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Professionalism in public relation


Professionalism in public relation

Professionalism is the effort put to establish and maintain mutual understanding between an organization and its public. Public Relation is also said to be an combination of philosophy, sociology, economics, languages, psychology, journalism, communication and other knowledge into a system of human understanding.

It is known as public relation is a science that is responsible for managing communication between an organization and society, with the aim of building, managing ad maintaining its positive image.  It is said that its origin go back to antiquity, when tribal societies tried to promote respect for the chief’s authority.

The main objective is to maintain a positive reputation of the brand and maintain a strategic relationship with the public perspective, customers, partners, investors, employees and other stakeholders.  Which leads to positive image of the brand and make it seem important and successful.

There are two major skills required are – one is specific knowledge and the other is an adequate personal makeup on the mental and on the behavioral planes.  The two are interwoven and both are complex composition of several elements.

What a public relations professionals should possess –

A good public relation professional should know how to fight adversity, seize opportunities, pitch stories, maintain a positive image, cultivate strong media connections and build strategy. He knows ……

 It’s hard to listen; easy to talk

It’s hard to agree; easy to argue

It’s hard to give ;easy to take 

It’s hard to build; easy to destroy.

The scope of Public Relations in today’s world.

The scope of public relation is wide and also include political field, entrepreneurs, teachers political leaders social workers, religious leaders and leaders are all involved day in and out. its a tool in production, marketing and finance.

Today public relation is accepted by all business organization and by non-business organization as well.  There is plenty of scope to reach out to the student population to help industry and institution building, and the promotion and development of citizenship are vital and should be instilled into the community.

The tools that were available to Public Relation practitioners in the past were relatively few.  Development of software for satellite communication is a great challenge for all those who want to communicate.  The television and radio which have proved to be of immense influence in developed countries. The spread of literacy has made the written word much more meaningful.

A public relation practitioner should be sufficiently competent to be welcomed into the policy making level of the institution which he has been called upon to serve.

Wrong use of public relation has aroused criticism.  The actual strength of public relation lies in its looseness, flexibility  and informal approach. A public relation practitioner should not misuse his power and potential. A public relation person should anticipate opportunities of an organization with proper preliminary planning and guidance ,these become the most tangible phase of the company. The tools of public relations are – publicity, advertising, printed materials, employee activities, stockholder reports and company publications.

Public relation is a hardnosed operation and blessed are the men who are in this professional public relation area. It’s very important to present himself as a competent and trustworthy individual. Professionalism is  essential as it is a core ethical values of practice of public relation, including advocacy, honesty, loyalty, professional development and objectivity.



Vital Benefits of Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits at a Glance!

Short term fixed deposit investments had gone down by 3.25% during the demonetisation in the financial year 2017. Interestingly, this rate has come up over the following years with fixed deposits investments currently contributing the lion’s share of basic statistical returns of financial institutions. With numerous investors choosing fixed deposits as their mode of investment, it is important that they also understand the different benefits which are offered.

Numerous financial institutions offer these secured investment options. Only a few like Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits have additional benefits that make the investments especially advantageous. These features must be understood properly to avail the maximum benefits under these investment plans.

  • High returns: Fixed deposit investments offer high returns to their investors. Any investor opting to invest with Bajaj Finance can avail high returns, which goes up to 8.10% per annum. Numerous factors determine this rate of interest on FDs. It generally includes the age of the investor, existing accounts with the financial institution, etc. Even NRI deposits are offered at high interest rates, provided they fulfil the necessary criteria.
  • Low minimum deposit amount: As an investment option, fixed deposit accounts are exceptionally secure. This security makes it a good investment option especially for mid-level earners who do not have to worry about the losses. Consequently, a low minimum investment amount beginning at Rs.25,000 is offered by this NBFC so that any interested individual can invest in these schemes. It can go up to Rs.5 crore.
  • Easy renewal: Easy renewal options allow investors to extend their fixed deposit investment tenor, thereby increasing the profit margin. Potential investors who can plan their finances well ahead can also opt for auto-renewal facility. This feature allows an individual to avoid the hassle of applying for renewal by essentially activating it while investing the first time.
  • Option for multi-deposit: Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits allow investors to invest in multiple fixed deposit accounts using a single cheque. Essentially, this saves the hassle of handling numerous cheques and financial details. Additionally, in case the investor requires financial aid suddenly, they can simply withdraw one account. This allows other investments to stay intact and generate revenue.
  • Loan options: An exclusive feature offered by only a few financial institutions, Bajaj Finance allows investors to avail high-value loan amounts against their fixed deposit accounts.

Usually, the loan amount that is offered goes up to Rs.4 lakh. It is helpful because while the investment is intact on one hand, investors can still avail financial aid in cases of emergencies. It is important that investors understand how a loan against FD works before applying for this line of credit.

  • Easy application: The application procedure along with several payment options ensure that investors do not have to go through any hassle while they invest their money. Investors can simply apply online to open a Bajaj Finance FD.

Additionally, numerous payment options allow investors to choose the most convenient method for themselves. Even NRI deposits can be easily availed as only a few additional documents are required.

  • Convenient tenor option: Investors can choose a convenient tenor for their investment since flexible tenors are offered by this financial institution. They have the option to choose any length of duration for the maturity of their FD account, ranging from 1 year to 5 years.
  • Senior citizen and existing customer benefits: Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits are offered with additional perks and benefits for senior citizens and existing customers.

While potential investors can check out the benefits of Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits, they should also make it a point to calculate the exact revenue that can be generated on their investment. It is easy to calculate the total amount they will get at the time of maturity by using an online fixed deposit calculator.

Any potential investor worried about how to use Bajaj Finance FD calculator should be assured of ease of use. This allows investors to plan their finances based on accurate details of their revenue generation.


Author Bio:
Gaurav Khanna is an experienced financial advisor, digital marketer, and writer who is well known for his ability to predict market trends. Check out his blog at HighlightStory

How to Withdraw EPF Balance Online: Simple Steps to Follow

The Employment Provident Fund (EPF) is considered as one of the safest methods to create an accumulated corpus of savings throughout their employment. This savings scheme includes contribution both from the employer and the employee’s end, meant to fund the financial requirements of individuals post-retirement.

Applicants who wish to withdraw from their EPF account after retirement can enjoy the total PF balance along with the employer’s contribution and the accrued interest. Senior citizens can re-invest their acquired corpus in FDs and manage their finances judiciously. It stands as the most recommended investment schemes for senior citizens thanks to the lucrative features and benefits on offer. Financial institutions and NBFCs offer a special interest rate on the prevailing rate and can reap best returns on their invested money.

Things to know about EPF withdrawal

An individual, who wishes to withdraw his PF account, for the sake of not transferring his account while switching his job should be aware of specific steps, following which one, can easily withdraw their EPF balance. EPF Withdrawal process can be achieved in two ways – online mode and offline mode.

To withdraw the EPF amount online, the account holder needs to make sure if the UAN number needs to be activated first. A common issue faced by most individuals, they can easily do so by submitting the KYC documents and updating them on the EPFO portal.

In most cases, the UAN number is provided to the employee on their salary receipts by the employer. Individuals who do not have their UAN number activated can follow easy steps mentioned below –

  • The individual has to visit the EPFO website and click on the “For Employers” option.
    Click on to the “Our Services” tab.
  • On the device screen, under “our services” segment, the option “Member UAN/Online services” will be displayed, the individual has to click on to that, to get redirected on the UAN portal and click on to “Activate your UAN.”
  • The applicant would be provided with an application form which he has to fill and generate the access pin to activate their UAN number.
  • The applicant will receive an SMS from EPFO confirming the successful completion of the UAN activation process.
  • The individual has to note down the authorized PIN provided to them through SMS to access their EPF account.
  • Using a UAN number on the EPFO portal, the applicant has to file for his EPF withdrawal claim.

Steps for online withdrawal of EPF account

The online procedures to withdraw EPF balance online are elucidated below –

  • The applicant has to login to the EPFO portal and enters their UAN number and password.
    After the verification of the KYC documents by clicking on the “manage” tab, the applicant has to visit the “our services” tab and click on to the “claim “option.
  • After this the applicant will be given options to choose among the types of withdrawals he/she would want to avail; the applicant has to select between partial or full withdrawal according to their preference. On that note, the types of withdrawal will be displayed on the screen only if the applicant is eligible to avail the options.
  • The claim request will be directed to the employer for approval.  The amount will be credited to the account of the applicant within 10 days of the employer’s consent.

Applicants after their EPF withdrawal can find ways to strengthen their finances, by re investing their collated amount in fixed deposits. It offers an interest rate that is higher than other savings schemes, along with an added rate per cent for the senior citizens.

Financial institutions and NBFCs like Bajaj Finance offers Fixed Deposit with up to 8.70% return that helps in a steady growth of the corpus together with a fixed interest rate.  It also facilitates the investors with an option to withdraw their amount before the end of the tenor or take a loan against the deposit to meet their financial requirements.

The applicant, instead of choosing EPF withdrawal, can opt for partial recovery of the amount from the account to avail immediate financial assistance. Partial EPF withdrawal is approved and permitted by the EPFO department only on specific occasions, including –

  • Marriage.
  • Face-lifting of residential space.
  • Higher education.
  • Repayments of loan debts.
  • Construction of living spaces.

Individuals should not delay in initiating the process of PF withdrawal after quitting their job, to avoid unlawful confiscation of their savings due to adulteration and forgeries.

Sino- US trade relations strained as China raises tariff on US goods


Sino- US trade relations strained as China raises tariff on US goods

Trade relations between China and USA have further hit rock bottom as China, on Saturday, raised tariffs to maximum 25 percent on billions worth of US goods. 

As per an official statement by the Customs Tariff Commission of the State Council, the new tariff will range between 10 % -25 %. The list of goods includes sports equipment, beauty products, condoms, diamonds, musical instruments, wood, wine, toys and fabric.

Retaliatory measure

This step is said to be taken in response to the additional tariff imposed by the Trump administration on $200 Billion Chinese goods from 10 per cent to 25 percent. As a result of the tariff hike, the export of agricultural products from China to the US shrank by a huge margin.

The US China trade is undergoing a massive trade deficit with China’s export totaling 539 billion USD and US exports totaling 120 billion USD. This deficit is having an impact on the economies of both the countries as business industries reliant on the concerned commodities are suffering.

Sino- US trade relations strained as China raises tariff on US goods

Chain of events

There has been a series of events intensifying the trade war between the two nations.

Recently, Chinese tech giant Huawei has been blacklisted by the US and has been banned from doing business with US firms. As a result, Huawei, the second largest smart phone maker in the world may have restricted or no access to components from US companies for its products and services. These may include some key Google android Software which would impact the smartphone shipments and it may have to find alternate sources for the same. The ban may also hinder Huawei’s development process of 5G network as it requires components made by American firms like Skyworks.

In response to the Huawei ban, China said it would release a blacklist of its own of unreliable foreign companies and individuals and stop business with them. It also said that it is considering stopping the export of rare-earth metals to the US. These are a key component of I phones and hi-tech missile guidance systems in America. In the past few years US has imported more than 50% of rare Earth compounds from China. If China resorts to strict measures, US might have to look for alternate measures.

Before that China took a huge step of putting US Soy buying on hold as a result of the tariff war. China is world’s largest soya bean buyer. Restricting soya bean imports from the US might not affect China as much as it would affect the US farmers. As per a Chinese policy maker’s statement, China could find ways to diversify its soy production and look for import from other countries. However, it might be difficult for US farmers to regain the Chinese market once lost.

Way forward

With several conflicts rising between the two nations, potential solution is nowhere to be seen in near future. However, leaders of both the nations, Donald Trump and Xi Jinping are expected to meet for the G20 Summit in June end. It is hoped that both the countries are able to reach a trade consensus during the meet.

Author Biography– Saloni Jain is a freelance content writer with an extensive experience in health, fashion,travel and lifestyle. She herself enjoys exploring new places and cultures.She firmly believes that unbiased and unprejudiced writing is a very good medium to connect people from almost any background.