WordPress Dynamic XML Sitemap Without Plugin

WordPress Dynamic XML Sitemap Without Plugin

After logging into WordPress dashboard go to Appearance > Editor from the menu at the left hand side.

Now locate the functions.php file

The location to the file may look like : /home/username/public_html/wp-content/themes/currently_active_theme/functions.php

Make a local backup of this file in case anything goes wrong and you may need to revert to previous stable code.

click on it to begin editing it.

Put this below code in your functions.php to to Add WordPress XML Sitemap Without Plugin


add_action(“publish_post”, “eg_create_sitemap”);
add_action(“publish_page”, “eg_create_sitemap”);
function eg_create_sitemap() {
$postsForSitemap = get_posts(array(
‘numberposts’ => -1,
‘orderby’ => ‘modified’,
‘post_type’ => array(‘post’,’page’),
‘order’ => ‘DESC’
$sitemap = ‘<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>’;
$sitemap .= ‘<?xml-stylesheet type=”text/xsl” href=”sitemap-style.xsl”?>’;
$sitemap .= ‘<urlset xmlns=”″>’;
foreach($postsForSitemap as $post) {
$postdate = explode(” “, $post->post_modified);
$sitemap .= ‘<url>’.
‘<loc>’. get_permalink($post->ID) .'</loc>’.
‘<lastmod>’. $postdate[0] .'</lastmod>’.
$sitemap .= ‘</urlset>’;
$fp = fopen(ABSPATH . “sitemap.xml”, ‘w’);
fwrite($fp, $sitemap);


Next copy existing template  as  /home/username/public_html/wp-content/themes/currently_active_theme/

so for us our path is /SHAREASKCOM_1/wp-content/themes/share-askchild

Next name copied file as sitemap here  /home/username/public_html/wp-content/themes/currently_active_theme/sitemap

so for us our path is /SHAREASKCOM_1/wp-content/themes/share-askchild/sitemap

Now find </header> in the new file sitemap and paste below code after </header>

<div class=”html-sitemap”>

<ul class=”sitemap-pages”>
wp_list_pages(‘exclude=889&title_li=’); //***Exclude page Id, separated by comma. I excluded the sitemap of this blog (page_ID=889).

$cats = get_categories(‘exclude=’); //***Exclude categories by ID, separated by comma if you like.

foreach ($cats as $cat) {
echo ‘<li class=”category”>’.”\n”.'<h3><span class=”grey”>Category: </span>’.$cat->cat_name.'</h3>’.”\n”;
echo ‘<ul class=”cat-posts”>’.”\n”;

query_posts(‘posts_per_page=-1&cat=’.$cat->cat_ID); //-1 shows all posts per category. 1 to show most recent post.

// ; ;
// ;
// ;
while(have_posts()): the_post();
$category = get_the_category();
//Display a post once, even if it is in multiple categories/subcategories. Lists the post in the first Category displayed.
if ($category[0]->cat_ID == $cat->cat_ID) {?>
<li><?php the_time(‘M d, Y’)?> &raquo; <a href=”<?php the_permalink() ?>” title=”Permanent Link to: <?php the_title(); ?>”>
<?php the_title(); ?></a> (<?php comments_number(‘0’, ‘1’, ‘%’); ?>)</li>
<?php } //endif
endwhile; //endwhile
<?php } ?>
<ul class=”sitemap-archives”>


This will give us WordPress XML Sitemap Without Plugin

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PRP Surgery for Hair Loss: Effectiveness and Success Rate

Hair loss is a medical condition that affects not only your physical appearance but also your self-confidence. If you are dealing with hair loss, you feel depressed and stigmatized because you think you are not worthy. If you have sought several treatments and are not giving you the results you are looking for, you can try out PRP for hair loss. 

Today, we will be discussing PRP hair loss treatment to help you find out its effectiveness and success. With this information, you can make an informed decision when seeking hair restoration treatments. Read on for more insights. 

What is PRP Treatment? 

In our blood, various compounds help to sustain life and make us healthy and strong. The three major components found in the blood are red blood cells, white blood cells, and plasma. The red blood cells help carry oxygen throughout the body, the white blood cells help to fight pathogens that cause diseases, and plasma helps the body heal after any tissue damage. Plasma contains tiny cells called platelets, which help to promote cell growth. Let’s focus on the plasma compound to understand how PRP for hair loss works. 

PRP for Hair Loss Treatment 

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. PRP therapy is meant to treat hair loss and injuries that involve damage to the muscles, ligaments, and joints. Platelet-rich plasma is drawn from the patient and injected into the injured area to speed up cell generation and promote healing. Plasma also forms blood clots in injuries to stop bleeding. 

To extract the platelet-rich plasma, the doctor will draw floodwater from the patient and place the blood sample in a centrifuge machine, spinning it at great speeds. Spinning the blood rapidly divides the blood into three layers: the red blood cells, platelet-rich plasma, and platelet-poor plasma. Since the doctor only needs the platelet-rich plasma, he will draw this blood compound using a syringe. After that, the doctor will inject the platelet-rich plasma into the patient’s scalp to promote hair growth. Plasma contains growth factors that help to generate new cells in our bodies.

In PRP treatments for hair loss, one theory suggests that PRP injection increases blood supply to the hair follicles. This helps give the hair the nutrients it needs to grow in thickness around the area suffering from hair loss. PRP is not a one-time treatment, as the patient will need to go back to the doctor for a touch-up session after several months. However, this makes the scalp tender. 

Their PRP treatment for treating hair loss can also work with other hair treatment methods such as the FUE or FUT hair transplant procedure. The hair transplant procedure involves removing hair follicles from the area in the scalp that has healthy hair. The doctor then transfers the harvested hair follicles to areas that don’t grow hair. This helps to treat hair loss permanently. Combining PRP therapy and the hair transplant procedure makes it easier to grow thick hair in a short amount of time. You will get the best results when you combine PRP treatments for hair loss and hair transplantation. 

There hasn’t been enough steadies done to establish the effectiveness of PRP and how it works exactly. It is also not clear who is eligible for this kind of hair treatment and why. It is hard to tell the success rate of PRP for hair loss. However, a key contributor to PRP success is the number of platelets found in the patient’s body. 

The Side Effects of PRP for Hair Loss 

Since the doctor only extracts abs using blood from the patient, the risk of infections is reduced. The patient’s blood is drawn and put into a centrifuge machine to produce PRP. Since the doctor uses injections to treat the patients, risks are bound to be there. Here are some of them:

  • Calcification at the injection points 
  • Infection
  • Injury to the nerves or blood vessels 
  • Scar tissue

The patient may also develop allergies towards anesthesia, which may pose a PRP risk for hair loss. For this reason, if you want to go for this hair loss treatment method, it is good to seek first the doctor’s advice on whether you are a good candidate.


PRP for hair loss is a new concept in hair restoration. Although there isn’t enough research done to tell how effective it is, the majority who have undergone this therapy say that it is effective. If you need the best results that guarantee thick hair in a short time, then you can combine PRP with the hair transplant procedure. 

Remove query strings from static resources without wordpress plugin

Way toRemove query strings from static resources without wordpress plugin

After logging into WordPress dashboard go to Appearance > Editor from the menu at the left hand side.

Now locate the functions.php file

The location to the file may look like : /home/username/public_html/wp-content/themes/currently_active_theme/functions.php

Make a local backup of this file in case anything goes wrong and you may need to revert to previous stable code.

click on it to begin editing it.

Put this below code in your functions.php to to Remove query strings from static resources without wordpress plugin


function _remove_script_version( $src ){
$parts = explode( ‘?ver’, $src );
return $parts[0];
add_filter( ‘script_loader_src’, ‘_remove_script_version’, 15, 1 );
add_filter( ‘style_loader_src’, ‘_remove_script_version’, 15, 1 );

This will Remove query strings from static resources without wordpress plugin

Let me know if you have any Query

How a Creative Dubai Agency Can Help Businesses

A corporation’s ability to effectively sell to its target audience involves the collaboration of several media outlets. Mobile apps and websites work in unison to enhance user experiences through the usage of holistic data. Businesses must employ a trustworthy Dubai-based creative agency to maintain their websites and other forms of communication. 

Those who hire a creative advertising agency in Dubai will get an assurance that their apps and websites will be able to attract visitors successfully over time. Quality of work and better results are possible only by reputed agencies. Along with the apps, these agencies have professionals to prepare unique site designs as well. Web developers ensure that the backend of such a website or app works properly. With expert coders available, any website- related problem can be fixed in a hassle-free manner. 

Building a Brand

Developing and presenting a top quality website is part of the client’s brand building activities. The best web designers understand that quality of design has to be consistent in order to make a positive impression. Use of cutting edge fabrics and a few films as videos would help paint a clearer brand picture. One of the strategies is to select the right colors for web design since these are responsible for influencing the page visitor’s emotions. Colors such as orange are mostly indicative of youthful energy. Customers invariably look up to their favorite brands for inspiration and encouragement. 

Across Various Platforms

Clients must be able to access business applications across a number of platforms. Due to the fact that smartphones are used more commonly for the Internet than desktops and laptops, creative agencies have to come up with campaigns for several platforms. While Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS are the best operating systems, for smartphones, Windows is also viable.

Customers will invariably value any business that can deliver a truly amazing experience across all platforms on a consistent basis. In addition to application compatibility, it is equally important to have effective UI-UX (User Interface- User Experience) for allowing the brand to achieve its goals. 

Digital Marketing and the Passage of Time

With the passage of time, the way businesses interact with their customers has also undergone a change. Traditional marketing has retreated, and with any firm desiring a great visual impact, the importance of digital marketing has increased. It helps clients who have their own brands to explore and develop new techniques for revitalizing their businesses.

The Internet has been responsible for development of a whole new market. Digital marketing has become the de facto standard for a successful business, and for companies that do not participate, their businesses will stagnate in the future. Every business will be able to benefit from a plethora of growth options available through this marketing medium. It is highly capable of leading towards more exposure and sales. If increasing profit is not the primary objective of a business, then what is?

Digital marketing makes sure that only the fittest survive in the market. Without a social media presence, brands will definitely feel lost in today’s chaotic world. 

Event Coverage Through Videos and Photos

Leading creative agencies in Dubai are also able to offer top quality videography and photography services. They employ seasoned crews who are adept to ensure that all important moments are covered in a flawless manner. Considering the number of events that take place in Dubai, Sharjah, and the rest of UAE, this service is most useful. Years of experience in these fields ensure that the professionals always have high quality equipment. They are also armed with proper knowledge about a variety of industries. 

Facebook Advertising is an Absolute Must

Facebook has upwards of a billion users every day, which makes for a tremendous audience for every company. Receiving just a fraction of this attention would be a boon for any advertiser. Since social media such as Facebook influences buyer decision, it really pays to have a presence here. Interestingly though, Facebook’s algorithm has been directing more attention towards videos than pictures and text. The opportunity to advertise through these videos is not just lucrative, but it is also unique. 

Many Facebook users now access it through smartphones, instead of laptops and desktops. It is this reason that has led the company to optimize videos for the small screen. Many of the videos on this social media site are watched without sound, although these still convey marketing messages. In a similar manner, YouTube has videos from all companies and a variety of users. After reaching a particular number of video hours and visitors, companies start paying channel owners to advertise their products in the videos. 

Such a system of video marketing is completely unprecedented and has taken companies all over the world by storm. Creative advertising agencies are able to keep pace with such changes.   

Add Defer and Async Attributes to Render Blocking Javascript in wordpress without plugin

How to Add Defer and Async Attributes to Render Blocking Javascript

After logging into WordPress dashboard go to Appearance > Editor from the menu at the left hand side.

Now locate the functions.php file

The location to the file may look like : /home/username/public_html/wp-content/themes/currently_active_theme/functions.php

Make a local backup of this file in case anything goes wrong and you may need to revert to previous stable code.

click on it to begin editing it.

Put this below code in your functions.php to to Add Defer and Async Attributes to Render Blocking Javascript

function js_async_attr($tag){

# Add async to all remaining scripts
return str_replace( ‘ src’, ‘ defer=”defer” src’, $tag );
add_filter( ‘script_loader_tag’, ‘js_async_attr’, 10 );

This will Add Defer and Async Attributes to Render Blocking Javascript in wordpress without plugin

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How to Remove the […] from the excerpt without plugin

Steps to Remove the […] from the excerpt without plugin

After logging into WordPress dashboard go to Appearance > Editor from the menu at the left hand side.

Now locate the functions.php file

The location to the file may look like : /home/username/public_html/wp-content/themes/currently_active_theme/functions.php

Make a local backup of this file in case anything goes wrong and you may need to revert to previous stable code.

click on it to begin editing it.

Put this below code in your functions.php to remove the […] at the end of the excerpt.

function trim_excerpt($text) {
return substr($text, 0, -11);
add_filter(‘get_the_excerpt’, ‘trim_excerpt’);

This will remove ellipsis in wordpress excerpt without plugin

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Internal Link Building with SEO Smart Links

SEO Smart Links  Internal Link Building Tricks

what are smart links

So one of the things that helps with on-page SEO is internal building. I’m going to show you plugin that does this automatically for you which is also referred as seo auto linker. Let’s check it out! I’m going to share with you a plugin that I like to use called SEO Smart Links and to genuinely demonstrate how the results of this work I’m going to go to a website called and

I’m going to go to the lesson’’ and you can see right here there are links that are auto generated, say for’ ‘.

These are all wordpress automatic links or smart links that are autogenerated with SEO Smart Links plugin that I use and these are basically is linked to pages within the same website and internal post.This is very important because it can help your readers stay within your website and continue to read content and it helps with your search engine optimization.

So, let’s just basically demonstrate you how to install this SEO Smart Links.

You’ll want to go inside your dashboard and you’ll wishes to click on’ PLUGINS’ and click’ ADD NEW’ and then you’ll wishes to form in “seo smart links”. Okay so now when you get to SEO Smart Links and you search for it you’ll wishes to stimulate assured that you pick the right ones. There’s one about SEO Smart Links+ and seo smart links premium and the one you want to select is by Vladmir Prelovac, it’s the second one, version 2.78.

Steps to install this SEO Smart Links.

We’re going to go ahead and click’ INSTALL NOW ‘, click’ OK’ and then click’ ACTIVATE ‘. Okay so that’s all you have to do with SEO Smart Links. It basically will read your blog post titles or page titles and any time that keyword appears up it’s going to basically link to it. So for example, I have a webpage called “Insanity Nutrition Guide” and I want keyword Nutrition Guide to be linked everywhere this word occurs in my website .

Now every single hour that this word comes up in a blog post or blog page it’s going to automatically link to this keyword . So whatever page you want to autolink just create a certain name, so for example, if i want to link  to this keyword Workout Program . Then with the help of SEO Smart Link internal building Plugin you can see it automatically link any keyword you want to link. SEO Smart Links actually do your internal linking an easier process so check it out ..

SEO Smart Link internal link building wordpress plugin tutorial

As found on Youtube

Hairline Lowering Surgery: How Much is it Effective?

Hair loss happens in many ways and can affect a person in different areas of the scalp. One of these conditions include hair thinning at the front scalp. This causes the hairline to go up. It also makes your forehead look big, which is a turn off to many. Another hair loss condition that may cause a high hairline is the male or female pattern baldness. Whatever the cause, a high hairline affects both the facial beauty and psychological health of a person. It lowers self-esteem, making a person feel lowly of himself or herself. 

If you have a high hairline, you should know that you can get rid of this condition by getting a hairline lowering surgery procedure. Many cosmetic doctors use this hair loss treatment method to reduce the protrusion of the forehead or move the hairline down a no make the forehead appear small. Today, we want to explore the hairline lowering surgery to have a clear understanding of what it means and how it is done. We usually write these articles to help you find proper ways to treat your hair loss. 

The first thing we need to know before showing you how a hairline surgery if done I’d to give you several factors that leads to a high hairline 

Before we look into that, let’s understand the factors that contribute to a high hairline. A high hairline is brought about by several factors, including having a brow lift, hair thinning, female or male pattern baldness, hair thinning, a scar from surgery, coronal brow lift treatment. Everyone needs to know the cause to seek proper attention. That said, let’s look at how a hairline lowering surgery is done. 

What Does a Hairline Lowering Surgery Entail 

The only way you can reduce the effects of a high hairline is to lower the hairline. This hair loss procedure is done using a minor surgery called hairline lowering. The surgeon doing such a procedure focuses on three things: the patient’s needs, the scalp skin laxity, and the hairline height. More often, a hairline surgery is done after a facial feminization surgery. 

Who Should Have Hairline Surgery?

  • Before opting for a hairline lowering surgery, you need to confirm with your doctor first to know whether the surgery will work out well for you. Here are some pointers to help you:
  • The majority of people who go for a hairline lowering surgery are women because they are more likely to get a more natural look. Although men can also have it, it works better for women than men. 
  • Hairline surgery also works well for women who have high hairlines that make their foreheads look large. 
  • For men who want to undergo this procedure, they mustn’t have any history of hair loss because it will affect the outcome of the hairline lowering surgery negatively. 
  • Those wishing to undergo a hairline lowering surgery should have a flexible forehead skin that can be stretched forward to bring down the hairline. 

Techniques Used in Hairline Lowering 

The doctor can use two of the available techniques of hairline lowering procedures. One of these techniques involves extracting hair follicles from an area in the scalp that has thick hair. The doctor then implants the hair in front of the hairline, bringing the hairline down a bit. This will reduce the size of the forehead and restore hair around the forehead. This method doesn’t need surgery. The doctor can use the follicular unit extraction method where small tiny holes are made so that the surgeon can implant hair follicles without incisions. 

Another way to performing a hairline lowering procedure is removing a layer of skin on the forehead about 2-3 centimeters. After that, the doctor can then stretch the skin forward and therefore, lowering the hairline. This method involves minor surgery. This means that it will leave a scar. However, when hair starts to grow, it will cover the scar. In this kind of hairline lowering technique, the patient needs to have a flexible forehead skin to make it easier for the doctor to stretch it forward. 


If your hair starts thinning around the forehead, it means that your hairline will go up and make your forehead look large. Hairline lowering procedure provides the best way to lower the hairline. However, you need to consult your doctor to confirm whether you are eligible for this kind of hair loss treatment. It also offers a permanent way to treat hair loss, and you only need to undergo it once. That is all you need to know about hairline lowering surgery. 

Discussion on Various Types of Flow Sensors

A flow sensor is a device used to gauge the flow rate of a fluid. On the other hand, a Flow controller is an electric tool that monitors and keeps the flow rate variables in a process. If you wish to know more about the diverse designs of flow sensors, sit back and relax. Below is a discussion on flow sensor types.

Magnetic Flow Sensor

The magnetic sensors work under the law that states that a conductor’s motion in a magnetic field induces a voltage. These devices comprise a flow pipe that produces a magnetic field in the tube. They also have an electronic converter that gauges induced voltage. 

Magnetic flow sensors have no force drop and no parts that are bound to wear out. That is because there is nil obstruction such as viscosity, solids, and contaminants in the tube. These flow sensors are viral and have very accurate results. But, to keep the precise output, you need to ensure that your sensor has a flow rate of more than 1.5 fps. One of the main drawbacks to this sensor is that it requires a conductive fluid to operate.

Laser-Doppler Sensors

These devices are a bit different from other sensors since they gauge the flow rate at a point and not the whole area like other devices. Usually, they are used to scan a flow field to get specific data. These sensors work under a law that entails the crossing of two laser beams in the flow field. In return, it creates a barrier fringe pattern with alternating light and dark regions.

If the flow moves through these patterns, the light reflected by particles in the fluid follows the light density and variations, brighter and darker. Did you know that the frequency of the cyclic variation is directly related to the speed flow?

Laser-Doppler gauges the speed in mm per second range at the low end and a little thousand m/sec at the high end. These devices are ideal for following the significant speed transients since they give very accurate readings.

Vortex Flow Sensors

The vortex flow meters define the flow from a blunt object’s viscosity effects in a flowing stream. When the liquid moves through the object, vortices are created from one side of the item to the other regularly.

By sensing the rate of vortex passage, you can get a gauge of the flow speed. Several sensor dealers have tried to invent new methods to detect the vortex passage. Some have failed, while others have succeeded. Piezoelectric crystal element is one of the compelling methods introduced in the market. This device senses the induced strain in the shedder bar. A diaphragm force sensor is also a new method used to detect the vortex passage. It is found beyond the shedder bar. The two sensors give an accurate result and have an excellent dynamic range.

Positive-displacement Meter

The PD meters give the ultimate in volumetric accuracy. Yet, they need most barriers with the flow stream.

In a nutshell, these devices operate like the hydraulic or pneumatic motor. They have an output shaft of the motor-like tool driving the readout. These meters are ideal for very high forces since they are similar to pneumatic and hydraulic motors. One of the main merits of using this meter is that it can discern shallow flow, down to little cc per minute. It also gives accurate results with a dynamic range and can move in two directions. DP sensors can be placed in any place of your choice, making it ideal for all fluids.

Orifice-plate Flow Sensor

Orifice sensor is the most used device in the industry. It is a circular plate inserted in a tube with a round hole drilled in the plate center. The hole must match the system flow range and traits. The force taps on every side of the orifice plate gauge the force gulf, and a wire creates a sign that is the same as the square of flow rate.

Since the link between the flow and the force entails a square root, the gulf drops off quickly as the flow lowers. That makes this sensor have a limited dynamic range and a varying accuracy depending on the flow rate.

Rotameter Sensors

These unique types of variable meters are widely used in the industry. They come with a tapered tube in which a float is held by the fluid moving up in the box. When the rate of flow rises, the float is lifted higher in the tapered pipe. That is due to the greater orifice area needed around the float to spread the moving fluid. These sensors are ideal for low force flow readings.

Final Thoughts

When searching for the right flow sensor, look for factors such as viscosity of the fluid, type of fluid being gauged, cleanliness, and conductivity. You can also check the accuracy and installation of the sensor itself, to mention but a few. The flow controller is ideal for counting items or monitoring air velocity.