Best VLC Media player equalizer settings

VLC Media player equalizer settings

Why need for best  settings for VLC Media player
vlc equalizer settings for movies
Big Brands like BeatsAudio and Audiophile grade headphones exist only because there’s a massive demand from FANS who really need to experience song, as they want to feel the song created by the artists and that feeling of being there right inside the studio while magic is being made.
whilst you are hearing track you are frequently listening to compressed great tracks and few people like me who concentrate to FLAC or WAV track i.e. lossless track recognize that our default media players and their default settings aren’t that incredible to experience tune in it’s pristine glory.
But with few software side enhancements and hints you can make your tune sound higher and the usage of precise first-class headphones/earphones additionally helps in improving the general sound nice of the song which you are experiencing.
So here are a few tweaks for all the ones those who use VLC Media player both on home windows, Mac or Linux, these settings might be same for all .

  • Start up your VLC Media player.
  • Now visit Tools > Effects and Filters > Audio Effects Tab
  • Now go to the Graphics Equalizer tab to enable it.
  • Now take a look at the two-pass option. In the graphics equalizer tab select the “POP” preset, this makes your song sound warmer and some what natural, however if you decide on heavy bass then you can select the “Full Bass” preset.
  • Visit the Compressor tab and enable it after which close it.
  • In case you want to play with the slide bar controls you can do  and would definitely give a richer tone to most of your music!best VLC media player settings for watching movies

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