Should You Go For best Free Hosting Or Paid Hosting?

 Free Hosting Or Paid Hosting

The newcomers to online business markets are always in the search for cheap web host and yes that is the major concern too. So, in that state of mind the term ‘free hosting’ woes them. But is it beneficial to go with the free hosting to start your online career or putting your business online?

Have you ever thought why free hosting brands are proving you such service and what are their benefits? If not, then it is time to re-think to go about best Free Hosting and paid hosting services. So, this post would be very beneficial for all newcomers.

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Should You Go For best Free Hosting Or Paid Hosting ?
My answer to this question is a big no. ABig No to the people who want to make their presence online, earn money and become successful. However, a slight yes is there for the people who like to blog just for their fun and sharing experiences. I mean to say the people who don’t have any concern to bring their blog into others’ attention should only go for free hosting services.
Free Hosting has many disadvantages and you will find out each and every one with the progress of this post. The best Free Hosting websites have bought their servers too and they just pull out the money invested into servers by using your blog.
Amazed? Yes! The free hosting websites show advertisements on to your blog. And why not they show, you yourself have opted for the free solution. It provides you a blog name (as per your desire) with extension of free hosting label. So, if you have start blog to support your professional business, then it can be very disappointing to the visitors.
Moreover, the advertisements shown on your blog can be irrelevant too. Suppose you have started blog to setup online business of a product and suppose if the advertisement is also being shown of the same product of some other brand, then the visitor will get confused which to buy and the competition increases.
On the other hand, the paid hosting do lightens your pocket with few dollars every month but they provide the worthy service to you. You have secured backup of your hosting in paidhosting. Suppose if the free hosting brand chooses to close their service, then what will you do? Whole data of your blog will be in vain. Your blog name will also be removed.
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However, if the same problem occurs in paid hosting, you can easily retrieve the backup of your website and put it onto new hosting brand. Also, since you have to buy paid hosting, you have a professional domain name. So! No worries.
Moreover, the paid hosting packages provide you services like unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains hosting and unlimited file transfer. These features are not available in free hosting. So, getting a good service at affordable prices, should be your concern rather than that of indulging into free hosting.
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