat, Salmon etc.

According to Dr. David Carpenter, Director of the Institute for Health and the Environment at the University of Albany, farmed Salmon is a great deal of cancer risk. Further, processed meats like sausage, hot dogs, bacon etc. contain heavy chemical preservatives in them in order to keep them looking fresh and appealing from the outside. But the content of sodium nitrate in them is linked to cause cancer. Therefore try to choose foods without sodium nitrates.

7. Red Meat, Bad Meat:

Meat-dominant countries are noted to have higher cases of cancer. For example, in the West, an individual is believed to consume about 41kgs of red meat per year. However, consumption of 20kgs (or lesser) red meat is considered to be less riskier in terms of being prone to cancer.

8. Processed & Non Organic Foods:

Going by the same drill as above, processed and non organic foods contain excessive harmful chemicals which cause various health issues as well as increases risk of cancer.

NOTE: These are most cancer causing foods and not an exhaustive list. For example, alcohol is another common consumption that is linked to cancer.

So above are the foods to avoid preventing cancer. While preventing these foods does not ensure that you are safe from cancer, it definitely reduces the risk to a substantial extent. Additionally, many of the common modern day foods not only cause cancer but also pose risk to other prevailing health conditions such as diabetes, cardiac diseases, obesity etc.


Uses of Iodine

The medical industry especially pharmacy are always looking for crude iodine suppliers around the world. This is because of the many benefits of using iodine to treat different problems in the medical industry as well as protect people from ailments.

The medical industry however is not the only one that you will find looking for crude iodine suppliers. Our first use of iodine surprises many because they would never guess that it can be used in that way.

Iodine is Used in LCD

Whether you are reading this on a tablet or off a desktop computer or you have a smartwatch, the LCD screen on these devices utilizes silver iodine. This practice dates back to the time when we used films in cameras. Silver iodine would be added to the film in order to help in the formation of an image.

Today, iodine is still used information of images but these images are digital and appear on LCD screens. These screens have liquid crystals that are sandwiched between 2 films. Iodine is added to a stretched polyvinyl surface that is alcohol-based. The entire process of creating an image over an LCD screen is very similar to the old way of developing a still photo using iodine only that there is the involvement of digitized formation of images.

Protection from Radiation

In case of a nuclear accident, radioactive iodine may be inhaled or consumed and this poses a danger to human beings since the thyroid glands will fail to recognize that radioactive iodine is harmful to the body. To prevent this risk, potassium iodine is used to block the absorption of radioactive iodine into the thyroid glands. The potassium iodide provides the body with the needed dosage of iodine so that the radioactive one will be secreted in the urine instead of being absorbed. This will lower the risk of developing thyroid cancer caused by absorbing radioactive iodine.

It is important that this is only done under the supervision of a medical person and when there is an actual risk of radiation exposure.

Managing Foot Ulcers

Foot ulcers particularly in diabetic patients are a common problem. Research has shown that applying iodine to the sores is beneficial in the management of sores. Some antibiotics are known to impede the healing of wounds so they cannot be put on sores of someone with diabetes. Povidone-iodine however can act as an antiseptic but will not prevent the healing of the ulcers. It has actually been proved to aid in the healing of wounds. It is promoted as a highly effective way to manage ulcers.

Treating Pinkeye in Children

Eye drops that contain iodine have been studied as a possible prevention of pinkeye in newborn babies. The test results showed that these eye drops are highly effective when used on newborns. They can even be used for adults although there are other alternatives that may be more potent when used by adults to prevent as well as treat pinkeye.

Dealing with Mouth Sores

Mouth sores can cause severe discomfort and for some people, they may keep on occurring and making it hard for them to eat or drink. There are different treatments that doctors may prescribe and among the treatments is the use of iodine-based mouthwash. Repeatedly using iodine in mouth wash can aid the healing of sores in the mouth and it can reduce the frequency of these sores appearing. Remember though that sores in the mouth can be an indication of poor dieting or lower immunity so following advice from a doctor to deal with the problem is encouraged.


The most common use of iodine is for nutrition. This is both for humans and animals as cattle also benefit from iodine in their diet which is why they are given some salts. In humans, iodine is known to prevent the development of goiter. The body is unable to produce iodine on its own using other foods and so table salt is usually iodized to provide the needed iodine in the body. Most processed foods can also provide a fair amount of iodine since salt is added to them. The problems associated with reduced iodine in the body affect women more than men. For example, it can cause infertility, mental retardation for babies, and autoimmune disease. Iodine is therefore deliberately added to salt for nutritional purposes.

Iodine is a mineral that has been around for ages and has been used in several ways. Demand for it within the technology world is just as potent as in the medical world which is why finding suppliers for it is important. It is also important to preserve the environment in which iodine develops. Seaweed was first the main source of iodine but other sources within the sea have been discovered and countries are taking stock of their crude iodine reserves to ensure they can keep on providing the mineral whenever it is needed.